Encourage healthy debate


Leadership Principle #56: Focus on the positive while managing the negative. “But avoid foolish debates, genealogies, quarrels, and disputes about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. Reject a divisive person after a first and second warning…” – Titus...


The C in DISC - a compliant person

As a C, you are analytical, conscientious, serious about life, factual and thorough. You're motivated by accuracy and quality. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training, Aubrey Malphurs, instructor)
September 16, 2014  

The S personality of DISC - Steady

If you're an S, you're consistent, stable, loyal and agreeable. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training, Aubrey Malphurs, instructor)
September 08, 2014  

The I personality of DISC - the influencer

These leaders are people-oriented, fun-loving, inspiring and fast-paced. But there's a down side, too. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training, Aubrey Malphurs, instructor)
September 01, 2014  

The "D" of DISC personalities - does this match you?

Understanding the different personality types will help you work with and lead people. In this clip, Aubrey Malphurs details the "D," or dominant, personality. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training)
August 11, 2014  

3 (there are a lot more) ways to be a prolific time waster

I’ve just taken a two month sabbatical and, hey, I know how to waste time. For example: I love to write until, out of boredom, I feel a need to begin yet another project that I may or may not finish. I love to produce video projects for non-profits and ...
July 04, 2014   Doug Lawrence

6 techniques to avoid BS (broad speculation) in your staff meetings

You don’t have to sit through too many church staff meetings to realize that maybe—just maybe—nothing will get done. Fellowship, bonding, team building, and even Lectio divina have their place in staff gatherings, but there should also be tangible outcomes.  Here are some significant ways to avoid wasting your staff’s ...
April 16, 2014   Doug Lawrence

Not Everyone Likes You

If you’re a ministry veteran, this chapter will come as no surprise to you. If you are a young leader or pastor, please don’t skip this. It will save you a lot of grief and late nights tossing and turning. I’m writing this for the very reason that this is ...
January 21, 2014   Greg Atkinson

The 2nd rule of motivation

Good leaders know behaviors flow naturally and effortlessly out of one’s character.  There is a Law of Cause and Effect that is uniformly embedded throughout creation. Jesus spotlighted it when he compared human nature to the natural world: “So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears ...
December 28, 2013   Allen Ratta

3 exercises your church should do in the new year...or else!

Will you be among the churches that start the New Year wisely? Few are willing to do the work, but few can afford not to! These 3 exercises can change the trajectory of any vitally aware church, but the challenge is to be faithful in the work of accomplishing them. ...
December 26, 2013   Doug Lawrence

Have you given your presence?

This time of year we often recognize staff and key volunteer leaders with gifts, as well as holiday gatherings. But one gift costs you nothing except your time: the gift of your presence. Those you lead need you to be present with them. When things are more difficult, when a ...
December 12, 2013   Margaret Marcuson

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Finding a new hire for a church from among a pool of job applicants involves resumes and background checks, but it also requires conversations to determine a good spiritual fit and shared vision for a church.