Ten areas where pastors need training for the 21st century


Any pastor or other church staff member should be prepared in biblical truths, as well as theology. Indeed, you shouldn’t forsake any of the classical disciplines.


As a father, I must simply be faithful

In raising boys, I have a strong desire for them to know and follow the Lord. However, they will need to choose that and I cannot control their choice. I must simply be faithful and leave the outcome up to the Lord.
December 11, 2014   Kent Evans

Divorce Rate and the Skewing of Church Demographics

For him it was two, for her three, and they were making plans for a combined total of seven. On five separate previous occasions, in the sight of their closest family and friends, each had promised an unending “I do.” Now they were inviting me to witness them both pledging ...
December 03, 2014   Phil Wood

When holidays aren't happy

Recently I spoke to a group of several hundred people who openly admitted they dread the holidays. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t the favorite for a lot of people. I’ve read there is more alcohol consumption, more domestic fights, more arrests, more suicides and more people battling depression during ...
December 02, 2014   Bob Russell

9 Ways a pastor can lead a church to become more evangelistic

The influence of a pastor in a local congregation is powerful. Like a parent who can influence—but not ultimately determine—the path of his or her child, so in some ways is the pastor with the congregation. Earlier this year I had a conversation with Tony Merida, lead pastor of Imago ...
November 06, 2014   Thom Rainer

I love the church

I wrote a magazine story several months ago about why I love the church. While space doesn’t permit me to reproduce the full text here, I think it is worth offering a condensed version to remind every church leader of the need to project love and admiration for Christ’s bride ...
November 04, 2014   Bob Russell

When Churches Don't Fit Right

Is your church the wrong size for the ministries you are trying to support? This blog looks at some of the factors that contribute to a misaligned fit between size and ministries.
October 02, 2014   Steve Reynolds

5 Reasons churches benefit by seeking external help

The pattern is conspicuous. Churches that operate in an isolated and insular fashion are not as healthy as churches that regularly seek outside perspectives. Of course, there will always be exceptions. But, as a rule, those churches whose leaders and members are involved solely in their own ministries tend to ...
September 25, 2014   Thom Rainer

The imaginary Jesus

Famed singer Elton John recently suggested if Jesus were alive today, He would favor gay marriage. A recent poll reveals 55 percent of Americans believe Jesus would have backed universal healthcare. I occasionally get responses from readers who insist Jesus would have written with more grace and understanding than me (likely true). ...
September 23, 2014   Bob Russell

Don't thank your volunteers, commend them

We all want to recognize and applaud the great work done by volunteers. But, how we do it can significantly impact their level of commitment.
September 15, 2014   Kent Evans

Is the Church trying too hard to identify with the world?

The late John Wooden had a unique philosophy about coaching basketball. He seldom scouted an opponent, believing it best to concentrate on improving his team’s performance. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Wooden’s UCLA teams almost always had superior talent. In contrast, University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino puts a ...
September 09, 2014   Bob Russell

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