7 steps to take if the cartel and bullies run you out of the church

Are you a victim of bullying within the church walls? Here's how to recover.


Avoid the straitjacket of grammar checkers

Here are tips for creating solid content to accompany your leadership and the message you desire to communicate.
February 14, 2017   Ken Walker

To love the church or not

Have you considered the motive behind your deep affection for your church?
February 09, 2017   Fred Noble

5 ways to practice spiritual one-upmanship

We’ve all used spiritual one-upmanship to win an argument or get our way in a board meeting or committee debate.
February 03, 2017   Brian Thorstad

This is no boring theology book about Karl Barth

Most readers today might say: b-o-r-i-n-g! But surprise, surprise, the new book, An Explorer’s Guide to Karl Barth, is far from it.
January 21, 2017   Ronald Keener

Planning can make you a better writer (or whatever)

Sometimes, perspiration can breed inspiration, which is what happened when I realized I needed to do a better job of scheduling my time.
January 14, 2017   Ken Walker

What about capital punishment?

Now, this is a controversial subject, even among Bible-believing people.
January 11, 2017   Bob Russell

3 trendy imperatives the Bible doesn't teach

Have you thought carefully about what you're teaching? Is it based on current trends?
January 07, 2017   Brian Thorstad

Aging with joy

It’s not necessarily easy to age gracefully and with a smile on your face.
December 31, 2016   Bob Russell

10 ways to respond to gossip about your leaders

It’s out of style in today’s world, but in the value system of God, church leaders are to be held in high honor.
December 23, 2016   Brian Thorstad

4 more characteristics of the unhealthy church family

Family systems theory says that families are more alike than different. These same patterns, roles and habits also surface in churches and other organizations.
November 30, 2016   Brian Thorstad

One big, unhappy family

Family systems theory says that a key to understanding the behavior of individual family members is the family system to which they belong. What does this say about your church?
November 22, 2016   Brian Thorstad

Striving for perfection—a fool's dream

Because this particular item held great personal significance, this miscue really bothered me.
November 22, 2016   Ken Walker

12 key reasons for staff conflict

Conflict is certainly not unique with church staff. But among the several reasons for staff conflict, there are some that seem to be more pervasive with these relationships than others.
November 21, 2016   Thom Rainer

A prayer for President-elect Trump

More than a year ago 20-plus national figures declared their candidacy for the presidency of the United States. At that time, Donald Trump would have been my next-to-last choice.
November 16, 2016   Bob Russell
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