5 ways leaders see things differently

Leaders see things with a clarity that brings life into focus. Leaders see things that other people don’t see.


The time has come to drop your mission statement

We spent hours crafting it as a staff. We spoke on it every year at our gatherings. I taught it ever single year at our leadership training. (No wonder people didn’t like coming.) We recited it regularly to our members. Even after all those years, I can’t ever remember a time when someone came ...
May 21, 2016   Dr. Boyd

What does aggressive ministry look like?

I am not an aggressive person by nature. I’m a conflict-avoiding, noncompetitive type who struggles to relate to the warrior imagery that frequently appears in Scripture. There are two verses in particular, words from our Lord, that challenge me to consider ministry in a way that doesn’t fit my natural ...
May 19, 2016   Allen Hamlin

Outreach: from “come” to “go”

I recently Googled the word “outreach.” I was surprised at the results: the overwhelming majority of articles, websites, and so on was mostly about church communication and/or church marketing materials. I also recently looked at several online publications that are about “outreach” and/or “community outreach” and are published by evangelical ...
May 18, 2016   Kris Eldridge

3 church killers: calling, mission-divorce, and truancy

“Only a disciple can make a disciple.” ~ A. W. Tozer Calling as vocation? “God has called me into full-time ministry!” were the words that I heard. I knew what was next: seminary, ordination, and then a paid position—but never secular work. Biblically speaking, the term calling mostly has to ...
May 17, 2016   Matthew Fretwell

Video: I exist to . . .

When you think about ministry, what is your reason for preaching, teaching and discipling? Dr. Daniel Overdorf explores mission statements and how they aid in perseverance. (Excerpted from the NACC in 2015.)
May 17, 2016  

5 more excuses for our gossip

Everybody knows that gossip is both wrong and harmful. It ruins reputations. It separates the best of friends (as in Proverbs 16:28 and 17:9).  It allows us to “wimp out” of the important face-to-face conversations which we need to have. It sullies our consciences. It demeans those whom we talk about, those ...
May 11, 2016   Brian Thorstad

Many new Iranian church plants thanks to the Internet

Every day, Iranian pastors and evangelists are sharing the gospel with people inside Iran via the Internet, says Elam Ministries. On Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and many other platforms, pastors are talking about Jesus. By God’s grace, people are coming to Christ, says Elam, whose mission is to help grow ...
May 11, 2016   Anthony Marr

The importance of leadership transformation

In business and in ministry, it is exciting to see things “come together." For the salesman and the preacher, seeing someone “connect the dots” is a fulfilling exercise. Building strong relationships is profitable for both the pastor and the workplace leader. I love making connections; and one connection that is dear to ...
May 10, 2016   Rob Streetman

The Great Commission: moving from “casual” to “devoted” prayer

Most churches pray. But, not all are praying churches. Churches do pause to pray during their activities. Sometimes, these prayers are offered out of ritual. Often, I think they are truly offered out of sincerity. My concern, however, is that many/most churches don’t hold prayer as the engine and fuel behind ...
May 03, 2016   Kris Eldridge

The unanswerable answer

There’s a special Christian man who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His name is Pat Day. Anyone who knows anything about horse racing knows that Pat Day was one of the most successful jockeys of all time. Inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame in 1991, he was ...
May 03, 2016   Bob Russell

Iranians are coming to faith in Christ and requesting Bibles

Every day, more Iranians are coming to faith in Christ, and are asking for Bibles, says Elam Ministries. Years of suffering in Iran have created a deep thirst for truth in the hearts of most Iranians. As a result, there is an overwhelming demand for the Word of God in ...
April 27, 2016   Anthony Marr

Ignoring Pentecost to our peril

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church reminds us that Pentecost ranks as the second most important festival day in the Church following Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. However, many preachers ignore the day and its related themes. If Pentecost, which follows 50 days after Easter, is so important, ...
April 26, 2016   Jim Farrer

Building on a strong foundation

Foundations are important in the kingdom of God; and they are important in the workplace. Christian leaders have been given position and influence in the workplace for God’s kingdom. Therefore, it can be said that foundations are doubly important for Workplace Leaders.  This matter of foundations is a concept of leadership that ...
April 26, 2016   Rob Streetman

Help your pastor succeed by doing what you enjoy

Although few in number, certain privileges generally accompany gray hair. Among them, perhaps the most rewarding, is the occasional request for guidance submitted by a much younger colleague who supposes that wisdom makes room for itself by squeezing the melanin from senior hair follicles. If a young pastor is willing ...
April 21, 2016   Bud Brown
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