5 reasons why pastors are getting fired because of social media

More pastors and church staff are losing their jobs because of what they post.

3 attitudes of Millennial leadership

Tomorrow’s leaders have a healthy reaction to what modern leadership has become.

How much rest does a leader get?

Looking for a good time to take a break? Here are reasons you should make rest a priority—today.

The 2 best things I never knew about the Holy Spirit

Fred Sanders' book, “The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything,” is theology at its best, and stretched my thinking about the Holy Spirit.

4 questions for 2017 graduates

Consider including and adapting these thought-provoking questions and answers when honoring graduates.

Navigating God’s call to more – positioning

Do you feel God has you in transition? Maybe He has something else for your life?

About clichés: Slow death comes to us if we aren’t intentional about growth

Repeat a cliché often enough, and it will soon be taken as God’s truth—and that is as sure of Christian clichés as any other.

3 ways to improve intentional listening

Let’s face it; we’re good at speaking but not always good at listening.

Does an open-door policy work?

Are you an approachable leader?

4 more reasons your job matters to God

We are created in the image of God. And God works! The Lord designed us also to be productive.

Does the Bible support capitalism or socialism?

It is unfortunate, but normal, that we look for scripture to validate our previously held convictions.

4 reasons to talk about leadership transitions

Leadership transitions are a big deal for a church.

The 3 best things I never knew about the Trinity

The Deep Things of God (Fred Sanders) showed me that while I’ll never fully grasp the mystery of one God in three persons, the triune nature of our God is something to be welcomed, celebrated and shared with all the passion with which we share the gospel.

Stop trying to be close to God!

Think about how you evaluate the quality of your spiritual walk. How much do experience and emotion play into your evaluation?

4 ways respond to “13 Reasons Why”

The current Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has brought suicide into the spotlight. Now, more than ever, our churches must be a place to provide hope for those touched by suicide.

3 perils of modern leadership

Leadership is an interdependent mixture of intuition, experience, and inspiration. When it comes to modern leadership, here are some obstacles that get in the way.

Does your ministry staff look like a T-ball team?

What is your ministry team running after? What’s your primary objective?

Developing faith by looking back

It may be there is a sermon, article, or even a book about your experience that is worth sharing with others.

The deserving poor

Whether it’s been someone down the street, or on the other side of the planet, I put that person in crisis through my little self-righteous test.

At what age should a pastor retire? 10 diagnostic questions

It is a question that many pastors and leaders quietly ask.

4 ways to excel

When it comes to excelling in ministry and life, keep these in mind.

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