Book review: Faith alone - the doctrine of justification

Many of us have a couple of “book lobbyists” in our lives. There’s the guy who says we ought to be reading theology instead of all that modern pragmatic stuff. Then there’s the other guy who says we shouldn’t be...


Book review: The secret of pastoral care; it’s not just for the pastor

Marvin McMickle has written a remarkable book for pastors in Caring Pastors, Caring People: Equipping your Church for Pastoral Care (Judson). McMickle defines pastoral care much more broadly than we usually do. He doesn’t view it as one responsibility among many, but as an overarching model for ministry.  He uses ...
February 03, 2016   Margaret Marcuson

Book review: Preaching That Empowers God's People

Preaching That Empowers God's People; Expository Preaching in the 21st Century, by Dr. Jeremy W. Odom was published in 2014 under the PowerHouse Publication label. First, I would like to commend Dr. Odom for this undertaking. Attempting to convince modern preachers of the need for a return to expository preaching ...
January 27, 2016   Jeff Klick

Book review: The “Happy Church”

It’s the weekend of the Monster Storm (Jan. 21-22) and on this Saturday morning we have already had a couple feet of snow and I have shoveled off the patio twice and it is quickly filling up again. Not a lot to feel happy about, but the puppy and I ...
January 25, 2016   Ronald Keener

Book review: God Dreams by Will Mancini

God Dreams gives leaders and teams tools to create vivid pictures of a preferred future
January 01, 2016   David Bowman

Church: the best of times and the worst of times

It ain’t just a quote from a book!! Dickens was way ahead of us! In his A Tale of Two Cities, he helped us visualize how a revolution powered changes in history that altered all the years that followed. Like the French Revolution, the church is in a similar process ...
December 31, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Book Review | Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

Timothy Keller’s book on prayer is a resource of such depth that if used wisely, can revolutionize your prayer life. He collects some of the richest and yet most practical insights from Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Owen and Edwards and shows how they can be easily integrated into our prayer life ...
December 16, 2015   Lang Montgomery

Book review: Has your church done an audit lately?

No one ever says, “I wish I could be on the church audit committee.” Yet auditors play essential role in congregational life. Financial accountability is a critical role in ministry, and it can help people follow appropriate procedures when they know they will be held accountable In addition, people are ...
December 15, 2015   Margaret Marcuson

3 steps to reading through the Bible in a year

Have you ever wanted to read through the entire Bible? But, like a New Year’s resolution diet, you see Numbers and quit? For over a dozen years, I have read through the Bible at least once per year. So, what’s my strategy? Here are three easy steps. 1. Organize your ...
December 13, 2015   Matthew Fretwell

Book review: Leadership Pain by Samuel R. Chand

As a leader, I was incredibly drawn to the title of this book. What leader doesn’t experience pain? At first, I thought the book was going to have a masochistic message. I was expecting, “Every leader experiences pain. Jesus did. So suck it up and keep serving.” I was wrong. ...
November 27, 2015   Dave Blundell

Book review: The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg

I don’t know what it is about John Ortberg, but God speaks to me through his writings like few others. He is clear, concise, and compelling. He is authentic, vulnerable, and disarming. As one of my peer group members said this morning, it is as if he were reading our ...
November 17, 2015   David Bowman

Does it take an engineering degree to turn a church around?

Once a month I have lunch at the LongHorn restaurant in town with the chair of our deacons’ team. I am chair of the leadership team (board) and he and I talk over church business and how to move ministry forward. He and I see church matters pretty much from ...
November 09, 2015   Ronald Keener

“War Room”: You’ve seen the movie, now read the book

Like a lot of people, I saw "War Room" over the Labor Day weekend that likely contributed to the film pulling in $12.6 million over the four-day holiday. By any measure the film is a success, but in Hollywood where box office is everything, the film was made for $3 ...
September 11, 2015   Ronald Keener

Is your church in a leadership transition: a book review

Passing the Leadership Baton addresses the issue most churches avoid: transition. Tom Mullins tells the remarkable story of his own passing the baton to his son Todd at Christ Fellowship, the church he founded. Any long-term pastor can benefit from reading this book, as can those who follow a long-term ...
August 11, 2015   Margaret Marcuson

The Me I Want to Be Book Review

Becoming God's best version of you
July 22, 2015   David Bowman
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