George Bullard's 101 ways to vision cast

Discover how George W. Bullard's book, Captured by Vision, could impact your ministry team.


The power of a name

Names can indicate character or destiny. They project parents’ fondest hopes and dreams for their sons and daughters.
February 15, 2017   David Bowman

Avoid the straitjacket of grammar checkers

Here are tips for creating solid content to accompany your leadership and the message you desire to communicate.
February 14, 2017   Ken Walker

Find your BIG picture purpose

Are you surrendered to something bigger than yourself?
February 11, 2017   Rob Streetman

The role of leadership in your church’s vision

So your church has a vision statement? Good for you. Now what are you doing about making it come alive?
February 10, 2017   Ronald Keener

The most important question to ask when planning a church event

Are you asking the right questions to plan effective and strategic church events?
February 09, 2017   Gerry Lewis

To love the church or not

Have you considered the motive behind your deep affection for your church?
February 09, 2017   Fred Noble

What characterizes your church’s culture?

Wondering how the church down the street became one full of life and vibrancy?
February 02, 2017  

4 ways for pastors to navigate the church through the new America

Protests, riots, bitter hatred, and the intolerance of tolerance—get used to it—it’s the new America.
January 30, 2017   Matthew Fretwell

7 questions to ask if you barely receive a positive vote to fill a church position

The scenario is both common and painful.
January 29, 2017   Thom Rainer

Why don’t leaders last the distance?

One thing’s for sure. It’s a lot easier to start something than to finish it.
January 28, 2017   Tony Llewellyn

4 ways God heals

Sometimes God chooses to heal believers now and other times the healing comes later.
January 27, 2017   Bob Russell

Priced out of youth discipleship?

Ever been priced out of church? We have, and we’re not even poor.
January 26, 2017   Elizabeth Drury

Are you connecting the dots?

Pastors and ministry leaders must be able to step back and see the big picture.
January 24, 2017   Mike Bonem

Time for another reboot: starting the new year right

What will be part of your 2017 reboot? Here are more recommendations for this new year.
January 22, 2017   Jim Farrer
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