Book review: Preaching That Empowers God's People

Jan. 27, 2016 | by Jeff Klick

Book Review

Preaching That Empowers God's People; Expository Preaching in the 21st Century,by Dr. Jeremy W. Odom was published in 2014 under the PowerHouse Publication label.

First, I would like to commend Dr. Odom for this undertaking. Attempting to convince modern preachers of the need for a return to expository preaching is commendable. There is much that floats across the airwaves of today that parades as preaching and is little more than entertainment or an empty meal. Returning to the meat of God's Word is indeed a high calling.

The book follows a logical progression from challenging teachers of God's Word to return to this preaching style and follows all the way through to giving multiple sermon do's and don'ts. Brief forays are made into definitions, types of expository sermons, and Dr. Odom touches upon Homiletics as well.

There are many noteworthy sentences worth considering, for example:

• Do not try to be a great preacher, be a clear preacher. Our words should not be a mystery, but crystal clear.

• In summary, expository preaching is a sermon from a man, who above else, wants to glorify His Lord by studying a passage to find out what it means to God…

• In the end, the church will not be judged by its Lord for the quality of its music, but for the faithfulness of its preaching.

• God's Word, through expository preaching, stays in the forefront, which is its rightly deserved place of honor.

• The unique contribution of Bible Exposition is its substantial enhancement of the listeners' comprehension of Scripture's intent.

• There are more of course, but these give a sampling of the quality of thought and insight shared throughout the book.

On a more critical note, the book could be vastly improved if foot or end notes were included and the text was edited for both spelling and formatting errors. There are dozens of typos, misplaced and incorrect words that should have been corrected by an editor. The formatting is even worse. Perhaps the copy I received was a pre-publication one, and hopefully the plethora of errors and mistakes were corrected before the book was widely circulated.

With that caveat, the book is a clarion call back to expository preaching and is therefore worthy of being studied and implemented.

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Jeff Klick

Dr. Jeff Klick serves as the senior pastor of Hope Family Fellowship, an age-integrated church he planted in 1993. In addition, he is an instructor with The Institute of Church Management and is on the board of The Council for Gospel Legacy Churches. He has earned a professional designation, CFP, a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies, and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Ministry. Jeff and his bride Leslie have been married more than 42 years and are blessed with three adult children and 13 grandchildren.

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