Thinking and acting strategically

If you ask a second chair leader what he or she “does,” you may hear a long list of tasks. But what if you ask about their greatest contribution to the organization?


When is a pastor like Nanny McPhee?

Here are three analogies I use to help people understand the new varieties of transitional (or interim) pastoral ministry.
April 15, 2017   Brian Thorstad

10 ways to be a better supervisor

Are you struggling with a challenging employee? Are you looking for a new employee?
April 06, 2017   Margaret Marcuson

Hiring the right people who will stay

How do churches maximize the opportunity with those they hire?
April 02, 2017  

3 analogies for understanding redevelopment transitional pastors

I’ve found that the following analogies are helpful for understanding the new paradigms in transitional (interim) pastoral ministry.
April 01, 2017   Brian Thorstad

Who should be involved in ministry decisions?

Hesitant to involve your staff and volunteers in decisions? You may want to rethink that position.
March 27, 2017  

Great endeavors require strong foundations

Is disciple-making a struggle? What are you building on?
March 13, 2017   Rob Streetman

Gauging your church’s culture

Here's the first step to take your church into the future.
March 06, 2017  

No leader is an island

Leadership is often a lonely endeavor, and our common rhythm of ministry practices may lead us into a false sense of self-sufficiency and unnecessary isolation.
February 20, 2017   Allen Hamlin

5 ways to practice spiritual one-upmanship

We’ve all used spiritual one-upmanship to win an argument or get our way in a board meeting or committee debate.
February 03, 2017   Brian Thorstad

Learning from your leadership style

Are you a shepherd, a visionary or a combination of both?
January 15, 2017  

5 scientifically proven mindfulness skills for great leadership

These skills will make you a better leader (and a better person).
January 05, 2017   Charles Stone

Why we should pray for Christians post-persecution

Those who have survived persecution often need just as much prayer as those currently enduring persecution.
December 31, 2016   Anthony Marr

6 ways you can help unhappy church families

So what’s a pastor to do? Are we helpless in the face of such problems? Not at all.
December 30, 2016   Brian Thorstad

Asking is steering, listening is learning

I have a number of roles in my life, and here is one key skill that helps me be my best in each one of these.
December 17, 2016   Kent Evans
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Finding a new hire for a church from among a pool of job applicants involves resumes and background checks, but it also requires conversations to determine a good spiritual fit and shared vision for a church.


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