Do you leave church reciting the sermon or singing the songs?

You may have noticed at the end of a church service people will leave singing the songs rather than reciting the sermon.


3 reasons people attend your church for the first time

Here's a rule of thumb for leadership conversions: people come to church when something is missing, broken or new.
March 03, 2017   Will Mancini

The world's most impressive memorial

This memorial may not tower over us, but it's quite profound.
February 23, 2017   Bob Russell

Book review: Don’t miss The Worship Pastor by Zac Hicks

This book is a broad and deep prescription for better worship leadership—and better worship.
January 18, 2017   Margaret Marcuson

5 mistakes pastors make on Sunday mornings (and what to do about them)

For pastors, Sunday can be the most draining day of the week. Evaluate this list to find out how many mistakes you make and how to avoid them.
December 17, 2016   Charles Stone

Pastors: don’t do these 7 things when getting ready for Christmas

Here are some “don’ts” to keep in mind through these busy days of Advent and the run-up to the Christmas services.
December 08, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

No church on Christmas Sunday?

Rather than debate the reasons why some say that there should not be services, I would like to give three reasons why there should be worship services on Christmas Sunday.
December 04, 2016   Parnell Lovelace, Jr.

4 common worship leader mistakes —and how to avoid them

One of the most engaging parts of most church services is the worship time. And undoubtedly, the worship leader plays an integral part of the worship experience. Yet some worship leaders try to do too much.
November 17, 2016   Mark Lenz

I was the poster child for the Christian Life

Find out why this 18-year-old from Baton Rouge, La. changed his story when he got to junior high and how this will impact your own story.
November 10, 2016  

The Lord's Supper at Downton Abbey?

What would these elements look like if hosted by Lord Grantham at Downton Abbey?
August 27, 2016   Allen Hamlin

What moves you?

It seems to take a lot to move me. The song "No Longer Slaves" has become a favorite of mine on Christian radio, sung by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. It is bold and moving to sing about no longer being a slave to fear and being a child of ...
July 06, 2016   Phillip Foster

3 things that bring your worship back into focus

After a few decades of leadership in the church, you’d think I’d be tired of it. Not so! I love to visit every church that comes across my radar. While visiting in a large southern church one Sunday morning last fall with a non-Christian friend, I found myself angered, embarrassed, ...
June 08, 2016   Doug Lawrence

Video: What makes you desperate?

People will do anything when they become desperate. Sean Palmer, Lead Minister at The Vine Church in Temple, Texas, uncovers the motives in 2 Kings 7. When has desperation been your motive in a decision and where did it take you? (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
May 12, 2016  

Ignoring Pentecost to our peril

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church reminds us that Pentecost ranks as the second most important festival day in the Church following Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. However, many preachers ignore the day and its related themes. If Pentecost, which follows 50 days after Easter, is so important, ...
April 26, 2016   Jim Farrer

3 dynamics of multi-ethnic ministry

Recently, I had the opportunity to preach at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Bayside Midtown Church, Sacramento, California. This thriving congregation is one of the most ethnically diverse congregations in Northern California. Over the course of four Sunday services, I observed nearly 2,000 people enthusiastically embracing corporate worship and fellowship ...
April 22, 2016   Parnell Lovelace, Jr.
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Christian worship is about believers giving honor, glory and devotion to God. A healthy church orchestrates its weekend church services with music and preaching that connect people intimately with God.


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