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BOOK REVIEW: 'Confessions of a Pastor'

Oklahoma pastor Craig Groeschel confesses what many pastors hide: he struggles with pride, temper, sexual purity and the rude people who populate most churches. Refreshing in its candor, this book could set the tone for a more authentic and forgiving church.
December 11, 2006   Ken Walker

Why transparency is a ministry strength

Oklahoma pastor Craig Groeschel has touched a nerve with his new book, "Confessions of a Pastor." Released in late September, in just over two months it sold more than 15,000 copies and sparked nationwide discussions about the need for Christians to be more authentic. In this story, Groeschel explains the ...
December 11, 2006   Ken Walker

What Christian leaders' lack of recognition says to rest of us

Jesus asked what it would profit us to gain the whole world and lose our soul. A recent survey by George Barna shows that a majority of born again Christians don’t even recognize high-profile evangelicals. This demonstrates the emptiness of striving for acclaim, as well as how Christians’ attentions have ...
December 06, 2006   Ken Walker

Stirring emotions: How radical Christians cause damage

Rosie O’Donnell stirred anger among many Christians by comparing radical Christianity to radical Islam. However unpleasant the truth, there are radical Christians out there who threaten unbelievers and damage our witness.
November 30, 2006   Ken Walker

How to take steps toward improved accountability with church donations

Churches are regularly victimized by a pastor or official occupying a position of trust. But officials who audit ministries say congregations can take steps to insure more accountability is present when managing members’ donations.
November 21, 2006   Ken Walker

Stewardship: How giving prevents a church from being taken

If your church members are looking to get rich quick they are prime targets for a scam. This second article in our series on stewardship looks at how con artists target churches and how fostering a spirit of contentment and generosity can help Christians avoid getting ripped off.
November 13, 2006   Ken Walker

Stewardship: Why pastors should teach more broadly about giving

With Thanksgiving approaching, discussions of gratefulness for God’s provision should include a look at stewardship. In the first of a series, three stewardship experts offer their views on how pastors can do more to teach their congregations about the blessings of giving.
November 06, 2006   Ken Walker

What the Church should learn from Ted Haggard

While Ted Haggard has brought disgrace on himself and the Church as a whole, his actions are no worse than the legendary King David. As we contemplate God’s grace, there are some lessons the church can gather from this sad situation.
November 06, 2006   Ken Walker

Election Day: Remember that character matters

On the eve of the Nov. 7 elections, congressional scandals and other disillusioning news have disheartened many people. The situation is a timely reminder that electing people of character makes a difference.
October 31, 2006   Ken Walker

BOOK REVIEW: 'In Defense of the Religious Right'

In recent years, the Religious Right has become a whipping boy for the news media and liberal Democrats. But in his new book, political consultant Patrick Hynes lays to rest many myths surrounding Christian conservatives. Still, Hynes ignores some of the nuances within this camp.
October 23, 2006   Ken Walker

Apathy isn't a wise choice come Election Day

The continuous stream of negative political advertising and news of political scandals will likely turn off many voters and convince them to stay home on Nov. 7. But if we follow Paul’s admonition to pray for those in authority, we will also take an active part in choosing them—and keeping ...
October 17, 2006   Ken Walker

Christians should support positive films

Much of what comes out of Hollywood is chock full of profanity, violence and other questionable content. However, lately good news has emerged from the world of film. Christians should support wholesome releases hitting the market.
October 03, 2006   Ken Walker

Teaching methods should catch up with the times

A recent poll showed that 55 percent of college instructors think that incoming freshmen aren’t prepared for college-level studies. Concern over a similar lack of preparation could be applied to our churches, where American believers admit they don’t know the Bible well.
September 26, 2006   Ken Walker

Counting the cost of a church fire

Is your church building insured well enough to withstand a total loss? Church fires usually reveal inadequate insurance coverage. Most congregations are not prepared to deal with the complete destruction of their property.
September 25, 2006   Ken Walker

Lessons from a political controversy

Katherine Harris, who rose to national prominence as Florida’s secretary of state during the hotly-contested 2002 presidential election, sparked a controversy with recent remarks to a Christian newspaper. This incident carries some valuable lessons for all people of faith.
September 06, 2006   Ken Walker

From relief to rebuilding, churches give hope to Katrina-battered residents

One year after Hurricane Katrina, much work remains to be done to help Gulf Coast residents recover from the storm’s devastation. In the midst of a challenging scene, though, the body of Christ is restoring hope. Read how the response to this tragedy may pose its finest hour.
August 21, 2006   Ken Walker

Church missions, giving become more personal, less institutionalized

The funds flowing to denominational offices have declined in recent years, threatening the future of church institutions. However, one reason for the downturn is the upswing in missions involvement, meaning members use funds for travel instead of sending it to headquarters. Pastors and church leaders must choose whether to bemoan ...
August 17, 2006   Ken Walker

Let's show some grace to Mel Gibson

The highly-publicized arrest of actor Mel Gibson for drunken driving has fueled a firestorm of criticism in Hollywood and from political pundits reacting to his anti-Semitic remarks. Though his actions aren’t defensible, the church can help redeem its judgmental image by reacting to Gibson’s problems by showing him grace.
August 03, 2006   Ken Walker

Enjoy freedom instead of fighting

Too many Christians are ready to go to war over a particular doctrine or church practice. But the early church fathers advised flexibility and freedom in Christ over rules.
July 04, 2006   Ken Walker

Taking the power of prayer seriously

Prayer leaders say only a small percentage of churches in America take prayer seriously, possibly because many people don’t believe it makes a difference. Here are some suggestions for changing the climate in your congregation.
July 04, 2006   Ken Walker

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