Conflict and your identity (part 1)


A dozen professionals were being shuttled from airport to hotel for a conference. On the ride, one of the passengers made a casual observation.


Book review: Leadership Pain by Samuel R. Chand

As a leader, I was incredibly drawn to the title of this book. What leader doesn’t experience pain? At first, I thought the book was going to have a masochistic message. I was expecting, “Every leader experiences pain. Jesus did. So suck it up and keep serving.” I was wrong. ...
November 27, 2015   Dave Blundell

7 ways to be missional this Thanksgiving

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Thanksgiving?” Eating way too much Football! Stomachaches Pilgrims and Native Americans Long holiday travels Giving thanks Like the above, giving thanks can easily move to the bottom of our priority list and can affect how we live life during this holiday. ...
November 23, 2015   kris eldridge

9 ways to deal with church bullies

Second of two parts In my last post in this space, I dealt with the traits of church bullies. In this blog, I will move from descriptive to prescriptive. How do we deal with church bullies? What can we do to prevent such bullying? Here are nine of my suggestions ...
November 19, 2015   Thom Rainer

Do we really want revival? 3 easy answers.

The statistics usually don’t lie. The majority of evangelical Americans desire a call back to God. However, what is the motivation—is it for national spirituality, for political change, for Bibles or prayer in schools, or for church growth? Whatever the motivation—is this what revival has become to us? When we ...
November 18, 2015   Matthew Fretwell

Book review: The Life You've Always Wanted

I don’t know what it is about John Ortberg, but God speaks to me through his writings like few others. He is clear, concise, and compelling. He is authentic, vulnerable, and disarming. As one of my peer group members said this morning, it is as if he were reading our ...
November 17, 2015   David Bowman

Strive for purity

The ancient city of Ephesus enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for sensuality. It was the center of the worship of Artemis—the goddess of fertility. The temple featured prostitution and an “anything goes” mentality. In addition, the Ephesians’ economy revolved around the manufacture and sale of miniature statues of this love goddess. ...
November 17, 2015   Bob Russell

Conflict and identity

Let’s take another step in understanding the larger context of the nature and dynamics of conflict.   Conflict and identity What do the following conflicts have in common?   The rise of Nazism in Berlin during the 1930s; the racial upheaval in Los Angeles in 1992; and, the atrocities of ...
November 16, 2015   John B. MacDonald

1 good reason to kill small group ministry

They fail to fulfill the purpose for churches create them. Most churches set up small groups for one main purpose. They may toss a few secondary reasons, but the main reason churches have small groups is fulfill their duty to make disciples. It doesn’t work. To understand why not, think of how ...
November 16, 2015   Bud Brown

Creating a sustainable ministry platform

How many followers does it take for your ministry to make an impact? What’s the secret to reaching more people? Jodi Hickerson, Programming Director of Mission Church (Ventura, Calif.), reveals how to make the biggest impact in the lives you encounter every day. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
November 11, 2015  

What makes church big?

I was reflecting this morning on my experience as a young child at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Sacramento, California. It is the oldest African American congregation west of the Rockies. In its prime period, it was considered to be an extremely “big” church. This term was more commonly ...
November 08, 2015   Parnell Lovelace, Jr.
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