3 ways to take stupid out of your worship


If you believe that worship is a verb but often becomes a perfunctory noun, then you might want to read further. We should probably make some adjustments before we lose sight of why we gather.    My last contribution to ChurchCentral.com spoke to the often conspicuous excesses of “modern-ish" worship.


Turnaround case study: Bay Area Chinese Bible Church

DJ Chuang tells another success story of a special Asian American church. (Excerpt from Church Central's Turnaround 20/20.)
January 19, 2015  

5 ways to de-professionalize your worship

The primary complaint that I hear from congregants in many churches is that the worship service is too much of a show, and you may believe that to be true yourself. In an effort to have excellence in our worship experiences we may have overstepped. Here are some ways to ...
January 16, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Your denomination doesn’t have to die

Mainline denominations are mostly on the skids, with declining member numbers, and closing congregations no longer able to pay the bills. Good books have been written about transforming churches, but they do no good if there isn’t the courage to put the advice into action.
January 16, 2015   Ronald Keener

New Bible translation gives hope to Iranian Christians

The political, economic, and spiritual situation in Iran has resulted in a deep spiritual hunger for truth.
January 14, 2015  

Troublemaker Memoir (Part 3): We ‘hired’ 101 consultants

Yep, we took on our church staff, at The Brethren Fellowship in Chambersburg, Pa., “101 new consultants” as we look in the year ahead at transforming our congregation. And the amazing part is that it cost us only $17.99 plus tax.
January 09, 2015   Ronald Keener

Amazing multiethnic turnaround story: Evergreen Baptist Church

This tale of growth, multiplication and turnaround since 1925 stands as an inspirational case study for other Asian churches in America. DJ Chuang recounts the history of this Los Angeles congregation. (From Church Central's Turnaround 20/20 conference.)
January 08, 2015  

The power of peer coaching for pastors

The Ohio Ministries Church of God organizes monthly group meetings for pastors to study books and learn best practices in leadership, church growth and other ministry issues. (Rev. Esther Cottrell at Church Central Turnaround 20/20.)
January 03, 2015  

3 reasons why Christmas didn't fix everything

Every pastor loves Christmas. Increased attendance is like crack cocaine for most church leaders—euphoria naturally accompanies all those Bs in the Ps. Taken on the whole, though, there are many things to consider when evaluating a church’s momentary success in festival seasons. Take for example…
January 01, 2015   Doug Lawrence

When your church vision doesn't fit a simple model

"It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people." Pastor Greg Atkinson learned this lesson in a memorable way when he tried to convince Miles McPherson to back off from an aggressive vision at The Rock church. (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20.)
December 29, 2014  

You have but little power

The church at Philadelphia did two things that earned Christ's hand of favor on its ministry. (Pastor Aaron Brockett preaching from Revelation at NACC.)
December 29, 2014  

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