Church turnarounds: Fruitful methods: (Part 2: The role of prayer)


According to former missionary and retired Princeton Seminary professor Sam Moffett, the secular culture sees prayer as an escape from the world or as a Christian cop out. Revolutions make headlines; prayer does not.


7 Questions to Determine if Your Team REALLY Shares Your Core Values

Here's a quick 7-question evaluation to use with your team in determining your REAL core values.
June 17, 2015   Will Mancini

Was Jesus a liberal?

A recent letter to the editor of our local newspaper suggested Jesus was a liberal. “I take issue with the term, ‘conservative Christian,’” the writer said. “To be a Christian is to follow in the footsteps of Christ and his teachings. As far as my understanding of Christianity, we are to ...
June 16, 2015   Bob Russell

Cautions about drinking

In fielding questions from readers, I sometimes encounter issues with a broader application to church leaders. This was the case when a person e-mailed me recently to ask for my thoughts—and biblical teachings—about Christians who drink, whether excessively or just as a social practice and to relax. In a changing ...
June 02, 2015   Bob Russell

7 Reasons Why Every Church Leader Should Consider Periscope, the New Social Tool

Here are seven reasons why every church leader should consider Periscope, the new social media tool.
May 26, 2015   Will Mancini

The small church in America

While megachurches seem to get the lion’s share of attention today, this has been the case for several decades. Management consultant Peter Drucker told Forbes magazine in 1998 that the rise of the megachurch was “… the most important social phenomenon in American society in the last 30 years.” Defined ...
May 26, 2015   Jim Farrer

5 Incredible steps to closing the back door in your congregation

If you want to close the back door in your church, read these five incredible steps. By “closing the back door,” I am referring to assimilating newcomers and keeping those who have become a part of the church involved. The sad reality is that many churches have less than one-half ...
May 21, 2015   Thom Rainer

Why some people don't believe in the truth of the resurrection

I watched the recent television special, “Killing Jesus.” Based on the best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly, it was well done. It’s good to see quality films that are—for the most part—biblically accurate. I thought the movie helped clarify the reasons first-century religious leaders were so determined to eliminate Jesus: they envied ...
May 19, 2015   Bob Russell

The wrong & right priorities behind church growth

What is the motivation and reason behind church growth? Pastor Rick Warren offers a challenging and blatant response to the misconception that it’s ok for churches to stop growing. Recapture the truth that the church isn’t meant to stay stuck, but rather is meant to live out the vision of the ...
May 18, 2015  

Posthauer: In these latter/last days we need to reach the ‘dropout believer’

If there is one overriding theme in Christian thought in recent decades, it is that of “community”—that we don’t do this thing of faithfulness and discipleship alone, but in community with others. It is a theme that author Louis Posthauer has on his heart for the church in self-publishing his ...
May 12, 2015   Ronald Keener

How megachurches can uniquely advance the gospel

Speaking to a room full of pastors and church leaders at the NACC, Ben Merold both encourages and challenges leaders of megachurches with the crucial role they can play in helping the body of Christ and the advancement of the Gospel.  (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2014.)
May 12, 2015  
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