How to lead change

Jim Barber discusses how to lead well through transition.


Transform your leadership with these 12 vision templates

Think of the 12 templates as a vision typology. When believers sit together and dream about the impact they want to have in the world, I believe any dream can be ultimately defined by one of the templates. It’s church vision made that simple.
February 09, 2016   Will Mancini

7 lessons from Peyton Manning for church leaders

Sunday night I, like many of you, watched Peyton Manning (quarterback of the Denver Broncos) make history. Not only did Peyton win the AFC Championship, he becomes the first QB in the NFL to go to multiple Super Bowls with multiple teams. Not only that, he has been to four ...
February 05, 2016   Greg Atkinson

Why bring in a secret shopper or mystery worshiper?

A lot of people have heard or read that I'm regularly doing secret shopper or mystery worshiper visits to churches around the country. The question has been raised (and it's a valid one): Do you need a secret shopper? As someone who takes the mission to reach the lost and ...
February 05, 2016   Greg Atkinson

5 reasons why all Christians should observe Lent

The Church Lenten season begins next Wednesday. Lent is a period of 40 days. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday (before Easter). Lent was designed as a time of reflection, repentance, prayer, fasting, and meditation on Scripture. It became a time when new believers prepared for ...
February 04, 2016   Matthew Fretwell

4 potent prayers to invigorate evangelism

These four, simple prayers will help solve a pastor’s most enduring and most important problem: motivating church folks to evangelism. They are more compelling than harangue, more persuasive than sermons, more energizing than admonition, and more biblical than any motivational gimmick you can imagine. If you teach your church these ...
February 03, 2016   Bud Brown

4 traps of ingrown churches

Slowly over time most churches grow primarily inward in their focus, rather than focusing outward to meet the needs of those outside the church.The result of this inward focus is that churches stop reaching non-churchgoers because they are less frequently meeting the needs of those outside of their fellowship.  Most ...
January 28, 2016   Bob Whitesel

Even saving one church is worth the effort

Don Matthews seeks to revitalize churches one conversation at a time through his role as a consultant and coach with the Society for Church Consulting.
January 28, 2016   Krishana Kraft

Learn to juggle chickens if you want to lead a church turnaround

It was a sunny Saturday morning on the course. The elderly gentleman had begun his pre-shot routine on #1, visualizing his upcoming shot, when a voice came over the clubhouse loudspeaker. "Would the gentleman on the Ladies Tee back up to the Men’s Tee, please!!" He was still deep in ...
January 26, 2016   Bud Brown

Book review: The “Happy Church”

It’s the weekend of the Monster Storm (Jan. 21-22) and on this Saturday morning we have already had a couple feet of snow and I have shoveled off the patio twice and it is quickly filling up again. Not a lot to feel happy about, but the puppy and I ...
January 25, 2016   Ronald Keener

5 unhealthy leadership structures

Is there a hint of these five unhealthy leadership forms in your church? Jim Barber shows you what to look for. (Jim Barber teaching at the Society for Church Consulting Training Summit in 2014.)
January 25, 2016  

How Gen X could save the church

In the last seven years, the percentage of adults (ages 18 and older) who describe themselves as Christians has dropped by nearly eight percent.  Between 2007 and 2014, the Christian (those who identified with groups such as Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and others) share of the population fell from 78.4% to ...
January 21, 2016   Dr. Boyd

30,000 Persian-language children’s Action Bibles in print

30,000 copies of the Persian translation of the full Action Bible have come off the press, Elam Ministries says. This hugely popular publication has enormous potential to enthuse Iranian children and youth with a love for the Scriptures, Elam, whose mission is to help build the church in the Iran ...
January 20, 2016   Anthony Marr

Prioritizing pastoral roles (part 3)

“The church’s first business is with the truth” writes James D. Smart in The Rebirth of Ministry (p. 134), yet the complexities of life have added more and more expectations and roles for the pastor. One denomination lists 33; my alliterative lists continues. Read Prioritizing pastoral roles Part 1 and Part ...
January 19, 2016   Jim Farrer

Eddie Hammett’s revised book looks at “creating community across generations”

In 2007 Eddie Hammett published Reaching People under 40 While Keeping People over 60, a title that at that time reflected the transformational concerns of nearly every church in the country. In the following eight years little has changed and much has changed. Little, in that the premise of the ...
January 19, 2016   Ronald Keener
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