Childrens' TV show: reaching children for Christ all over Iran

Playful. Dynamic. Full of truth. Elam Ministries' TV show “Garden of Friendship” teaches young Iranians about Jesus and the Bible.


5 more symptoms of a church dying for change

Is your diagnosis accurate?
February 19, 2017   Bud Brown

Did Jesus have ADD?

In the Gospel according to Mark, Jesus appears to jump quickly from activity to activity. Could your congregation benefit from similar characteristics?
February 17, 2017   Jim Farrer

The most important question to ask when planning a church event

Are you asking the right questions to plan effective and strategic church events?
February 09, 2017   Gerry Lewis

Women ‘central’ to spread of Christianity in Iran

Women play a central role in the underground churches of Iran despite the risk of rejection by their families and imprisonment by police.
February 07, 2017   Anthony Marr

5 symptoms of a church dying for change

So, as the physician attending to an ailing congregation – what changes do the patient's symptoms call for?
February 06, 2017   Bud Brown

Reading the signs: Does your ministry strategy match your community?

A wrong perspective on what draws people to your ministry could be deadly.
February 05, 2017   Dr. Pamela Ovwigho

The $10 challenge

How can you take something small and “be faithful with a little” to make Jesus famous?
February 04, 2017   Kris Eldridge

4 ways for pastors to navigate the church through the new America

Protests, riots, bitter hatred, and the intolerance of tolerance—get used to it—it’s the new America.
January 30, 2017   Matthew Fretwell

Time for another reboot: starting the new year right

What will be part of your 2017 reboot? Here are more recommendations for this new year.
January 22, 2017   Jim Farrer

10 major trends for churches in 2017

These trends are relatively easy to predict, but that does not make them less important. Think how they might impact your church.
January 15, 2017   Thom Rainer

The synergy of need; extending your reach

When needs converge, there is great potential for synergy and the advancement of God’s kingdom.
January 13, 2017   Rob Streetman

Over 1,200 Iranians at one Christmas service

Encouraging news about the Iranian church.
January 11, 2017   Anthony Marr

What keeps you from quitting?

There has to be something deeper that drives you to keep going.
January 05, 2017  

5 ways to stop the decline in your church

Is there any hope for a declining church? Here are some suggestions for change.
December 26, 2016   Thom Rainer
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Evangelism is more than just telling others about Jesus – it is obeying his command to love and serve our unsaved neighbors. Locally and globally churches are witnesses for the grace, mercy and love of Christ, which all add power to the gospel.


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