Over 1,200 Iranians at one Christmas service

Encouraging news about the Iranian church.


Is 'being prayed for' one of your prayer priorities?

When most of us consider putting a priority on prayer, we tend to think about how we can better engage in interceding for others. But there is another aspect of prayer that we often miss.
January 09, 2017   Allen Hamlin

Why we should pray for Christians post-persecution

Those who have survived persecution often need just as much prayer as those currently enduring persecution.
December 31, 2016   Anthony Marr

“I came to faith around Christmas. Other Iranians can too.”

Dr. Behrang Masoumi, a member of the Elam Ministries team, training many Iranian believers for ministry, shares his story.
December 24, 2016   Anthony Marr

Ill Iranian Christian prisoner’s sentence extended

People close to Iranian Christian prisoner Maryam Naghash Zargaran say her sentence has been extended by 42 days to make up for time spent outside of prison in conjunction with medical leave.
December 16, 2016   Anthony Marr

Pastors: don’t do these 7 things when getting ready for Christmas

Here are some “don’ts” to keep in mind through these busy days of Advent and the run-up to the Christmas services.
December 08, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Prayer needed for persecuted Iranian Christians

Iranian Christians request prayer prior to a second court hearing for Yousef Nadarkhani, Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi on charges of action against national security.
December 07, 2016   Anthony Marr

British evangelist’s teaching series broadcast to Persian-speaking world

Reverend Canon J.John, a popular British evangelist, is having an increasing impact on the Persian-speaking world.
November 27, 2016   Anthony Marr

A prayer for President-elect Trump

More than a year ago 20-plus national figures declared their candidacy for the presidency of the United States. At that time, Donald Trump would have been my next-to-last choice.
November 16, 2016   Bob Russell

Finding God in the midst of tribulation

I have not heard “these are turbulent times” for quite some time now; perhaps because that description no longer does justice to our times. Chaos abounds! It has become normative.
November 15, 2016   Rob Streetman

Denied early release

Friends of two imprisoned Iranian Christian believers, Mohammed Roghangir and Massoud Rezai, request prayer for them and their families, as they have been prevented from obtaining early release on good behavior.
November 13, 2016   Anthony Marr

Showing grace when a pastor needs it most

Are you a struggling pastor? Maybe you know a struggling pastor? There are resources available to bring help and healing into difficult situations.
November 06, 2016   Greg Atkinson

Imprisoned Iranian Pastor released from jail

Pastor Behnam Irani has been released after six years' imprisonment in Iran.
November 02, 2016   Anthony Marr

7 ways to be missional this Halloween

Regardless of one’s opinion, Halloween does afford Christians an incredible opportunity.
October 20, 2016   Kris Eldridge

Jesus changes Iranians' and Afghans' lives

Encouraging evidence that the Lord is moving among Iranians and Afghans is provided by Elam Ministries, which says 214 Iranians and Afghans were baptized recently in a joyful service in a country near Iran.
October 08, 2016   Anthony Marr
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Silent, aloud, alone, in groups or meetings – prayer is conversation with God. Asking God for help, praising him, repenting for sin, listening for his direction, yielding to his will, and seeking his revelation in the Bible are all a part of prayer.


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