Book Summary: Your Volunteers

Nothing can propel your ministry further and faster than thriving volunteer teams.


Ready enough

In leading your staff, volunteers or even your own family - do you spot those who are "ready enough" and challenge them to take the leap of faith?
April 21, 2014   Kent Evans

Trading problems

Does your team fear change? The practice of "trading problems" can help unlock their full potential and create positive energy for growth and change.
April 04, 2014   Kent Evans

Not Everyone Likes You

If you’re a ministry veteran, this chapter will come as no surprise to you. If you are a young leader or pastor, please don’t skip this. It will save you a lot of grief and late nights tossing and turning. I’m writing this for the very reason that this is ...
January 21, 2014   Greg Atkinson

Youth Ministry Extinction Plan

To all the youth pastors who wish they could write this post and not lose their job, you are welcome. I love and respect the work youth pastors do. However, I hope to help make their role obsolete during my lifetime. Then, these talented individuals can move onto easier ministry ...
January 07, 2014   Kent Evans

4 Kinds of Church Members and How They Relate to Your Church's Mission

A helpful way to shepherd your people with relationship to the mission of Jesus is to ask two simple questions: 1) Is the person clear about the vision of your church? 2) Is the person wanting to make a contribution?
November 26, 2013   Will Mancini

3 ways to stop being an emotional service station

DON'T BE A FUEL! Everyone in ministry knows what it feels like to be an “emotional service station” and few would be willing to admit that there’s anything wrong with that role, but there are dangers, real dangers.  Here are some ways to avoid a “tapped out” tank and still ...
October 29, 2013   Doug Lawrence

5 things we need to repeatrepeatrepeat...

As we age, we often repeat ourselves, but I’ve been doing this since I was about twenty! Call it a fixation, or whatever you like, but, in the church, certain statements should be incessant. Our church is NOT successful because we have more people than another church!  So, let’s say ...
August 07, 2013   Doug Lawrence

Heart and Availability Trump Talent and Experience

“Dont’ be impressed by experience or ability; be impressed with heart and availability.” I’ll never forget the Sunday that we moved in to our new church auditorium, replete with all the new gear to make the room look and sound great. That’s when Mr. Expert showed up. It turns out he’d been ...
April 12, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Less Is More - And Less

“Less is not only more; it is, more importantly, less.” I’ve been taken with the idea of “less is more” for some time now. Simplicity can be elegant. Of course, like anything taken to extremes, less can drift into minimalism and risks becoming more of a statement than a practical ...
April 06, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Twitter & Mobilization

“Twitter’s most powerful feature is the ability to mobilize people to give, serve and share.” Since 2007, I’ve been finding new ways to leverage the power of Twitter. From reaching large groups of not only people I know, but the people they know, Twitter has been a great tool. But, like any technology, ...
April 03, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

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Serving Christ means serving others. Volunteers are the heart of ministry in any church and church leaders who understand their value want to know more about recruiting, keeping and rewarding these servants.