Stop Failing to Plan – Start a Content Strategy

Churches, almost regardless of size, can inadvertently opportunistically take advantage of their audience through minimally prepared communications aimed at the most urgent needs. Even a small modicum of strategic planning would aid considerably in aligning the mission of the church with the opportunities in their communities.


Online Giving: Is it right for your church? [Infographic]

Does your church experience a drop-off in tithes and offerings during the summer months when many members go on vacation? What about in the winter when some of your members head south to escape the cold? Have you ever had to cancel Sunday services because of a blizzard, a hurricane, ...
May 10, 2013   Tom Harper

Church Emails Behaving Badly

I am under no delusions that pastors think of things like their church sending emails as much as I do. But I do think that pastors should have a helpful little cheat-sheet primer available to share with their team so that churches can stop being blatant email spammers. This primer is ...
November 16, 2012   Anthony Coppedge

5 ways good pastors become great ones

You own it, you love it, it works! Would it be irreverent to thank God for WD40? Good pastors, like the popular lubricant, get things moving—great ones keep them moving!  Ads for WD40 suggest that you shouldn’t just use it when you’re in trouble, but as an effective antidote for ...
November 07, 2012  

The 3 Most Important Church Systems

There are many systems in place at churches of every size, location & style; most are borne out of necessity, but some are adopted because they’ve been seen at work in other churches. While the list of church systems could be exhaustive, I’ve come to define them into three distinct ...
October 24, 2012   Anthony Coppedge

Pastors: Knowing The Right Stuff

At the pace of ministry today, pastors really need less stuff and more meaningful information to make ministry decisions. Keeping up with the demands on their time is a never-ending struggle. They want to know enough information to be “in-the-loop” but not bombarded by the details. Some pastors feel they don’t know ...
September 25, 2012   Anthony Coppedge

Using Church Management Software to Engage New Members [Infographic]

This new infographic illustrates how church management software (ChMS) can help you turn first-time visitors into fully-engaged members of your church.
July 16, 2012   Tom Harper

Social media workshop - Part 2

Howard Brown of CircleBuilder continues his presentation on social media and Web site creation.
January 30, 2012  

Social media workshop - Part 1

Howard Brown of CircleBuilder teaches you how to take your Internet ministry up a notch, including tips on improving your Web site and utilizing social media. This workshop was presented at a recent Society for Church Consulting summit.
January 30, 2012  

Church eGiving: Top 7 Reasons Your Church Must Offer (More) Electronic Giving Options

For many years, the debate was "pass the plate" or have a "box" in the back. In today's brave new world, churches need to seriously look at providing many giving options to their congregation realizing that everyone handles their finances and giving differently in our changing financial and technological world.
December 02, 2010   Brian Kluth

Should Pastors Know How Much People Give?

While this is a common question in many churches, I believe it is the WRONG QUESTION to ask! The right question is, "WHAT SHOULD A PASTOR KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE'S GIVING?"
April 11, 2010   Brian Kluth

MySpace, Facebook for churches

You know Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. Remember Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite’s 2007 book “Stripped” that rocked some folks in the church world with its real-life stories of grace for the untouchables; strippers, drugs addicts and homosexuals. (BTW he has another grace-filled volume due out this month,called “Uncensored Grace: ...
December 02, 2008   Rebecca Barnes

Tech innovations isolate; Controversial church news overshadows core issues

More U.S. churches are plugging in to new technology as the software and Web options become simpler and more efficient. What will that mean to church life? And a look at the church news coverage in the media this year and its lack of relation to the core concerns of ...
January 05, 2006   Rebecca Barnes
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Remote access to the church database can be a lifesaver for today’s mobile society. In addition, savvy church leaders are interested in church management software that offers the most flexibility and capability for managing groups, volunteers, attendance, and more.


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