The bottom line of disciple-making is where and how, not if

There are more important things than warming more seats in the pews. The something more is discipleship.


Book review: Growing Young

Growing Young is an outgrowth of the Fuller Youth Institute and their work on "sticky faith."
April 16, 2017   Mike Bonem

Eastertide: Though we all fail, we live victorious

While admitting failure is a step in becoming a Christian, afterward, you maintain credibility in the church by not admitting failure. Is there something wrong with that?
April 05, 2017   Ronald Keener

A pastor's review: NIV Zondervan Study Bible

This is a resource I will use daily.
March 25, 2017   Jeff Klick

Book review: Saving the Bible from Ourselves

What can be done to reverse this?
March 21, 2017   John B. MacDonald

Book review: Canoeing the Mountains

Prepare to lead in unchartered territory.
March 20, 2017   Mike Bonem

George Hunter clarifies the church’s main business

What is the driving purpose of the church?
March 17, 2017   Ronald Keener

Book review: The Externally Focused Quest

The challenge of turning an inwardly focused church into a vibrant, externally focused mission to its community is formidable.
March 05, 2017   Brian Thorstad

George Bullard's 101 ways to vision cast

Discover how George W. Bullard's book, Captured by Vision, could impact your ministry team.
February 22, 2017   Ronald Keener

The role of leadership in your church’s vision

So your church has a vision statement? Good for you. Now what are you doing about making it come alive?
February 10, 2017   Ronald Keener

Book review: Fervent — A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer

This book is sure to enrich your prayer life.
February 08, 2017   Kim Niles

This is no boring theology book about Karl Barth

Most readers today might say: b-o-r-i-n-g! But surprise, surprise, the new book, An Explorer’s Guide to Karl Barth, is far from it.
January 21, 2017   Ronald Keener

Book review: Don’t miss The Worship Pastor by Zac Hicks

This book is a broad and deep prescription for better worship leadership—and better worship.
January 18, 2017   Margaret Marcuson

Book review: The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

“Extraordinary leadership requires everything: your heart for relational leadership, your soul for spiritual leadership, mind for managerial leadership and your strength for visionary leadership.”
January 18, 2017   Lang Montgomery

Book review: 6 week money challenge

Resolutions are on the minds of many. Regardless of when you're reading this book, the principles Steve Repak lays out can be applied anytime.
January 07, 2017   Scott Couchenour
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