6 reasons your church's offerings may be struggling

Even though no longer serving in the pastorate, I still communicate regularly with numerous pastors. A leading concern expressed to me in recent times regards finances.


Your church has more assets than you think (hint: it's not just about the money...)

Do you know your church’s assets? I hope your congregation has a balance sheet, showing the assets and liabilities. However, whether the balance sheet shows a healthy balance or not enough, I'm not just talking about money. I love James Hughes’ ideas about family capital. Hughes is an attorney who ...
April 14, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Pastors, don’t say these 7 things about money to your church

When pastors talk about money, they have a list of things they commonly say. Some are more helpful than others. Below is a list of things pastors often say, but don’t motivate people to give. I’m sure I’ve said most of them over the years, or some version of them. ...
March 16, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Are you saying these 7 important things about money to your church?

Many pastors are uncomfortable talking about money. I know I was for years. I learned over time it was one of the most important tasks of pastoral leadership. I recommend you regularly say these 7 things to your people: I intend to be involved in church financial matters. Some lay ...
February 18, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Video: The value of a survey

Jim Barber gives ideas for how to ask the important questions during a church reorganization. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
February 12, 2016  

Reducing tithe when money is tight

Once a month I conduct mentoring retreats for pastors we call “A Time of Refreshing.” Its intent is to provide a time of encouragement and renewal for ministers. Participants occasionally email me seeking counsel on ministry issues. Below is an edited version of an email exchange with a pastor that ...
February 09, 2016   Bob Russell

7 traits of churches with increasing per-member giving

One of the key metrics of financial giving in a church is per-member donations. The important question for congregations to consider is—what is the average giving by each member (or attendee)? Since overall weekly giving is often masked by fluctuations in attendance and membership, the most effective measure is to ...
January 28, 2016   Thom Rainer

Video: 5 unhealthy leadership structures

Is there a hint of these five unhealthy leadership forms in your church? Jim Barber shows you what to look for. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
January 25, 2016  

Video: 7 characteristics of policy governance

Moving from the board making all the decisions to allowing staff ownership in the process is a challenge. Jim Barber gives insight to ease this transition. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
January 18, 2016  

Video: Trust economics — Finding balance between board and staff

How do you build trust between a church staff and board? Jim Barber addresses this concern from his experience consulting with churches across the country. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
January 12, 2016  

Video: Who makes the decisions?

Has your church staff or lay leaders ever experienced stress from the decision-making process at your church? Jim Barber shares about the frustration between a church staff and board when it comes to decision-making. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
January 06, 2016  

6 trends for 2016 and beyond

I am not a prophet, neither am I the son of one. But I have watched several trends over the last decade which I expect will accelerate in 2016 and assume greater significance in the last half of the current decade. 1. Accelerating closure of churches that would be museums ...
January 04, 2016   Bud Brown

Book review: Has your church done an audit lately?

No one ever says, “I wish I could be on the church audit committee.” Yet auditors play essential role in congregational life. Financial accountability is a critical role in ministry, and it can help people follow appropriate procedures when they know they will be held accountable In addition, people are ...
December 15, 2015   Margaret Marcuson

9 proven ways to keep money flowing THROUGH your church

Churches aren’t about hoarding money. They are about flow-through integrity in handling God’s resources. Flow-through? Yes, if one gives a church money, whether as a tithe on a regular basis or because they acquire a passion for some program or project, their expectation is that the church will use the money ...
October 21, 2015   Doug Lawrence

For whose benefit are you building?

Before embarking on a building project, I think ministry and church leadership should ask themselves some hard questions. Gone are the days of “if you build it they will come.” I think I’ve heard all the arguments and reasons that people should support a building or capital project. We usually ...
October 16, 2015   Dave Blundell
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Church giving is a critical part of Christian discipleship. Financial concerns, budgeting, tithing, and offerings are all important parts of church life.