Is your a church a Volkswagen just waiting to happen?


  The Volkswagen Car Company has been faced with the worst possible crisis that a major corporation can experience—a lack of credibility. You can’t recall millions of  cars without suggesting to your clients that you don’t know what you’re doing, or worse yet, that you are deceiving them.


Three most important questions to ask when starting small groups

As I’ve written in the past, the best way to grow your small groups (or Sunday school) ministry is to start new classes. That in itself requires a great amount of leadership, communication and vision. You have to recruit volunteers, train leaders, establish on-ramps and move new people into new groups ...
October 08, 2015   Thom Rainer

When is it right to disobey the law?

I admire the courage of Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who stubbornly refused to grant same-sex marriage licenses. She stated to do so would be to disobey God’s authority. For her, it was a choice between heaven and hell. In the days after this firestorm erupted, state gubernatorial ...
October 06, 2015   Bob Russell

How Jesus avoided questions he didn't want to answer

How many times have you been asked a question that you really did not want or need to answer? Is it wrong to not answer? Learn masterful communication from Jesus. Discover how he never spoke about things he did not want to discuss. (Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian ...
October 05, 2015  

Remember this when you want to give up

If you find yourself discouraged and lacking evidence for the fruits of your labor, Lee Strobel reminds us that one day in heaven what you have invested in for eternity will be worth it. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2014.)
September 28, 2015  

I apologize!

Apologies are good for you.   I want to talk about one particular leadership error that I have been feeling bad about for many years.   In 1986, after a trip to Willow Creek, I felt the need to be a prophet to my fellow church musicians and tell them ...
September 25, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Six take-aways from the growing popularity of Donald Trump

The increasing popularity of Donald Trump has been a surprising development in the early stages of the 2016 presidential campaign. In recent weeks, Trump has been the continuing focus of television news programs and radio talk shows. Crowds numbering in the tens of thousands flock to rallies to hear him ...
September 22, 2015   Bob Russell

Even idiots can become bold leaders

What's the secret to being bold Christian leaders that are able to speak into the war of words happening in our world? Peter and John knew the secret and were transformed from common men to world-changing leaders. Mike Baker, senior pastor of Eastview Christian Church (Normal, Ill.), shares the secret to ...
September 20, 2015  

Applause, applause...

thankyouverymuch...   As a singer, as a worship leader, as a member of my community, I’ve been a performer for most of my adult life. I don’t in any way apologize for it. I treasure the fact that what I have often done for a living has enriched the lives ...
September 11, 2015   Doug Lawrence

How to be a voice in the worldwide conversation

There's an ongoing conversation happening around the world all the time – from blogging to tweeting to texting, that many times speaks out against the church and Christians. How do we find our voice in this conversation and start to make an impact? Mike Baker, senior pastor of Eastview Christian Church (Normal, ...
September 04, 2015  

The best thing we can do to preserve biblical marriage

It’s easy to understand why most Christians are frustrated with the Supreme Court’s recent redefinition of marriage. We believe marriage is much more than a civil ceremony; it is a divine covenant. The Bible teaches that God brought Adam and Eve together and performed the first marriage ceremony. God designed marriage as ...
August 25, 2015   Bob Russell
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