3 attitudes of Millennial leadership

Tomorrow’s leaders have a healthy reaction to what modern leadership has become.


4 ways to respond to “13 Reasons Why”

The current Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has brought suicide into the spotlight. Now, more than ever, our churches must be a place to provide hope for those touched by suicide.
May 12, 2017   Dr. Pamela Ovwigho

The deserving poor

Whether it’s been someone down the street, or on the other side of the planet, I put that person in crisis through my little self-righteous test.
May 09, 2017   Dave Blundell

Great movement of God in the Persian-speaking world

A Wind in the House of Islam is a spiritually insightful book that explains what the Lord is doing in the nine different geographic and cultural regions—“rooms”—of the Islamic world.
May 05, 2017   Anthony Marr

11 reasons churches lose momentum and decline

So, what should a leader of a declining church do to assess a ministry’s current reality?
May 03, 2017   Richard Frazer

10 ways churches over-promise and under-deliver on guest-friendliness

So, you think your church is guest-friendly? Maybe it is, but maybe you’re just trying to be friendly to guests. It’s not the same thing.
May 02, 2017   Gerry Lewis

3 ways to walk a spiritual bridge with someone

The uncommon church will foster an environment where helping others navigate this bridge is the norm.
April 30, 2017   Bob Whitesel

How to create a welcoming church environment

Discover these ways to foster a non-judgmental church climate.
April 27, 2017   Bob Whitesel

The bottom line of disciple-making is where and how, not if

There are more important things than warming more seats in the pews. The something more is discipleship.
April 19, 2017   Ronald Keener

The story of a trained Iranian church planter

Behrouz was trained through Elam Ministries’ three-month leadership and church planting course, in a country near Iran, during 2016.
April 18, 2017   Anthony Marr

Exploring the newness people crave

People usually sense a need for change immediately prior to the point of spiritual transformation. If God intends spiritual reconnection to be a reaction to crises, then how do we help people in the midst of crisis?
April 17, 2017   Bob Whitesel

Book review: Growing Young

Growing Young is an outgrowth of the Fuller Youth Institute and their work on "sticky faith."
April 16, 2017   Mike Bonem

One Roman nail

A Roman nail sits on my desk. It is accurately dated no later than 86 A.D.
April 14, 2017   John B. MacDonald

Easter: More than a story

While Easter is never less than the themes of this powerful story, it has to be more.
April 13, 2017   Alan Wilson

Simple ways to care for your neighbors this Easter

As you pray and think about how to show God’s love in practical ways this Easter, you’ll find that God often gives you creative ways to communicate with people about how they can follow Jesus.
April 12, 2017   Kris Eldridge
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Evangelism is more than just telling others about Jesus – it is obeying his command to love and serve our unsaved neighbors. Locally and globally churches are witnesses for the grace, mercy and love of Christ, which all add power to the gospel.


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