The $10 challenge

Feb. 4, 2017 | by Kris Eldridge

During an all-staff meeting, another pastor and I surprised our team with an immediate assignment: Divide up into groups of three or four, take this $10 bill we're giving you, and serve someone. You can spend the $10, or you can multiply it by adding money to it. 

Ten groups went out, and each came back with incredible stories! Here are a few:

Oak Street – One group took their $10 and turned it into $30. They drove through "Section 8 Housing" and found three different widows and gave them each $10. Each of the widows was surprised, and the group was able to share the gospel with one of the three women.

Cold water for Jesus – Another group used their $10 to buy bottled water and handed out the bottles in the park and to day-laborers on the street.  The day-laborers were Spanish, and the group invited them to our Spanish worship service. 

Kindness in the laundromat One group identified several specific people to serve because of previous kindness those folks had shown to one of our staff members during a difficult time in her life. One of the recipients was a laundromat owner who was struggling financially. The group purchased him a $25 gift card to Outback Steak House. Upon receiving the card, the owner was visibly shaken and moved to tears because he and his wife had been struggling financially; he told the group that he and his wife were able to eat out only once a month and the gift card was a huge source of encouragement to them. 

Rainy days –This group came across a domestic violence ministry that housed 15 women and their children. The ministry was in need of 15 large umbrellas, so the group went and bought 15 umbrellas for the ministry.

Light and hope – One group knew of a single mom with six children who had an overdue electric bill. The team added their own money to the $10 and also spoke to many others about the mom’s need. Within a couple of hours, the group had: $255 in cash and checks (more than enough to pay the electric bill), a couple bags of groceries, diapers/wipes, and baby clothing for the mom’s newborn baby! 

Wow! Look at what God did with $100! These are only half of the stories from our team! After the challenge, I asked the staff team to share what God taught them or reminded them of through this experience:

I like many others were unsure what would happen in the $10 serve experience. I was overwhelmed by the way God used each person here to reach out, and for me personally, I am asking God to show me how I can use the examples I learned when I am out on my own to encourage others.–Worship Ministry staff

God reminded me of what a joy it is to bless someone less fortunate. Working on a team gave me a deeper love and appreciation for my team members. –Family Ministry staff

Be open to what God might have planned. –First Impressions Team staff

God reminded me that people are in need of encouragement, and He can use us to meet that need. I saw how God orchestrated what our team did by going before us. I was reminded to go out of my comfort zone, and pray to be more aware of someone who needs to be encouraged. –Family Ministry staff

What about you? How can you take something small and “be faithful with a little” to make Jesus famous? 

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Kris Eldridge

Kris Eldridge lives in Atlanta and is the Community Outreach Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Ga. He is also the founder of Outreach Ministry Solutions and consults with churches to help them reach their communities.

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