3 ways to improve intentional listening

Let’s face it; we’re good at speaking but not always good at listening.


What’s the prescription for your church’s role-to-task ratio?

There may be many factors involved in why your church community has too many tasks and not enough leaders to implement them.
April 27, 2017   Charles Arn

The most important question to ask when planning a church event

Are you asking the right questions to plan effective and strategic church events?
February 09, 2017   Gerry Lewis

Looking for volunteers?

Are you ever the one tasked with finding volunteers for your church or nonprofit? It’s not easy is it?! It can be a painfully slow process.
December 29, 2016   Kent Evans

Making direct connections – tips for networking

I am occasionally asked for “networking” advice. I admit to having a penchant for meeting people and connecting folks who need to know one another. So, this one’s from the “how to ask for a favor” file.
November 28, 2016   Kent Evans

Why my dad stopped going to church

What leadership styles do you have in your church?
November 10, 2016  

How to develop a volunteer mobilization culture

It is a commonly assumed in the Church that something like 20 percent is doing 80 percent of the work. However, this is more than a gut feeling.
October 28, 2016   Jim Barber

5 needs your church can meet

Here in Europe, amidst the crisis of refugees and immigration, ministries regularly ask themselves: how can we meet the needs that are in front of us?
September 26, 2016   Allen Hamlin

10 ways for pastors and treasurers to relate better

The relationships between the pastor and the church treasurer can be wonderful or thorny. Whether you are the pastor or the treasurer, and whether or not the relationship is a good one, you can work on your side of it.
September 08, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

A simple exercise that will infuse life into your staff

Try using this life-affirming experience with your team.
September 07, 2016   Charles Stone

Book review: Purpose Pie—Really Living in the Sweet Spot of Life

If you find yourself not living with passion, inspiration and enthusiasm, then “you are definitely not living with purpose” writes author Steve Douglas. Purpose Pie: Really Living in the Sweet Spot of Life is a practical guide to discovering your purpose.
August 18, 2016   Lang Montgomery

Caution: staff under pressure

When something is under pressure, there are always consequences. Those consequences are often unexpected and are not easily managed.
August 17, 2016   Mike Bonem

7 mistakes churches make with outreach events

Large outreach events in U.S. churches seem to be status quo. Nearly every church I know, regardless of size, has big events throughout the year…Christmas musicals, special Easter services, VBS for the community, and so on. But, how effective are they?
August 15, 2016   Kris Eldridge

Submission is not just for Muslims

I’ve been thinking deeply about submission lately. In the context of my pursuit of understanding excellent followership, I’ve seen the command to submit readily surface in Scripture (e.g. Heb 13:17). But submission is often rife with negative connotations.
August 06, 2016   Allen Hamlin

6 steps to an intentionally unbalanced life

The old maxim that we should strive to live a truly balanced life may not be such good advice after all. Perhaps the struggle to achieve harmony among all of our conflicting priorities and a consistent rhythm to life really doesn’t work all that well.
July 25, 2016   Paul Greasley
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