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Accepting imperfections will improve your writing

For me to proclaim, “You’re not perfect!” might sound a bit jarring or insulting. But it’s true. And, once you accept that, it will set you free.
April 23, 2017   Ken Walker

Reading out loud will energize your writing

I never knew how much reading copy out loud would help until I started doing it.
March 18, 2017   Ken Walker

Avoid the straitjacket of grammar checkers

Here are tips for creating solid content to accompany your leadership and the message you desire to communicate.
February 14, 2017   Ken Walker

Planning can make you a better writer (or whatever)

Sometimes, perspiration can breed inspiration, which is what happened when I realized I needed to do a better job of scheduling my time.
January 14, 2017   Ken Walker

Striving for perfection—a fool's dream

Because this particular item held great personal significance, this miscue really bothered me.
November 22, 2016   Ken Walker

Writers need to be careful about plagiarism

With the presence of the Internet, social media and video cameras on every street corner, we live in the kind of world where it feels like we’re all being watched. Nowhere is that more evident than in the area of plagiarism.
October 15, 2016   Ken Walker

In the book world, words are king

Many first-time authors have no idea how many words are in their manuscript, or how many they hope to have. They say, “I’ve got about 100 pages,” but page count is no indicator of length. Is that single-spaced or double? Words matter more than the number pages.
September 23, 2016   Ken Walker

Writers need to handle Scripture correctly

No matter what version, you need to advise readers which one they will be reading when they flip through the pages of your book.
August 13, 2016   Ken Walker

Setting deadlines can provide self-motivation

It doesn’t matter what you're working on, without a deadline you are likely to never finish.
July 14, 2016   Ken Walker

Following copyright law is essential for authors

Even though copyright law has been around for centuries, many would-be authors still fail to appreciate its significance. In a nutshell, I would define meeting copyright rules as giving credit where credit is due. Grab someone’s photograph, artwork or published work and use it in your book, article or other ...
June 15, 2016   Ken Walker

History can excite—unless you make it boring

I was aware of Eric Metaxas’ popular 2010 biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and had mentioned it a couple times in stories I wrote for a Christian trade publication. Yet it wasn’t until my wife recently brought home a copy that I took the time to read it. The book made ...
May 31, 2016   Ken Walker

A teachable spirit will improve your writing

A member of my professional editors group recently posted a lament about a client who had quibbled with nearly everything she had marked on a chapter of the woman’s book. The editor wondered whether she should continue or bow out of the job. That brought a quick response from another ...
April 12, 2016   Ken Walker

Indecision will sabotage your writing

I know two people who are hoping to write books but have yet to make it out of the starting gate. Were I to play amateur psychologist, I would attribute the delays to over-thinking what they want to do. I know because of the questions they have posed: Should I ...
March 15, 2016   Ken Walker

Writing and the art of rest

I will never forget the time I sat down to write a cover story for a national magazine. Nor the day: Aug. 20. That’s because the deadline was Aug. 21. As my fingers flew over the keyboard, I kept telling myself, “Don’t think. Just write.” Of course, that wasn’t the ...
February 10, 2016   Ken Walker

The folly of rushing your writing

If you’re a football fan like me, you can hardly believe that Alabama has already been crowned this season’s national college champion, and that in a few more weeks the Super Bowl winner will be decided. Aside from the X’s and O’s national commentators will review during this month’s playoffs, ...
January 13, 2016   Ken Walker

The many details of self-publishing

Although our respective schedules didn’t allow me to accept the project, a recent inquiry wasn’t the first time during the past year I had received such a request. The author wanted to know if I could go over her book to proof it and double-check page numbers and other minutiae—after ...
December 15, 2015   Ken Walker

The time crunch

Having worked on writing projects with evangelists and pastors for more than 20 years, I am quite sensitive to the time pressures and seemingly endless demands for their attention. Since I seem to juggle a never-ending series of tasks on my “to do” list, I often wonder how they do ...
November 18, 2015   Ken Walker

Leave book design to the pros

I just received my copy of a self-published book I helped a pastor produce as a combination ghostwriter, rewrite man, and editor. It’s beautiful and laid out well. It has a clean-looking, attractive typeface, with drop caps at the beginning of each chapter and a professional appearance overall. The most ...
October 13, 2015   Ken Walker

Don't rush your book

I recently wrapped up a combination ghostwriting, revising and editing project with a pastor from Florida who is self-publishing his first book. It offered an excellent reminder of how much work is involved in this kind of project. I guess we can always use a refresher course. Even me, after ...
September 16, 2015   Ken Walker

Developing a (writing) business plan

After being thrust into the world of self-employment because of downsizing, I worked on my own for nearly eight years without any kind of business plan. My mission statement could have been summed up: “I just hope to survive!” Once I discovered what I did (thanks to the Lord’s inspiration), ...
August 18, 2015   Ken Walker

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