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An experienced freelance writer, co-author and book editor, Ken Walker edits blogs for several contributors to Church Central and has coached various bloggers for the site. A member of the Christian PEN (Proofreaders and Editors Network), he has co-authored, edited or contributed to more than 50 books. You can see samples of his work or ask about his services as a writing coach by going to or by e-mailing


Leave book design to the pros

I just received my copy of a self-published book I helped a pastor produce as a combination ghostwriter, rewrite man, and editor. It’s beautiful and laid out well. It has a clean-looking, attractive typeface, with drop caps at the beginning of each chapter and a professional appearance overall. The most ...
October 13, 2015   Ken Walker

Don't rush your book

I recently wrapped up a combination ghostwriting, revising and editing project with a pastor from Florida who is self-publishing his first book. It offered an excellent reminder of how much work is involved in this kind of project. I guess we can always use a refresher course. Even me, after ...
September 16, 2015   Ken Walker

Developing a (writing) business plan

After being thrust into the world of self-employment because of downsizing, I worked on my own for nearly eight years without any kind of business plan. My mission statement could have been summed up: “I just hope to survive!” Once I discovered what I did (thanks to the Lord’s inspiration), ...
August 18, 2015   Ken Walker

Write a memoir, not an autobiography

I recently marked a personal milestone when a client flew me Boston to lead a writers workshop at his suburban office. Although I had been a speaker or workshop leader at several previous conferences, this was my first time as the sole speaker. Not only did I enjoy getting to ...
June 11, 2015   Ken Walker

The need for a professional edit

Had it not been for the editorial column in the May 2 issue of World magazine, I likely never would have heard about banker Joe Kesler’s book, Smart Money With Purpose. Just getting mentioned in this leading Christian periodical is a feather in anyone’s cap. Despite having written a few ...
May 13, 2015   Ken Walker

Books aren't dead

In a blog posted on Church Central in March, Thom Rainer wrote about the significant shift in digital media and how young adults under 34 have no loyalty or preference for print media. Now, I wouldn’t presume to second-guess the president of LifeWay Christian Resources. After all, he closely follows ...
April 15, 2015   Ken Walker

What's in a cover?

It’s been several years since I read a panel discussion with New York literary agents in Writers Digest, but the figures they listed are still relevant. One described a million books hitting the U.S. market annually, with three-fourths of them self-published. Although print-on-demand and other technology make it much more ...
March 11, 2015   Ken Walker

Books: Finding the time

I wrapped up the excerpts from Tim Stevens’ new book, Fairness is Overrated, with last month’s post here, but I have not finished learning from him. In a recent blog of his on time management, I saw an application to books. Finding the time to write a book is a ...
February 10, 2015   Ken Walker

A concern for legacy

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older, or maybe it’s because I talked recently with an old friend whose wife had stage four cancer and passed away less than a week after we talked.
January 15, 2015   Ken Walker

Live with margin

Living with more space in life’s margins became more meaningful to me this year. Thanks to scheduling my time more effectively, I became more productive in my writing and editing. This took trial and error. Initially, I scheduled a nine-hour work routine most days, until I discovered that I better ...
December 17, 2014   Ken Walker

The necessity of a book outline

As a veteran of more than 3,500 magazine, newspaper and web site articles, I am amused whenever I see some “authority” emphasizing how endeavoring to write a story means first completing an outline. Aside from rarely having the luxury of time to do that, I prefer to start with what ...
November 17, 2014   Ken Walker

What's in a title?

At one time, I would have answered the above question: “Not much. Half the time the publisher will change it anyway.” I changed my outlook after my agent encountered a string of lukewarm reactions to a book proposal, which he attributed to a poor title. I dreamed up several alternatives, ...
October 09, 2014   Ken Walker

Teach with your testimony

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to ghostwrite hundreds of testimonies of businessmen, entertainers, professional athletes, and others. Unfortunately, both ministries I wrote these accounts for wound up reducing their publications budgets. The most recent cutback stemmed from the economic downturn whose effects are still with us six ...
September 09, 2014   Ken Walker

The power of story

There’s a reason Jesus used parables with His audiences: He knew the power of story. So does Max Lucado, which is why his books have sold approximately 80 million copies. His use of engaging stories instructs, inspires and encourages readers. I especially remember Fearless, the 2012 title that I reviewed ...
August 05, 2014   Ken Walker

Preaching and writing are much different

No sooner had I started into my latest book editing project than I remembered the distinct difference between preaching and writing. The pastor who had asked for help turning a sermon series into a small book started his message by asking the congregation to turn with him to a particular ...
July 08, 2014   Ken Walker

The usefulness of ghostwriters

I recently launched two book projects with pastors. One will be a semi-autobiographical teaching on the need for parents to lay a solid foundation during their children’s formative years. The other will break a three-part teaching series into a short book about the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. Although ...
June 10, 2014   Ken Walker

Make Your Writing Active

Most experienced writers will say they don’t need reminders about using active voice. However, I can say with confidence there are many would-be authors out there who do. I say this as I prepare to start my ninth book edit for a major publisher in the past three years. The ...
May 01, 2014   Ken Walker

Beyond Best Sellers

When I interviewed Steve Willis four years ago about filming of the final episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I had no idea the visit would lead to a book.Until he later reminded me of it, I had forgotten an off-handed remark I made that day. After appearing on national ...
April 02, 2014   Ken Walker

The Purpose-Driven Author

Anyone following publishing in recent years knows that traditional ink-on-paper formats have suffered amid the whipsawing effect of the Internet, e-books and electronic devices.This means it is harder than ever to get a traditional royalty contract. Many publishers operate in gun-shy mode because of the vicissitudes facing their industry.Sure, megachurch ...
March 03, 2014   Ken Walker

Honest observations could spark welcome trend

A new book by best-selling author Ed Gungor explores some of his doubts and misgivings about Christianity after decades as a pastor. Following some of the author’s ideas could lead to a humbler, more loving Church, which would be a welcome trend.
July 26, 2009   Ken Walker

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