Jeff Vines on how we can have power over sin

July 26, 2012
A new illustration of Romans 6 for church leaders. (from NACC '11)

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When momentum is dangerous

Pastor Aaron Brockett examines Jesus' criticism of the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2. "This was a great church that had done nothing overtly wrong. They were just coasting on momentum." (Courtesy of NACC.)
July 15, 2014  

Building diversity by building an authentic worship service

"Make the Sunday morning experience as real and as relevant as possible, and people will come." (Pastor Danny Chambers at Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
July 15, 2014  

Live the hallelujah life

Pastor Rick Atchley of The Hills Church of Christ tells the story of an Olympic snowboarder who kept competing even though the judges had already awarded him the gold. This is the kind of life we are to live in the light of Revelation, says Pastor Rick.
July 08, 2014  

A dying church gets 20,000 attendees at its own funeral

"No longer does the organ play," says Stephen Gray during his talk at Church Central Turnaround 20/20. "Children aren't heard running through the hallways. The pulpit is empty. And yet the ministry of this church has just begun."
July 08, 2014  

One night I couldn't fall asleep

Joni Eareckson Tada recounts a fitful night in bed that turned into a morning full of joy. "How did that happen?" she asks. This clip includes a video produced by Joni & Friends about her life story. (Courtesy of NACC.)
June 29, 2014  

Solving the issue of alignment in regional church networks

Dann Spader discusses how he coaches large churches and regional networks to become more unified. (From the Church Central Turnaround 20/20 conference.)
June 28, 2014  

Leader, don't let past sin master you!

Dr. Frank Smith, Jr. encourages church leaders to leave all sins in the past. "We can be forgiven, we can be delivered from every wrong we ever committed." (Courtesy of NACC.)
June 20, 2014  

Jesus' opinion of today's church

Revelation 2-3 is a treatise on the messy, imperfect bride of Christ. "No church escapes the observing eye of Jesus Christ," said Aaron Brockett at NACC.
June 20, 2014  

Aubrey Malphurs on why spiritual gifts shouldn't become titles

In the African American and Latino church culture, we often see titles such as "prophet" or "apostle." Is this biblical? (Excerpted from a Society for Church Consulting training session taught by Aubrey Malphurs)
June 13, 2014  

Matt Proctor: Does your church underestimate Jesus?

In this clip from the North American Christian Convention, Matt Proctor explains how becoming too familiar with Christ can diminish a church's effectiveness. Do your members reduce the King of the universe to someone who's just nice to have around?
June 13, 2014  

What works for us as church consultants

Chuck Lawless and Dan Reeves reveal practices that work for them when they consult with declining churches.
June 06, 2014  

Aubrey Malphurs: 8 reasons laypeople don't get involved in ministry

"Isn't it the staff's job to do all the ministry?" you'll hear laypeople ask. "That's what we pay them for!" (excerpted from a Society for Church Consulting training session)
June 06, 2014  

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