John B. MacDonald

Dr. John B. MacDonald has served for decades as a lawyer and pastor-teacher. He is an associate with Outreach Canada and focuses on equipping and encouraging others to become more like Jesus Christ and to live all of life with God-honoring competence and joy.

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5 reasons for making disciples

Have you considered why you should make disciples?
September 16, 2017   John B. MacDonald

5 discipleship attributes

How can you recognize a disciple of Jesus Christ?
July 17, 2017   John B. MacDonald

What is a disciple?

To hit a target, first locate the bull's-eye. For the Christian, the target is being a disciple and making disciples of Jesus Christ.
June 22, 2017   John B. MacDonald

I call it heresy

What is this heresy and what can we do about it?
June 06, 2017   John B. MacDonald

One Roman nail

A Roman nail sits on my desk. It is accurately dated no later than 86 A.D.
April 14, 2017   John B. MacDonald

Book review: Saving the Bible from Ourselves

What can be done to reverse this?
March 21, 2017   John B. MacDonald

8 qualities of shepherd-leaders

Can we improve on servant-leadership? What about a shepherd-leader?
December 10, 2016   John B. MacDonald

A leader's litmus test

As with chemicals, so with a leader. A litmus test doesn’t change the leader; it reveals the character of the leader.
September 12, 2016   John B. MacDonald

The primary essential of true leadership

Leadership, like marriage, is one of those things Culture is messing up. Marriage has certain biblical essentials. It was designed by God as a life-long covenant between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.  These essentials have been eroding for some time: divorce, adultery, and now ...
July 05, 2016   John B. MacDonald

Leadership re-examined

How can you be a better leader?
April 26, 2016   John B. MacDonald

Transformed through conflict

Being "in Christ." That's what the previous post ("Who are you, really") concludes is your pre-eminent factor of self-identity as a follower of Jesus.  How does that relate to conflict?   In our modern North American Christian culture, there is an overflow of simplistic therapies delivered in sound-bites that merely leave people with temporary relief. ...
December 14, 2015   John B. MacDonald

Who are you, really?

A dozen professionals were being shuttled from airport to hotel for a conference. On the ride, one of the passengers made a casual observation. A colleague responded inappropriately with: “I bet you figured that out all by yourself.” The reaction was a disproportionate outburst of anger. Why did that person ...
November 30, 2015   John B. MacDonald

Conflict and identity

Let’s take another step in understanding the larger context of the nature and dynamics of conflict.   Conflict and identity What do the following conflicts have in common?   The rise of Nazism in Berlin during the 1930s; the racial upheaval in Los Angeles in 1992; and, the atrocities of ...
November 16, 2015   John B. MacDonald

Three elements of conflict

Conflict happens.  An older couple was appalled. They were part of a conversation in which we were discussing some of my research at the intersection of congregational leadership and congregational conflict. Their view was that all conflict was wrong and destructive; it had no place in a healthy congregation. Perhaps some ...
November 02, 2015   John B. MacDonald
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