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Pastors Who Are Shaping the Future: An Inside Look at Today's Influencers

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
Feb. 14, 2012

Based on a survey conducted by Leadership Network, this report reveals insights from over 100 high-influence pastors on what has influenced them, where their best ideas come from, how they learn, how they use their time, where they feel stuck, and more. What would you discover if a cross-section of today's pacesetting pastors gave you an inside look at the influences and experiences that have shaped their world, affected their decisions, and inspired their boldest ideas? "Influence" was a major topic in a survey Leadership Network recently posed to a group of senior pastors whose churches are making a strong impact in their in their own communities and beyond, having noticeable influence among their pastoral peers, and demonstrating many points of entrepreneurial innovation in their approach to ministry. Here is what they said...

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