4 steps to avoid becoming a slave to your technology

I can spend an entire day being completely unproductive while working with productivity tools. Do you see the problem? Can you relate?


Are you present with your community?

What would it look like to shift from a virtual focus to a face-to-face model in both your life and ministry?
April 10, 2017   Allen Hamlin

A communication tip from a church consultant

As a coach and consultant, I spend a lot of time with pastors around the country. I get asked all kinds of questions. Here's one simple change that you can make for maximum impact.
September 17, 2016   Greg Atkinson

5 reasons why Facebook is gaining subscriptions, the church...not so much

It takes a village, they say, to raise a child, and evidently it takes a social network to bring people together who have been isolated and alone.   It occurs to me that Mr. Rogers was the Dallas Willard of spiritual formation for children, and it might just be that Facebook ...
June 20, 2013   Doug Lawrence

Online Giving: Is it right for your church? [Infographic]

Does your church experience a drop-off in tithes and offerings during the summer months when many members go on vacation? What about in the winter when some of your members head south to escape the cold? Have you ever had to cancel Sunday services because of a blizzard, a hurricane, ...
May 10, 2013   Tom Harper

10 “church-speak” job titles that leave me...well, “speak-less”

Is it me? Are we just trying to figure out ways to make people believe we’re not their grandmother’s church anymore? In a quick internet search of five of some of America’s largest congregations, I found an amazing array of staff titles that could require extensive counseling to understand.  Please ...
May 06, 2013   Doug Lawrence

Less Is More - And Less

“Less is not only more; it is, more importantly, less.” I’ve been taken with the idea of “less is more” for some time now. Simplicity can be elegant. Of course, like anything taken to extremes, less can drift into minimalism and risks becoming more of a statement than a practical ...
April 06, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Twitter & Mobilization

“Twitter’s most powerful feature is the ability to mobilize people to give, serve and share.” Since 2007, I’ve been finding new ways to leverage the power of Twitter. From reaching large groups of not only people I know, but the people they know, Twitter has been a great tool. But, like any technology, ...
April 03, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Twitter Now Ranking Your Tweets

Twitter’s new ranking value isn’t about winning at tweeting. Narcissists everywhere just experienced a pang of fear as Twitter announced a new initiative to “rate” all tweets. All kidding aside, Twitter really will be using special algorithms to begin placing a value (rating) on tweets. Far from adding a gold star to ...
February 15, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Making Your Church Website Mobile Friendly

It’s hard to go anywhere (including church) where people are not pulling out their phones for more than calls. We’re clearly a mobile culture with habits now firmly entrenched in anytime, anywhere access. Churches must, at a minimum, make a mobile version of their websites for these small screens. For ...
February 08, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Infographic: Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand

An up-to-date look at how certain social media trends should be understood by churches looking to engage a mobile, on-the-go culture. Scroll your mouse over the graphics and this interactive Infographic will reveal the data!     Feel free to add your thoughts and comments below and/or reach out to the author ...
January 12, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Ministry Tools: Evernote, Dropbox & Basecamp

I recently held another Evernote training session at my church, this time with the Volunteer Ministry staff. In listening to their desired outcomes, it became clear that they needed to consider using more than just Evernote. I recommended that they adopt three powerful and simple tools to meet their needs: Evernote, Dropbox and Basecamp. ...
December 20, 2012   Anthony Coppedge

Christmas Gift Ideas for Tech Arts Leaders

They’re behind-the-scenes guys and gals who show up early and stay late to ensure every service goes as smoothly as possible. They sit in the hot seat behind the audio console where hardly a service goes by without one person telling them it was ‘too loud’ and another informs them ...
December 12, 2012   Anthony Coppedge

6 attributes of a “beta church”

Jeff Jarvis, author of What would Google do? says, “It seems as if no company, executive, or institution truly understands how to survive and prosper in the internet age—except Google. So, faced with most any challenge today, it makes sense to ask: WWGD?”   It just might beg the question, should ...
October 25, 2012   Doug Lawrence

Pinterest: The New Church Blog?

Is Pinterest a fad? I don’t know, but a lot of folks thought Facebook and Twitter would be fads, too, so there’s no telling. I do know this much: Pinterest is, as of this writing, the third largest social network and rocketing up with stupid crazy growth. For those who haven’t yet ...
August 24, 2012   Anthony Coppedge
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