Book review: Leadership Pain by Samuel R. Chand


As a leader, I was incredibly drawn to the title of this book. What leader doesn’t experience pain? At first, I thought the book was going to have a masochistic message.


The surprising secret to church growth

The church classroom in which the workshop was being held was filled to capacity.   After all, the pretentious title was “The surprising secret to church growth.” The workshop presenter, Dr. Henry Maulson, was a nationally known church growth expert. Just about everybody at least knew his name, for he had ...
November 26, 2015   Brian Thorstad

The fastest ways to get up-to-speed on church turnarounds

It is generally recognized that upwards of 70 percent of congregations in America are plateaued or declining in membership. One could also state that every congregation over a span of years will enter periods of stagnation. Are there any hopeful possibilities? George Hunter, professor emeritus at Asbury Theological Seminary, observes, ...
November 24, 2015   Jim Farrer

Church, how boring can it get?

Pretty boring as it turns out. "Rubber-stamped," some have called it.   It’s regrettable that many people in ministry can’t figure out how to keep their fires of creativity burning or even get them started. Does your leadership value imagination? In position descriptions for churches, I see the same statements repeated ...
November 22, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Do we really want revival? 3 easy answers.

The statistics usually don’t lie. The majority of evangelical Americans desire a call back to God. However, what is the motivation—is it for national spirituality, for political change, for Bibles or prayer in schools, or for church growth? Whatever the motivation—is this what revival has become to us? When we ...
November 18, 2015   Matthew Fretwell

Conflict and identity

Let’s take another step in understanding the larger context of the nature and dynamics of conflict.   Conflict and identity What do the following conflicts have in common? The rise of Nazism in Berlin during the 1930s; the racial upheaval in Los Angeles in 1992; and, the atrocities of Sarajevo ...
November 16, 2015   John B. MacDonald

How your church size impacts decision-making

In Church "A" the congregation makes all of the decisions. In Church "B," committees and the board get involved. Find out where you land and how to create an effective decision-making plan. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
November 11, 2015  

Creating a sustainable ministry platform

How many followers does it take for your ministry to make an impact? What’s the secret to reaching more people? Jodi Hickerson, Programming Director of Mission Church (Ventura, Calif.), reveals how to make the biggest impact in the lives you encounter every day. (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)
November 11, 2015  

Four ways crucibles may shape a leader

Born or made? It's a well-worn question about leaders and leadership. Academics debate it and you probably have your own theory on it too. Leadership thinker Warren Bennis went so far as to say that the idea that leaders are born is a dangerous myth: 'this myth asserts that people simply ...
November 10, 2015   Alan Wilson

5 things you should know about mission statements

Fifty years ago, most churches probably never even considered a mission statement.  Nowadays, if you don’t have one, people probably wonder what’s wrong with you.  In fact, not having one makes your church seriously uncool. But are they really necessary?  What does having a mission statement actually achieve?  How can ...
November 10, 2015   Tony Llewellyn

Does it take an engineering degree to turn a church around?

Once a month I have lunch at the LongHorn restaurant in town with the chair of our deacons’ team. I am chair of the leadership team (board) and he and I talk over church business and how to move ministry forward. He and I see church matters pretty much from ...
November 09, 2015   Ronald Keener
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Increasing church attendance is about making new disciples of Christ and teaching them. For mega churches and average size congregations, numerical growth and spiritual growth are both important.