Do you know believers that need to be stretched?

A powerful story of a reluctant believer who was stretched and remolded through an act of service that he really didn't want to do.

  • John Maxwell launches a prayer meeting

    When he was a pastor in San Diego, Maxwell went against the wishes of his board and started a new prayer ministry that helped the church grow. Here's how he did it. (Elmer Towns at Church Central …
  • Do some churches do more harm than good?

    When a church doesn't make disciples, its value to the Kingdom is questionable. (Aubrey Malphurs leading a training session for the Society for Church Consulting.)  
  • How weaknesses help leaders win spiritual battles

    Chuck Lawless, Dan Reeves and John Ewart talk about the power of brokenness in fighting Satan in a church turnaround situation. We all have weaknesses that the enemy is very aware of, and when we …
  • Bandero Road Church's 7 'how we live together' statements

    Will Mancini discusses how this church defines what a disciple should look like in their congregation. (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • Strategies for becoming multicultural

    Blended worship, multigenerational, multilingual. Whatever you do, be fluid, said Jan Paron. "What worked last year may not work this year." (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20) …
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  • Ideas for reaching your community

    Aubrey Malphurs lists several ways your church members can reach the community. (via the Society for Church Consulting)  
  • How to localize your specific church vision

    Will Mancini explains how to start discovering the unique purpose God has ordained for your church. (At Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • Five ways church turnarounds always begin

    Gary McIntosh says the first two commonalities among all turnarounds are 1) someone in authority defines reality, and 2) a sense of urgency is created, painting the potential of the church vs. its …
  • The real source of conflict

    "Conflict starts within individuals before it manifests between them." (Tom Harper at Church Central Turnaround 20/20)
  • What should be improved first in a church?

    Rich Frazer says a declining church should ask itself questions like these: "What part of our purpose and vision is not working anymore that either needs to be thrown out or revised? What could …
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