3 keys to managing momentum in ministry

One of the most valuable forces in any organization is momentum. When a local church is energized by prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and momentum, it becomes a great force that the gates of hell cannot withstand.


Well done, one pastor’s substantial legacy

Having written so many articles about my former boss, Walt Gerber, one would think my material would have run dry by now. That is definitely not the case! Walt, the former pastor of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California, where he ministered for 28 years, has passed away this ...
April 26, 2016   Doug Lawrence

The pastor as workplace leader - building on a strong foundation

Foundations are important in the kingdom of God; and they are important in the workplace.  Christian leaders have been given position and influence in the workplace for God’s kingdom.  Therefore, it can be said that foundations are doubly important for Workplace Leaders.  This matter of foundations is a concept of ...
April 26, 2016   Rob Streetman

Leadership re-examined

What is leadership? If you were teaching on leadership in different cultures on different continents, what and how would you teach? For me, this is not theoretical. Here are two basic questions I ask: • What is a leader or leading? • How can you be a better leader? I’m not even ...
April 26, 2016   John B. MacDonald

Video: Is good news enough?

When it comes to ministry, it’s easy to focus more attention on church programming, size and keeping up with the latest in technology and trends. However, Sean Palmer unpacks 2 Kings 7 and asks us to shift our focus at how the good news is more than good advice for ...
April 25, 2016  

5 excuses for church gossip

I define gossip as, saying negative things about a person which the hearer does not need to hear.   Everybody knows that gossip is wrong. Almost everybody knows that gossip is harmful to individuals and organizations. Almost all of us indulge in gossip in one way or another at one time or ...
April 23, 2016   Brian Thorstad

3 dynamics of multi-ethnic ministry

Recently, I had the opportunity to preach at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Bayside Midtown Church, Sacramento, California. This thriving congregation is one of the most ethnically diverse congregations in Northern California. Over the course of four Sunday services, I observed nearly 2,000 people enthusiastically embracing corporate worship and fellowship ...
April 22, 2016   Parnell Lovelace, Jr.

Christian prisoner asks for prayer for church in Iran

Iranian Christian prisoner Ebrahim Firouzi has asked for prayer for the church in Iran and for strength for himself as he serves his sentence, Middle East Concern reports. He said he wants to stand firm for Christ in the face of the persecution he is enduring, but he needs support ...
April 18, 2016   Anthony Marr

Demystifying the "vision thing"

Vision is like the weather: everybody’s talking about it but nobody’s doing anything about it. If nobody’s doing anything about it, it’s because practically everybody is confused about it.  Demystifying the “vision thing” has become a passion for me. It doesn’t have to be painfully confusing. And a single, unifying vision ...
April 16, 2016   Brian Thorstad

4 questions for graduates

Pastors may consider including these thought-provoking questions and answers when they honor their congregations’ grads. 1. How will you stay out of poverty? Professor William Galston, an advisor to former President Bill Clinton, researched this question. His conclusions from earlier decades were confirmed by the large British Cohort Study which ...
April 12, 2016   Jim Farrer

3 great helps for proclaiming the gospel in a hostile culture

As he colorfully told his story, I listened intently. Then—the inevitable came out of his mouth— “G** D***, it was huge! I mean you wouldn’t believe it, (insert the name of our Lord).” I silently prayed, as he continued talking, “Lord, forgive this guy, he doesn’t know you and doesn’t ...
April 12, 2016   Matthew Fretwell

How to harness the power of chaos in your ministry

In The Starfish and the Spider (2006), Rod Beckstrom and his co-author Ori Brafman explore what they call the “unstoppable power of leaderless organizations” using the metaphor of the starfish. When you pull off the arms of a spider, it dies. In contrast, if you rip off the five arms ...
April 07, 2016   Steve Lawson

Moving from a vision statement to being a visionary

When it comes to vision statements, many church leaders have lost interest. And for good reason–most vision statements are generic and useless. Your church really doesn't need a vision statement, it needs a visionary state of mind. To inspire you along the way, here is a case study from Clear ...
April 06, 2016   Will Mancini

Celebrate base hits to create momentum

It’s baseball season! Who doesn’t enjoy a day at the ballpark? Who doesn’t get excited when the home team knocks it out of the park? Just like baseball fans love home runs, so do churches. I’m sure you’ve heard parishioners say things like: “Boy, the pastor hit a home run ...
April 06, 2016   Gerry Lewis

Easter is over! Here's how to still have a team.

So here we are — the day after the biggest Sunday of the year. In a planning meeting with the worship pastor at my home church, we were talking about ways to turn first-time guests into second-time guests. We had set up a tent outside to welcome guests and give them ...
March 28, 2016   Greg Atkinson
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Increasing church attendance is about making new disciples of Christ and teaching them. For mega churches and average size congregations, numerical growth and spiritual growth are both important.