1 powerful moment to spark transcendent worship


Worship should be beautifully mysterious, and transformingly vitreous. One could call this, “worship in balance.”   There is a wonderful thread of mystery that weaves itself through the fabric of God’s description of Himself (Go find a used copy of Lloyd Ogilvie’s Autobiography of God at Amazon—it’s brilliant!).


10 Troubling statements from church leaders and members

If you want your church to move toward a slow yet certain death, make certain your church leadership and membership affirms most of these 10 statements. They are troubling statements. Indeed, they are proclamations that virtually assure your church’s decline and probable demise. All too common What is troubling is ...
July 30, 2015   Thom Rainer

3 things Evangelicals can learn from liturgical worship

And also with you!   We all know what an evangelist does…they preach! If they’re any good at all, they preach with great fervency. I’ve always been one of those guys when it comes to Evangelical worship. I have even often bashed anyone who wasn’t from that, “we do it ...
July 18, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Was Jesus a liberal?

A recent letter to the editor of our local newspaper suggested Jesus was a liberal. “I take issue with the term, ‘conservative Christian,’” the writer said. “To be a Christian is to follow in the footsteps of Christ and his teachings. As far as my understanding of Christianity, we are to ...
June 16, 2015   Bob Russell

Is it failure if no one responds to your gospel invitation?

Sharing from her own experience in giving people the opportunity to respond to the gospel, Liz Curtis Higgs reminds us of the difference between our role and God’s role in evangelism. Are you trusting God with the results or taking on more of a burden than you're supposed to? (Excerpted ...
June 05, 2015  

3 verbs , THE 3 verbs, for every worship gathering!

How many times have you heard/or preached that, “Worship Is a Verb?” Hopefully many times! Can you name them? Here are THE 3 worship verbs required to have a true call and response kind of worship service, no matter what the style or setting.   Here's the A list!   ACTIVATE your ...
June 02, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Cautions about drinking

In fielding questions from readers, I sometimes encounter issues with a broader application to church leaders. This was the case when a person e-mailed me recently to ask for my thoughts—and biblical teachings—about Christians who drink, whether excessively or just as a social practice and to relax. In a changing ...
June 02, 2015   Bob Russell

15 tag lines to make your sermons more memorable

I was Skyping with a young preacher last week who wanted hints for making his sermons more memorable. I’m pretty sure that’s what every preacher wants.    Here is what the best of the best communicators use—TAG LINES!   A quick Wikipedia check says this about “tag lines.”   “The idea ...
May 21, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Why some people don't believe in the truth of the resurrection

I watched the recent television special, “Killing Jesus.” Based on the best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly, it was well done. It’s good to see quality films that are—for the most part—biblically accurate. I thought the movie helped clarify the reasons first-century religious leaders were so determined to eliminate Jesus: they envied ...
May 19, 2015   Bob Russell

Is Your Preaching Imaginative, Imaginary, or Neither?

As a teenager, my first inkling to become a preacher was while enduring boring preaching. I distinctly remember painfully sitting in the pew thinking, “there has got to be a better way to learn about God than this.” Warren Wiersbe agreed.  In His book, Preaching and Teaching with Imagination, he ...
May 13, 2015   Phil Wood

DeYoung’s book a smart read this spring before “the decision”

The nation now draws a long sign of relief, following the oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges on same-sex marriage, while holding on for dear life for the next two months before the court delivers its opinion, says Albert Mohler, “for the legalization ...
May 07, 2015   Ronald Keener
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