Learning from your leadership style

Are you a shepherd, a visionary or a combination of both?
January 15, 2017  

What keeps you from quitting?

There has to be something deeper that drives you to keep going.
January 05, 2017  

I am a quitter

Reevaluate your desire to quit. How does it compare to Peter and John in Acts 4?
December 15, 2016  

Using NASCAR to find the right hire

Sometimes there are interview questions that have nothing to do with skill.
December 07, 2016  

I'm compelled to yell

How do you respond to tough faith questions?
December 01, 2016  

Are you speaking your beliefs?

In today’s world of being politically correct, it can be difficult to be bold with your faith.
November 20, 2016  

I was the poster child for the Christian Life

Find out why this 18-year-old from Baton Rouge, La. changed his story when he got to junior high and how this will impact your own story.
November 10, 2016  

Why my dad stopped going to church

What leadership styles do you have in your church?
November 10, 2016  

What will they say about us?

Are you leaving a legacy? What characteristics will describe our ministries?
October 28, 2016  

Preaching that makes people furious

How do preachers remain faithful in the face of conflict and confrontation? How do you preach Jesus when others don’t want to listen?
October 13, 2016  

Using story to describe God

How does this story-telling approach impact our preaching?
October 06, 2016  

Will I be honest regardless of the consequences?

Ponder how you would handle these tough life scenarios.
September 26, 2016  

Not all stories are created equal

Why do we most identify with stories found in our favorite books or on the big screen?
September 18, 2016  

Why yes, I have big muscles

Many times we want to show off our ministry muscles, but God has another plan in mind.
September 09, 2016  

My story of struggle

Discover one congregation’s response to their pastor's story and the lesson he learned through sharing.
August 29, 2016  

We have just under 1,000 attending

Even though I didn’t take math in Bible college, I learned real-quick how to round-up my church’s weekend attendance, Rusty George says. Why do we make attendance the benchmark for success? (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
August 17, 2016  

What do you think about all this God-stuff?

Discover how this key question changed one pastor's approach to evangelism.
August 10, 2016  

Why do we work hard to appear wise?

How do you handle the tension of attempting to be the leader who has it all together?
August 04, 2016  

What do you look for when hiring new staff?

How do you uncover the qualities of a future successful staff member? It’s not always something found on their résumé.
July 29, 2016  

Don’t forget, you were morons

Uncover Paul's bold perspective on God's economy and what really matters to Him.
July 22, 2016  

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