Rick Rusaw's amazing path to the pastorate

Jan. 31, 2013
In less than 5 minutes, Rick Rusaw, senior pastor of LifeBridge Christian Church, summarizes his life story leading up to his salvation and calling. An encouragement for leaders engulfed by not-so-good memories of their own upbringing!

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Aubrey Malphurs: The wisdom of knowing when to fire staff

There is a right time to do it for the benefit of both the person and the church. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training)
January 29, 2015  

5 long-term solutions to the leadership crisis in the American church

Pastor and author Gordon Penfold concludes his Turnaround 20/20 talk with an analysis and suggestions for pastoral leadership training. "Seminaries can only do so much [leadership development], but it's not enough."
January 29, 2015  

Stats and a story on the multiethnic church

"The church has a major credibility problem because we preach the love of God for all people from segregated pulpits and pews," says Mark DeYmaz. He tells the story of a minority woman who checked out his own church ... and wasn't pleased with what she saw. (From a session ...
January 29, 2015  

The story of a messy life turned around by a church

One day a young lady came to Pastor Aaron Brockett after he preached on the woman at the well. For a year he saw her in the halls but barely kept tabs on her - instead, others in the church ministered to her. "When they baptized her and brought her ...
January 19, 2015  

'Sometimes churches just need to die'

"I know that's a controversial statement," says Stephen Gray at Turnaround 20/20. "We don't like to think in those terms. But between 30,000 and 40,000 churches over the last decade have closed their doors for good."
July 22, 2014  

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Turnaround case study: Bay Area Chinese Bible Church

DJ Chuang tells another success story of a special Asian American church. (Excerpt from Church Central's Turnaround 20/20.)
January 19, 2015  

What the executive pastor does

"This is a relatively new position," says Aubrey Malphurs in this training session hosted by the Society for Church Consulting "They're second in charge, and they do whatever the senior pastor wants them to do."
January 19, 2015  

Seeing splash-overs of heaven in this life

"Suffering is like a splash-over of hell," says Joni Eareckson Tada, "helping us to appreciate the ultimate hell that Christ Jesus has rescued us from. Suffering gives us a tiny little taste of the hell that could be ours were it not for our salvation in Jesus.... But then what ...
January 13, 2015  

God is the one who turns around a church!

Greg Atkinson and Steve Cartin give final words during their Turnaround 20/20 panel on leading a church from decline to growth.
January 13, 2015  

Andy Stanley's top 3 leadership activities

Rick Warren and Andy Stanley focus on just a few things to generate 80% of their productivity. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training, Aubrey Malphurs, instructor)
January 13, 2015  

Amazing multiethnic turnaround story: Evergreen Baptist Church

This tale of growth, multiplication and turnaround since 1925 stands as an inspirational case study for other Asian churches in America. DJ Chuang recounts the history of this Los Angeles congregation. (From Church Central's Turnaround 20/20 conference.)
January 08, 2015  

The power of peer coaching for pastors

The Ohio Ministries Church of God organizes monthly group meetings for pastors to study books and learn best practices in leadership, church growth and other ministry issues. (Rev. Esther Cottrell at Church Central Turnaround 20/20.)
January 03, 2015  

'They told me everything I'd done wrong for 9 years'

"The longer we wait to apologize for a wrongdoing or weakness," explains Pastor Steve Cartin, "the sooner a weakness is perceived as a wickedness." More will pile up on top of it, he says, "and it will derail anything you try to do in leadership." (From Turnaround 20/20.)
January 03, 2015  

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