Church, how boring can it get?


Pretty boring as it turns out. "Rubber-stamped," some have called it.   It’s regrettable that many people in ministry can’t figure out how to keep their fires of creativity burning or even get them started.


Strive for purity

The ancient city of Ephesus enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for sensuality. It was the center of the worship of Artemis—the goddess of fertility. The temple featured prostitution and an “anything goes” mentality. In addition, the Ephesians’ economy revolved around the manufacture and sale of miniature statues of this love goddess. ...
November 17, 2015   Bob Russell

3 ways we ignore the Holy Spirit in worship

Although we try to have godly intentions, I wonder if we may sometimes commit the sin of “omission” by ignoring the Holy Spirit in our planning and leading of worship services. Of course, as we gather in Christ’s name, we know that He is among us to comfort, convict and ...
November 13, 2015   Lang Montgomery

Creating a sustainable ministry platform

How many followers does it take for your ministry to make an impact? What’s the secret to reaching more people? Jodi Hickerson, Programming Director of Mission Church (Ventura, Calif.), reveals how to make the biggest impact in the lives you encounter every day. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
November 11, 2015  

Does your church need a preacher or a pastor?

There is a great difference between preachers and pastors. When most churches are seeking to fill the pastorate, they may advertise with the word “pastor,” but what they really want is a great preacher to fill seats. As well, some churches may need a chaplain type-of-pastor and not a very ...
November 09, 2015   Matthew Fretwell

Who is in charge?

What does the word "God" bring to your mind? We become very comfortable with using the term and often miss the point. Who is God? In our day, God has been reduced to profanity, slang, and a fill word. OMG in a text. If we have a Christian background, we ...
October 30, 2015   Jeff Klick

Wouldn't it be great if more people couldn't stand us?

Everyone has an opinion about our world happenings and culture. How do we boldly respond to those who don't share our faith in Christ? (Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Ill., teaching at the NACC conference in 2015.)
October 28, 2015  

9 proven ways to keep money flowing THROUGH your church

Churches aren’t about hoarding money. They are about flow-through integrity in handling God’s resources. Flow-through? Yes, if one gives a church money, whether as a tithe on a regular basis or because they acquire a passion for some program or project, their expectation is that the church will use the money ...
October 21, 2015   Doug Lawrence

The Church's response to an aging culture

Bill Hulsey, the executive director of the Forum—a Louisville, Ky. retirement community—recently shared some eye-opening statistics about aging.  Maybe one reason these statistics were of particular interest to me stemmed from the fact that I just turned 72. Still, they illustrate why future church leaders need to be intentional about ministering ...
October 20, 2015   Bob Russell

The only 2 sermons you will ever need

How did Peter come up with his sermon-series in the book of Acts? His preaching revolved around two life-changing truths. Find out about these two life-changing truths and how this will impact your ministry. (Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Ill., teaching at the NACC conference in 2015.)
October 12, 2015  

Advice to the pastor at Laodicea

I was surprised by how often I've heard this lament these past 10 days; at a church growth conference, in the classroom, and from a dear friend. "A malaise has settled over my church and I don't know what to do." They are the pastors at Laodicea. Thankfully, the remedy, ...
October 12, 2015   Bud Brown
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