How to create intentional opportunities for friendships

Discover how friendship is a key to creating community in your church.


The bottom line of disciple-making is where and how, not if

There are more important things than warming more seats in the pews. The something more is discipleship.
April 19, 2017   Ronald Keener

Key tips on leading a strategy team

How do we get from the church assessment to the implementation of a new church culture?
April 13, 2017   Jim Barber

Verdict pending for 4 Church of Iran members

A verdict in the trial of four members of the Church of Iran denomination in Rasht, Iran is pending after local authorities decided to refer the case to Tehran.
March 31, 2017   Anthony Marr

The resuscitated church

How did these few churches go from near death to vibrant life? Here are their stories.
March 29, 2017   Thom Rainer

Hope and help for your church from Charles Arn

Research shows that congregations which are seen as more loving tend to attract more people.
March 29, 2017   Jim Farrer

Reasons your church website needs an Easter page

Does your church website have an Easter page? It should.
March 28, 2017   Greg Atkinson

Become a process-oriented problem solver

When it comes to teaching, sharing isolated truth can be confusing—even injurious—to the body of Christ.
March 24, 2017   Rob Streetman

Reasons your Easter guests might not come back

Whether it’s a church plant, established church, a small church or mega-church, some details are universal and quickly determine the first impression your church makes.
March 20, 2017   Greg Atkinson

George Hunter clarifies the church’s main business

What is the driving purpose of the church?
March 17, 2017   Ronald Keener

St. Patrick’s turnaround methods for today

The model of evangelism and mission developed by St. Patrick became the “greatest sustained Christian mission in Christianity’s history.”
March 16, 2017   Jim Farrer

What is the church for anyway?

Let's look at the church's mission.
March 14, 2017   Brian Thorstad

Great endeavors require strong foundations

Is disciple-making a struggle? What are you building on?
March 13, 2017   Rob Streetman

Book review: The Externally Focused Quest

The challenge of turning an inwardly focused church into a vibrant, externally focused mission to its community is formidable.
March 05, 2017   Brian Thorstad

3 reasons people attend your church for the first time

Here's a rule of thumb for leadership conversions: people come to church when something is missing, broken or new.
March 03, 2017   Will Mancini
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Increasing church attendance is about making new disciples of Christ and teaching them. For mega churches and average size congregations, numerical growth and spiritual growth are both important.


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