'Death, you are my cabbie to heaven!'

Pastor Jeff Walling tells the uplifting story of being invited to pray at an old lady's funeral. Death was swallowed up indeed, and he walked out with a new confidence. (NACC session excerpt)

  • John Maxwell launches a prayer meeting

    When he was a pastor in San Diego, Maxwell went against the wishes of his board and started a new prayer ministry that helped the church grow. Here's how he did it. (Elmer Towns at Church Central …
  • Do some churches do more harm than good?

    When a church doesn't make disciples, its value to the Kingdom is questionable. (Aubrey Malphurs leading a training session for the Society for Church Consulting.)  
  • How weaknesses help leaders win spiritual battles

    Chuck Lawless, Dan Reeves and John Ewart talk about the power of brokenness in fighting Satan in a church turnaround situation. We all have weaknesses that the enemy is very aware of, and when we …
  • Bandero Road Church's 7 'how we live together' statements

    Will Mancini discusses how this church defines what a disciple should look like in their congregation. (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • Strategies for becoming multicultural

    Blended worship, multigenerational, multilingual. Whatever you do, be fluid, said Jan Paron. "What worked last year may not work this year." (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20) …
Leading from the Lion's Den
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  • Ideas for reaching your community

    Aubrey Malphurs lists several ways your church members can reach the community. (via the Society for Church Consulting)  
  • How to localize your specific church vision

    Will Mancini explains how to start discovering the unique purpose God has ordained for your church. (At Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • Five ways church turnarounds always begin

    Gary McIntosh says the first two commonalities among all turnarounds are 1) someone in authority defines reality, and 2) a sense of urgency is created, painting the potential of the church vs. its …
  • The real source of conflict

    "Conflict starts within individuals before it manifests between them." (Tom Harper at Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • What should be improved first in a church?

    Rich Frazer says a declining church should ask itself questions like these: "What part of our purpose and vision is not working anymore that either needs to be thrown out or revised? What could …
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