What’s in your library? 33 books on transformation and change


Churches can’t say they don’t have resources for effecting change. Below are 33 books that help you do just that. All have something helpful, but I have bulleted ones that have stirred my passion for change. They are listed in no particular order.


A concern for legacy

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older, or maybe it’s because I talked recently with an old friend whose wife had stage four cancer and passed away less than a week after we talked.
January 15, 2015   Ken Walker

Ready for the 1950s? Let’s get real

Now and then one reads a passage that leaves you thinking, “That’s good! That’s really intelligent. The writer leaves us with a truth we cannot, should not, ignore. That was smartly said.”
December 16, 2014   Ronald Keener

Push aside fear and discouragement with this new Evangelism Study Bible

Push aside fear and discouragement with this new Evangelism Study Bible
November 19, 2014   Ronald Keener

How “folks like you” can learn to care for those hurting in the community

When I was first given Gospel-Centered Counseling: How Christ Changes Lives by Robert W. Kellermen (2014, Zonderman) to review, I thought it was just another tedious, scholarly tome (nearly 300 pages) for professionals about psychology and therapy.
November 10, 2014   Ronald Keener

Re:Vision Book Review

A turnaround pastor's life development plan
October 14, 2014   David Bowman

Book Review: Ending Extreme Poverty Is Possible: What Christians Can Do

Scott Todd in Hope Rising makes an inspiring case for the ministry of working to end poverty.
August 19, 2014   Margaret Marcuson

Money and Your Ministry Book Review

Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance
August 12, 2014   David Bowman

"Four Chair Discipleship" Book Review

Dr. Dann Spader's new book, Four Chair Discipleship, provides a practical and insightful look into how we can grow to maturity in Christ and become disciple makers who multiply our efforts. It can help all of us walk as Jesus walked.
July 28, 2014   Kent Evans

Cure For the Common Church Book Review

Cure for the Common Church: God’s Plan to Restore Church Health. Bob Whitesel. Indianapolis: Wesleyan Publishing House, 2012. 175 pages. Operating off the premise that the common church is sick and in need of healing, Professor Bob Whitesel offers practical advice for restoring church health in Cure for the Common ...
July 15, 2014   Phil Wood

How do I 'surrender' myself to God's will

When Tom Harper asked me to review “A Beautiful Defeat” by Kevin Malarkey, I knew it was just the title intended for me at that point in my life, when I read the subtitle: “Find True Freedom and Purpose in Total Surrender to God.” Malarkey had a Christian psychotherapy practice, ...
June 20, 2014   Ronald Keener

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