2 ways to encourage generosity

Here are the best two ways I know to help people in your congregation become more generous.


Priced out of youth discipleship?

Ever been priced out of church? We have, and we’re not even poor.
January 26, 2017   Elizabeth Drury

You too can develop a giving church in 2017

There’s a church that didn’t believe in an annual stewardship plan, nor was generosity giving a theme of any Sunday sermon.
January 17, 2017   Ronald Keener

Electronic giving is here to stay, and growing every day

Do you find yourself saying, “Our young people won’t give to the church,” or “We’re not ready for such new-fangled giving devices,” or “That’s too much change for the older folks in our church”?
December 29, 2016   Ronald Keener

5 mistakes church leaders make when talking about money

Do you find it hard to communicate with your people about money?
November 11, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Why you can love asking people to give

Do you dread preaching about giving? Remember this: When you provide leadership in stewardship at church, you do essential work.
October 17, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

10 ways for pastors and treasurers to relate better

The relationships between the pastor and the church treasurer can be wonderful or thorny. Whether you are the pastor or the treasurer, and whether or not the relationship is a good one, you can work on your side of it.
September 08, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Book review: Giving a good accounting of the church

Wayne J. Vaughan for six years was chief financial officer of The Concord Baptist Church of Christ, responsible for a budget of $1.8 million. He has published a book titled Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members, where he shares about the financial side of properly ...
August 22, 2016   Ronald Keener

10 ways God provides resources

For every successful fundraising campaign, there are multiple failures. Every perfectly organized meeting does not produce fantastic results. Teaching, leading and selling sometimes fail miserably. Does that mean we are failures?
July 20, 2016   Jeff Klick

Book review: Pastoral Helmsmanship — The Pastor's Guide To Church Administration

You have probably seen the TV commercial for AFLAC insurance in which two men are fishing in a small boat. The AFLAC policy owner is bragging about its benefits even as the boat continually springs leaks in several places. The duck quickly plugs up each hole while the two men ...
July 05, 2016   Lang Montgomery

Stewardship is still a “dirty” word

Some research indicates that one of the main excuses people give for not attending church is: “The church is always harping about money.” According to stewardship expert Waldo J. Werning, 55 percent of pastors fear that they will be viewed as self-serving and merely seeking to raise their own salaries ...
June 21, 2016   Jim Farrer

"Facts" about your church and money: take a closer look

Here are six things church leaders often believe are facts.
May 25, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

6 reasons your church's offerings may be struggling

Even though no longer serving in the pastorate, I still communicate regularly with numerous pastors. A leading concern expressed to me in recent times regards finances. I have heard such statements as: “I don’t understand why our offerings are down. Attendance is not down.” "It’s a bit scary. If we ...
May 05, 2016   Thom Rainer

Your church has more assets than you think (hint: it's not just about the money...)

Do you know your church’s assets?
April 14, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Pastors, don’t say these 7 things about money to your church

When pastors talk about money, they have a list of things they commonly say.
March 16, 2016   Margaret Marcuson
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Church giving is a critical part of Christian discipleship. Financial concerns, budgeting, tithing, and offerings are all important parts of church life.


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