5 brain biases that limit leaders

Leaders would like to think that they lead without bias. However, that’s easier said than done.

What types of stories does God write?

Do the stories God writes always have a purpose?

5 reasons for making disciples

Have you considered why you should make disciples?

Book review: Pastor Unique

This book, Pastor Unique: Becoming a Turnaround Leader, is a roadmap for real change.

7 costs to being an evangelistic leader

Why has the topic of evangelism grown strangely quiet?

The church’s climate change

Feeling the pressure to stay relevant as a church leader?

21 unforgettable leadership quotes

A bit of inspiration from top-notch leaders from the realms of business, church, activism, media and government.

Self-published books need a professional edit

Consulting with professional advice first, could save you time and money.

How to support families dealing with dementia

Christians need to understand dementia, long before it strikes.

Responding to headlines about white supremacy

Here are five biblical principles to consider as you discuss this controversy.

What it looks like to be too generous

In my line of work, I've met people who were TOO generous. Yes, it’s possible.

What do people say about your leadership?

Asking for feedback isn't easy, but realizing how others perceive you is a valuable tool.

3 signs of a not-so-great team

We have a great team, but . . .

How do you determine right from wrong?

What was considered abhorrent a generation ago is now widely accepted.

How to embrace grief and survive

Grieving is not something most people gravitate toward, but it is a powerful tool God uses.

Why mission trips are worth your time

Wondering if you should take a short-term trip?

Are you ready for heaven?

“You won’t survive. Are you ready to leave?” How would you answer this question?

9 ways to lead through decisions

Here are some suggestions which many churches have found to be conducive to good, God-honoring decision-making.

Do you have an “Eeyore” on your team?

It seems that regardless of what happens this person on your team always find the negative and continue to feed into fear and doubt.

8 tactics to combat bad leadership

The world is crying out for good leadership. From politics to commerce, from media to the church, the lack of effective leadership has left a large gap to be filled.

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