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Megachurches don't fit traditional stereotypes

A new report from Leadership Network reveals that megachurches aren’t as radically different, or guilty of stealing members from other churches, as is often portrayed. In addition, they face such challenges as having to train and educate the majority of their attenders. In addition, many in the megachurch never volunteer ...
July 16, 2009   Ken Walker

Young people fueling the growth of megachurches

A report released in June by Leadership Network shows that singles, young adults and youth are fueling the growth of megachurches. This finding flies in the face of predictions they will fade because of young people’s search for more intimate, authentic experiences. Regardless of how one feels about the megachurch, ...
July 09, 2009   Ken Walker

Holiday reflections on encouraging church developments

As the U.S. celebrates its 233rd birthday this weekend, it is worth finding good news to pass along to church members. One bright spot is an upsurge in attendance at various churches during the economic downturn. On July 4-5, Church leaders can also contemplate embracing the flag in a metaphorical ...
July 02, 2009   Ken Walker

Generous gestures can preach with action

Despite a dip in giving, earlier this year a church in Texas started inviting people to take whatever they needed from the offering plate. Since then, the church has given away more than $500,000 to various people and causes. Other churches have seen similar outpourings of generosity to such experiments. ...
June 25, 2009   Ken Walker

Unusual church planting strategies may shake up tradition

An executive minister with an American Baptist outreach spoke recently about a “shot glass” strategy used in church planting. One California church promoted its launch by handing out free shot glasses in bars. Their logo was on one side and “Give us a shot” on the other. The mixing of ...
June 18, 2009   Ken Walker

Tales of reconciliation pose a challenge to the Church

A pastor who went through a gut-wrenching reconciliation with his father will share his story at the upcoming Southern Baptist Pastors Conference in Louisville, Ky. The organizer who invited him to speak said he doesn’t think Christians handle broken relationships very well. However, forgiving even murder and mayhem is possible, ...
June 14, 2009   Ken Walker

Continued violence leaves churches with knotty questions

The slaying of abortion doctor George Tiller marked the 15th act of violence and sixth death this year in America’s churches—facts that may prompt church leaders to ask whether they should consider using armed security guards. However, there are other considerations to weigh before taking such a step, not to ...
June 11, 2009   Ken Walker

Miraculous Muslim conversions raise evangelistic questions

In his recently-released book, “Inside the Revolution,” author Joel Rosenberg talks about former Muslims who are following Christ after having dreams or visions of Jesus. Others who have worked in the Middle East share similar stories and label it “revival.” These developments raise questions about Western methods of evangelism, as ...
June 04, 2009   Ken Walker

Is blending purpose-driven with missional environment possible?

More than 13 years after Rick Warren introduced the purpose-driven concept, leaders are still striving to implement its goals while asking whether it fits with the older missional model. Though there are differences, many see them as similar, including one pastor who argues the purpose-driven approach can blend into missional ...
May 28, 2009   Ken Walker

Call for repentance comes from more than one source

With Memorial Day approaching, many are likely to preach patriotic sermons this weekend. But this week a group of Christian leaders issued another call for a day of repentance tied to another holiday: the Fourth of July. Ironically, the verse they cited—2 Chronicles 7:14—is the inspiration for a special mid-June ...
May 21, 2009   Ken Walker

Is there a decline in faith or a divine sifting?

George Barna’s new book says “casual” Christians outnumber “captive” ones by more than four to one. This reality may be one of the reasons for the apparent decline in people publicly identifying with Christianity. With bad news in the Church creating sensational headlines, people with a vague commitment tend to ...
May 14, 2009   Ken Walker

Lessons from opening new worship facilities

Despite the economic downturn, two churches recently completed multi-million-dollar worship facilities. While their journeys haven’t been problem-free, people have reacted positively and many are demonstrating more faith. Their experiences hold some lessons for all church leaders.
May 07, 2009   Ken Walker

Looking at faith through realistic glasses

Demographer George Barna releases his latest book today on “faith tribes,” diverse groups whose religious views shaped a national consensus on the common good. Barna says this consensus is threatened by serious decline in leading institutions. Still, there are other indicators that spiritual interest remains intense and has increased since ...
April 30, 2009   Ken Walker

Missional mindset can address dropout rate that concerns communities

The young adult drop-out rate concerns many churches. But the head of an organization that provides adult mentors for at-risk kids points out that most people outside the church are more concerned with the dropout rate in high schools. The missional-minded Church can play a key role in reversing this ...
April 24, 2009   Ken Walker

Book about hating Christianity explores faith

Although church leaders may not care for the title, “10 Things I Hate About Christianity” is actually an exploration of the perplexing issues surrounding faith and a former pastor’s attempt to resolve his doubts about them. The book also gives insights into the views of young adults, who are seeking ...
April 16, 2009   Ken Walker

Myths behind the young-adult dropout rate

A church consultant who studied the problem of young adults leaving the Church says several reasons often cited for their departure are myths. Recognizing these misguided beliefs can help the Church get over the habit of casting blame and instead work to correct some of the problems.
April 09, 2009   Ken Walker

Faith provides purpose and generosity that can't be explained away

Scandals and worldly behavior have given the American Church a well-deserved black eye, says a one-time talk show host and author. Yet in the midst of the decline of Christianity, there are examples of purpose and generosity still at work in our midst. Those are worth remembering as the Church ...
April 02, 2009   Ken Walker

Good Friday services: Emphasizing Christ's suffering

With Good Friday just two weeks away, suggestions for services span everything from traditional and contemporary to drama and participatory observances. The latter is one of the best ways to help people experience Christ’s suffering and gain a deeper appreciation of what happened on that Friday nearly 2,000 years ago.
March 26, 2009   Ken Walker

Electronic giving an idea whose time has come

Churches that are experiencing budget slowdowns during the current economic downturn may want to consider electronic funds transfers to provide a steady source of income. Consultants who recommend adding it as a giving option say it promotes faithful giving, appeals to younger adults who use debit cards instead of checkbooks, ...
March 19, 2009   Ken Walker

Changing your scorecard may change your focus

Typically, churches have measured results by numbers: attendance, enrollment, offerings and frequency of meetings. But an author and church consultant suggests changing your scorecard with an eye toward gauging the impact your congregation makes on the community. While implementing this kind of change may not be easy, it could be ...
March 12, 2009   Ken Walker

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