Do we really want revival? 3 easy answers.


The statistics usually don’t lie. The majority of evangelical Americans desire a call back to God.


Creating a sustainable ministry platform

How many followers does it take for your ministry to make an impact? What’s the secret to reaching more people? Jodi Hickerson, Programming Director of Mission Church (Ventura, Calif.), reveals how to make the biggest impact in the lives you encounter every day. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
November 11, 2015  

Does God care about the details?

Prayers are answered all the time. Yet, sometimes we miss how God specifically intervenes. Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church (Normal, Ill.), challenges us to take off the blindfold and see where God is moving. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
November 05, 2015  

Wouldn't it be great if more people couldn't stand us?

Everyone has an opinion about our world happenings and culture. How do we boldly respond to those who don't share our faith in Christ? (Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Ill., teaching at the NACC conference in 2015.)
October 28, 2015  

Debunking the myth: Prayer alone will solve this

"It's a great fallacy to believe prayer and greater devotion to Christ will alone solve our organizational problems," says Jim Barber. Find out how and why this myth affects church leadership today. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
October 16, 2015  

The only 2 sermons you will ever need

How did Peter come up with his sermon-series in the book of Acts? His preaching revolved around two life-changing truths. Find out about these two life-changing truths and how this will impact your ministry. (Mike Baker, Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Ill., teaching at the NACC conference in 2015.)
October 12, 2015  

Why Satan hates Christian worship: Part 1

In their book What Every Pastor Should Know, Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn report their findings on what younger Americans thought about Christian worship and the church. Two words came to the minds of these 18, 19 and 20 year-olds: boring and irrelevant. (p.68) However, there is one personality ...
October 11, 2015   Jim Farrer

“Iran’s War on Dogs”: What we can tell about a government’s character

If the rationale for this blog is that of faith and religion and church, then my rationale for this piece will have to rest on the Christian virtues of kindness and compassion. And even more so in one’s kindness and compassion—and love—for dogs and puppies. A year and a half ...
September 21, 2015   Ronald Keener

Even idiots can become bold leaders

What's the secret to being bold Christian leaders that are able to speak into the war of words happening in our world? Peter and John knew the secret and were transformed from common men to world-changing leaders. Mike Baker, senior pastor of Eastview Christian Church (Normal, Ill.), shares the secret to ...
September 20, 2015  

Try the “Whitney method’ to avoid b-o-r-i-n-g prayers

Books on prayer can go from the ridiculously thick to the sublimely thin—from the 600 pages of one of my favorites, E.M. Bounds on Prayer, to the currently issued 96 pages of Donald S. Whitney’s Praying the Bible [Crossway]. Bounds, who died in 1913, wrote about why we pray rather ...
August 21, 2015   Ronald Keener

Church Turnarounds: Fruitful methods: (Part 6: The Role of Fire and the Spirit cont.)

In this research blog we continue to explore my premise that Christians become truly motivated by a fire which burns down their building or when the fire of the Holy Spirit ignites the members. The Holy Spirit has many roles to play. Often in life we want the Holy Spirit ...
August 18, 2015   Jim Farrer
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Silent, aloud, alone, in groups or meetings – prayer is conversation with God. Asking God for help, praising him, repenting for sin, listening for his direction, yielding to his will, and seeking his revelation in the Bible are all a part of prayer.