Josh Hunt / Josh Hunt is the world’s #1 Bible Study Lesson writer. He has written more Bible Study lessons than any human, living or dead. He has written 4 lessons a week for 20 years and counting. His lessons are not like other lessons. They consist of 20 ready-to-use questions that spark discussion, create controversy and get groups talking.
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Use stuff that you can touch and feel when you teach

Hold something. Look at something. Smell something. Use stuff when you teach.
November 28, 2013   Josh Hunt

We are changed more by what we say than what we hear

Asking good questions leads people to speak the truth and be changed by it.
November 21, 2013   Josh Hunt

Put application in the introduction

An introduction can be reduced to a promise. What will I get if I give you my attention today?
November 16, 2013   Josh Hunt

Do your own study

Read the commentaries, but don't depend too much on them.
November 11, 2013   Josh Hunt

Teach by example

Effective Bible Teachers are about making doers of the Word and not hearers only. They know it starts with them. Effective Bible Teachers often say, “As I studied this text, I was convicted that I need to. . .”
November 05, 2013   Josh Hunt

Do Church goers live differently?

We are probably doing better than you think.
October 30, 2013   Josh Hunt

What do Effective Bible Teachers do between group sessions?

How to get people ready to learn.
October 25, 2013   Josh Hunt

Can a church in a rural area grow?

An excerpt from a great new book: Sunday Schools that Excel
September 14, 2013   Josh Hunt

Simple Teaching

Jesus taught with a certain simplicity to it.
September 10, 2013   Josh Hunt

Do Old Fashioned Methods Still Work?

An excerpt from a new book: Sunday School That Excel
August 11, 2013   Josh Hunt

The Little Church That Could

An excerpt from a new book: Sunday Schools that Excel
July 27, 2013   Josh Hunt

Practical Steps to Grow a Country Church

Churches in the country can grow. Here are some practical steps.
July 21, 2013   Josh Hunt

We learn by doing

Jesus' teaching had a bias for action. So should we.
July 12, 2013   Josh Hunt

Can an old First Church Grow?

An old First Church can grow. Here is one that did. Exceprt from a new book.
July 11, 2013   Josh Hunt

Growing a Rural Church

Rural churches face unique challenges but can still grow and reach their communities. Here is one that did.
June 07, 2013   Josh Hunt

Big churches are not just small churches that are bigger

Big churches are fundamentally different than small churches.
June 02, 2013   Josh Hunt

It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught

It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught; we need to teach how Jesus taught. Jesus' teaching was amazing. Teach Like Jesus.
November 13, 2012   Josh Hunt

Why are stories so effective?

It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught; we need to teach how Jesus taught. Jesus told lots and lots of stories. Why? Stories get past the brain's defenses.
October 18, 2012   Josh Hunt

The Skillful Use of Silence in Bible Study

Sometimes, the best thing a Bible Study leader can do is be quiet and let people think.
September 10, 2012   Josh Hunt

How to do Greek Word Studies without learning Greek

It is possible to do in depth Greek Word studies without knowing any Greek. Here is how.
September 03, 2012   Josh Hunt

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