10 major trends for churches in 2017

These trends are relatively easy to predict, but that does not make them less important. Think how they might impact your church.


The synergy of need; extending your reach

When needs converge, there is great potential for synergy, and the advancement of God’s kingdom.
January 13, 2017   Rob Streetman

Over 1,200 Iranians at one Christmas service

Encouraging news about the Iranian church.
January 11, 2017   Anthony Marr

What keeps you from quitting?

There has to be something deeper that drives you to keep going.
January 05, 2017  

5 ways to stop the decline in your church

Is there any hope for a declining church? Here are some suggestions for change.
December 26, 2016   Thom Rainer

“I came to faith around Christmas. Other Iranians can too.”

Dr. Behrang Masoumi, a member of the Elam Ministries team, training many Iranian believers for ministry, shares his story.
December 24, 2016   Anthony Marr

Time and people are needed to increase young adult engagement

Creating a future in which young adults are a significant part of American congregational life is not an easy challenge.
December 21, 2016   Ronald Keener

Ill Iranian Christian prisoner’s sentence extended

People close to Iranian Christian prisoner Maryam Naghash Zargaran say her sentence has been extended by 42 days to make up for time spent outside of prison in conjunction with medical leave.
December 16, 2016   Anthony Marr

I’ll be home for Christmas – welcoming students home for winter break

While emerging adults will be home for Christmas, don’t expect them to come pounding on your door to talk. So how does the local church make the most of the Holiday Season to reach college students?
December 15, 2016   Dr. Boyd

I am a quitter

Reevaluate your desire to quit. How does it compare to Peter and John in Acts 4?
December 15, 2016  

Expanding your ministry in 2017 via Peter Wagner

C. Peter Wagner PhD is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on church growth and vitality. Upon retirement from Fuller, Wagner continued to equip in-service leaders worldwide for practical ministry.
December 14, 2016   Jim Farrer

How does a church recruit young adults?

Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi is director of the United Church of Christ’s Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD), and responded to several questions on her “Engaging Young Adults” as part of their American Congregations 2015 studies.
December 11, 2016   Ronald Keener

No church on Christmas Sunday?

Rather than debate the reasons why some say that there should not be services, I would like to give three reasons why there should be worship services on Christmas Sunday.
December 04, 2016   Parnell Lovelace, Jr.

I'm compelled to yell

How do you respond to tough faith questions?
December 01, 2016  

Surprising numbers which may spark hope and turnaround in 2017

Congregations and their leadership sometimes encounter seasons in their ministries when they feel “stuck.” Recent research has discovered some hopeful numbers and percentages which can help shape your congregation’s next chapter.
November 29, 2016   Jim Farrer
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