Alan Wilson

Lives in Northern Ireland. Currently combining doctoral work with freelance teaching and preaching. Previously pastored churches in Switzerland and Northern Ireland. Married to Pauline and father of two daughters.

Latest: Easter: More than a story
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Allen Hamlin

Allen Hamlin has served overseas for 10 years, and provides team building consultation around the world. He currently lives in Wales, and oversees ministries in the southern UK. He is the author of Embracing Followership (Kirkdale Press; Feb 2016).

Latest: Are you present with your community?
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Allen Ratta

Allen is founder and CEO of, dedicated to the spiritual advancement of individuals and the church. He is the author of Making Spiritual Progress (InterVarsity Press, Jan. 2014). A lead pastor for more than 20 years, Allen also founded ...

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Anthony Coppedge

Anthony Coppedge is a church technology consultant, speaker, and author with experience identifying strategies, building scalable systems and processes, and focusing efforts to stay true to the vision and DNA of an organization. He has served on staff at three ...

Latest: Stop Failing to Plan – Start a Content Strategy
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Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr is a Christian writer living in Canada.

Latest: The story of a trained Iranian church planter

Bill Easum

Bill Easum is co-founder of Easum, Bandy & Associates - one of the premier consulting firms in North America.

Latest: The Permanent Revolution

Bob Russell

At just twenty-two years of age, Bob became the pastor of Southeast Christian Church. That small congregation of 120 members became one of the largest churches in America, with 18,000 people attending the four worship services every weekend in 2006 ...

Latest: You are under surveillance

Bob Whitesel

Bob Whitesel (D.Min., Ph.D.) is professor of missional leadership and founding professor of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. A sought after speaker, church growth consultant and award-winning writer of 12 books on missional leadership, church change and church growth; ...

Latest: How to create a welcoming church environment

Brian Kluth

Pastor Brian Kluth lives in Denver, CO and has been a popular guest speaker ( and for hundreds of churches, conferences, colleges, seminary, and leadership events. He is a pastor, bestselling author, researcher, and radio speaker.

Latest: Sermon Illustration: 20 Symptoms of Financial Bondage
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Brian Thorstad

Brian Thorstad is a Redevelopment Transitional Pastor. He is the author of Heaven Help Our Church! (A Survival Guide for Christians in Troubled Churches) and Redevelopment: Transitional Pastoring That Transforms Churches.

Latest: When is a pastor like the new sheriff in town?
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