Four principles to guide a wealthy Christian


Rose Greenhow, a Confederate spy during the Civil War, tried to evade capture and the loss of her fortune by sewing her gold into the seams of her dress. However, when the ship she boarded sank, the weight of the gold made it impossible for the life-preserver to support her.


Four strategies for the acquisition of new church members

While there is no way to put a pricetag on a soul, church members have value. Sadly, prophet and profit can be confused, leading to either mismanagement of true wealth or unwise practices that would bankrupt most businesses. In the current environment, we need to be as savvy as serpents ...
November 03, 2014   Phil Wood

Report: Leadership Network/Vanderbloemen Group‘s new salary survey

For church pastors wanting to maximize their incomes, it may be of no surprise that they should attach themselves to a large church. A new survey reports that, “Our big finding is that for large churches, church size overwhelmingly influences salary.”
September 09, 2014   Ronald Keener

Money and Your Ministry Book Review

Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance
August 12, 2014   David Bowman

Help your people relate to money all year long

Stewardship is about far more than one or two Sundays a year. It is not simply supporting the budget. Rather, it is a ministry to help people learn about their relationship to money, and to other ways they can give. Encouraging financial giving to the ministry of the church is ...
June 20, 2014   Margaret Marcuson

Eight common money questions pastors ask

Because my background lends itself to such interaction, I have informally counseled hundreds of ministers about financial matters. In addition to a business degree with a double major in finance and economics, I served as a corporate banker before answering God’s call to vocational ministry. I have been a pastor, ...
February 27, 2014   Thom Rainer

Christian CEOs: Don’t settle for giving money

Leadership Principle #48:  The best kind of corporate giving is when it’s part of your strategic model and not simply an investment in positive PR.    “They asked only that we would remember the poor, which I made every effort to do.”  – Gal. 2:10In 1789, young William Wilberforce forfeited ...
February 03, 2014   Tom Harper

Four secrets for enjoying your stewardship campaign

Are you in the middle of your annual stewardship campaign? Are you having a good time? Sometimes budget woes, a history of conflict about money, or a pastor’s reluctance to ask people to give can make this time of year a little grim. Or the busyness of the fall start-up ...
October 23, 2013   Margaret Marcuson

5 things we need to repeatrepeatrepeat...

As we age, we often repeat ourselves, but I’ve been doing this since I was about twenty! Call it a fixation, or whatever you like, but, in the church, certain statements should be incessant. Our church is NOT successful because we have more people than another church!  So, let’s say ...
August 07, 2013   Doug Lawrence

Have you made the same mistakes about church finance that I made?

I've been thinking about the mistakes I made about money when I was a pastor. Here are ten. Being afraid to talk about money. Early in my ministry this was the area I struggled with most. I was anxious about stewardship and the budget process, and avoided money talk when ...
July 25, 2013   Margaret Marcuson

Talking about church stewardship all year long

What if churches engaged in a practice of year-round stewardship education and promotion? A little emphasis year round, rather than a few weeks once a year can help people grow in faith as they relate to their resources—and help develop greater support for the ministry of the church in the ...
June 21, 2013   Margaret Marcuson

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Church giving is a critical part of Christian discipleship. Financial concerns, budgeting, tithing, and offerings are all important parts of church life.