Reading out loud will energize your writing

I never knew how much reading copy out loud would help until I started doing it.


5 principles to help pastors and staff know when to compromise

Some of the most painful wounds in ministry are self-inflicted. However, sometimes compromise is in order.
March 13, 2017   Thom Rainer

The world's most impressive memorial

This memorial may not tower over us, but it's quite profound.
February 23, 2017   Bob Russell

7 steps to take if the cartel and bullies run you out of the church

Are you a victim of bullying within the church walls? Here's how to recover.
February 15, 2017   Thom Rainer

Avoid the straitjacket of grammar checkers

Here are tips for creating solid content to accompany your leadership and the message you desire to communicate.
February 14, 2017   Ken Walker

Advice for a doubting Christian

Since we live in an era of secular challenges to faith and increasing doubt, we must be prepared to answer questions.
February 13, 2017   Bob Russell

7 questions to ask if you barely receive a positive vote to fill a church position

The scenario is both common and painful.
January 29, 2017   Thom Rainer

4 ways God heals

Sometimes God chooses to heal believers now and other times the healing comes later.
January 27, 2017   Bob Russell

Planning can make you a better writer (or whatever)

Sometimes, perspiration can breed inspiration, which is what happened when I realized I needed to do a better job of scheduling my time.
January 14, 2017   Ken Walker

What about capital punishment?

Now, this is a controversial subject, even among Bible-believing people.
January 11, 2017   Bob Russell

4 differences between programs and ministry solutions

The definition of programmatic is not necessarily tied to the resources the church uses.
January 01, 2017   Thom Rainer

Aging with joy

It’s not necessarily easy to age gracefully and with a smile on your face.
December 31, 2016   Bob Russell

Balancing humility and confidence —every leader's challenge

We, as church leaders, start believing we are someone special, or are above the rules, and become easy targets for the enemy.
December 19, 2016   Bob Russell

5 reasons why churches are dying and declining faster today

If you think it is more difficult to lead a church to grow, you are right, especially today.
December 11, 2016   Thom Rainer

How do you handle disappointment?

Church leaders, how you react to disappointment reveals a lot about your character and your spiritual maturity.
December 06, 2016   Bob Russell
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