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Book Summary: Be Our Guest

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White Paper

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June 18, 2013

To the Disney Cast Members who deliver the show, it’s really a practical process made up of a series of meticulously planned, well-rehearsed steps designed to delight the audience.

Be Our Guest explores how Disney has been able to set a world-class benchmark for magical service, the main ingredients of its magic reality, and most importantly, how you can create your own brand of magic in your organization.

Be Our Guest wins over even skeptical leaders who don’t see how Disney’s magic can have a place in their organization by showing how all organizations need customer-friendly employees.

In order to understand the magic of Disney, you need to know a little about Walt Disney, and why he cared so much about customer service. When he threw his energies into the creation of Disneyland in the early 1950s, he was totally concentrated on the Guest Experience. The very idea for Disneyland was born in Saturday trips to amusement parks that Walt Disney made with his two daughters. In those days, amusement parks were disreputable, dirty, and often in poor condition. While watching and waiting on his daughters to finish their rides, he began to watch the other customers and how they reacted to the parks.

A single question drove Disney: How could this experience be improved for the entire family?

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