Face and embrace the crisis

A declining church with any potential for transformation must have leaders who are mature enough to see the crisis staring them in the face.


Not your father's interim pastor

Today’s interim pastors, who sometimes prefer to be called transitional pastors, are doing interim ministry in some very different ways than their predecessors.
March 22, 2017   Brian Thorstad

Book review: Canoeing the Mountains

Prepare to lead in unchartered territory.
March 20, 2017   Mike Bonem

Reading out loud will energize your writing

I never knew how much reading copy out loud would help until I started doing it.
March 18, 2017   Ken Walker

Bad day?

Life begins to pile up. You're frustrated, anxious and worn. What is God up to when bad days happen?
March 15, 2017  

4 foundational scriptures for doing life together

It is vital for Christ-followers to do life together.
March 15, 2017   Mark Lenz

Great endeavors require strong foundations

Is disciple-making a struggle? What are you building on?
March 13, 2017   Rob Streetman

5 principles to help pastors and staff know when to compromise

Some of the most painful wounds in ministry are self-inflicted. However, sometimes compromise is in order.
March 13, 2017   Thom Rainer

King Jehoshaphat & 3 examples of godly leadership

Consider this the next time you’re making decisions as a leader.
March 11, 2017   Matthew Fretwell

Remember this when you want to give up

Our legitimate struggles are not the final word.
March 09, 2017   Jeff Klick

Do you leave church reciting the sermon or singing the songs?

You may have noticed at the end of a church service people will leave singing the songs rather than reciting the sermon.
March 09, 2017   Alan Wilson

Keep calm and pray on

In light of the outrage that’s sweeping our nation, we (especially pastors and church leaders) would do well to remember several biblical principles.
March 08, 2017   Bob Russell

How much can you do in 15 minutes?

Is it possible to do anything?
March 08, 2017   Margaret Marcuson

Values serve as your compass

When you don't know what to do, what guides you?
March 06, 2017   Paul Greasley

Shame and religion's role

The very force that should give life, often kills someone's soul.
March 04, 2017   Dave Blundell
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All Christians that use their spiritual gifts to build up the church are in ministry. Serving others, sharing Christ’s love, meeting needs, and teaching are all part of ministering as a church.


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