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Church: the best of times and the worst of times

It ain’t just a quote from a book!! Dickens was way ahead of us! In his A Tale of Two Cities, he helped us visualize how a revolution powered changes in history that altered all the years that followed. Like the French Revolution, the church is in a similar process ...
December 31, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Church, how boring can it get?

Pretty boring as it turns out. "Rubber-stamped," some have called it.   It’s regrettable that many people in ministry can’t figure out how to keep their fires of creativity burning or even get them started. Does your leadership value imagination? In position descriptions for churches, I see the same statements repeated ...
November 22, 2015   Doug Lawrence

14 ministry leadership mandates

Ministry has absolutes! Every job has absolutes. If you’re a teacher, you have to teach. If you’re a banker, you have to bank. If you’re a a baker you have to bake…everything… by 3 AM. Every job has absolutes.   Here is the “I Learned These the Hard Way” list of ...
October 30, 2015   Doug Lawrence

9 proven ways to keep money flowing THROUGH your church

Churches aren’t about hoarding money. They are about flow-through integrity in handling God’s resources. Flow-through? Yes, if one gives a church money, whether as a tithe on a regular basis or because they acquire a passion for some program or project, their expectation is that the church will use the money ...
October 21, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Is your church a Volkswagen just waiting to happen?

The Volkswagen Car Company has been faced with the worst possible crisis that a major corporation can experience—a lack of credibility. You can’t recall millions of  cars without suggesting to your clients that you don’t know what you’re doing, or worse yet, that you are deceiving them. Volkswagen’s problem isn’t ...
October 09, 2015   Doug Lawrence

I apologize!

Apologies are good for you.   I want to talk about one particular leadership error that I have been feeling bad about for many years.   In 1986, after a trip to Willow Creek, I felt the need to be a prophet to my fellow church musicians and tell them ...
September 25, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Applause, applause...

thankyouverymuch... As a singer, as a worship leader, as a member of my community, I’ve been a performer for most of my adult life. I don’t in any way apologize for it. I treasure the fact that what I have often done for a living has enriched the lives of ...
September 11, 2015   Doug Lawrence

5 ways to take the high road in leadership

It’s not an easy road, but once you spend time on it, it’s hard to go back to however you handled problems in the past. The “high road” is the one that shows you’re strong enough not to be buried by circumstance and dispute.   A belief in early Scotland ...
August 31, 2015   Doug Lawrence

6 ways to survive unwarranted criticism

Faced with a critical environment, we all have choices to make—Take it? Repel it? Refute it? No matter how we handle it, there will probably only be a couple of seconds to decide.   Church professionals often find themselves in crisis, particularly given that their visibility is so high and ...
August 11, 2015   Doug Lawrence

2 reasons why summers are life and death to your ministry

I have worked in churches for a very long time and I’ve learned some crucial lessons. One of those lessons is how to rest. Just as in a good musical composition, sometimes the rests are more important than the notes! Summer, even the "dog days" of summer, provide some unique ...
August 06, 2015   Doug Lawrence

1 powerful moment to spark transcendent worship

Worship should be beautifully mysterious, and transformingly vitreous. One could call this, “worship in balance.”   There is a wonderful thread of mystery that weaves itself through the fabric of God’s description of Himself (Go find a used copy of Lloyd Ogilvie’s Autobiography of God at Amazon—it’s brilliant!). If we ...
August 01, 2015   Doug Lawrence

3 things Evangelicals can learn from liturgical worship

And also with you!   We all know what an evangelist does…they preach! If they’re any good at all, they preach with great fervency. I’ve always been one of those guys when it comes to Evangelical worship. I have even often bashed anyone who wasn’t from that, “we do it ...
July 18, 2015   Doug Lawrence

4 Christian Facebook streams I do, but shouldn’t, fish in…you?

I want to get along with most everyone—really, but as I read controversial posts on my Facebook feed, I sometimes jump in with an opposing opinion just to test the waters and moderate the trend of negativity (as I perceive it). Have you ever done that?   Maybe it’s just me, ...
June 18, 2015   Doug Lawrence

3 verbs , THE 3 verbs, for every worship gathering!

How many times have you heard/or preached that, “Worship Is a Verb?” Hopefully many times! Can you name them? Here are THE 3 worship verbs required to have a true call and response kind of worship service, no matter what the style or setting.   Here's the A list!   ACTIVATE your ...
June 02, 2015   Doug Lawrence

15 tag lines to make your sermons more memorable

I was Skyping with a young preacher last week who wanted hints for making his sermons more memorable. I’m pretty sure that’s what every preacher wants.    Here is what the best of the best communicators use—TAG LINES!   A quick Wikipedia check says this about “tag lines.”   “The idea ...
May 21, 2015   Doug Lawrence

4 ways you get to stay on the bus, yes, THAT bus

One of the weakest, most cynical, and most brutally clear modern day church metaphors for staff structure is “The Bus.” Many people reading this will have been kicked off (the bus). Many will be trying to figure out who they should kick off (the bus). Others will be clinging tightly ...
May 02, 2015   Doug Lawrence

3 times in ministry I went from the supine to the ridiculous

When you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, typically you see your day going one way, but often—maybe too often—you’re badly mistaken! Surprises and interruptions are the stuff of ministry and often a good day can go terribly wrong! Here’s my short list…       ...
April 18, 2015   Doug Lawrence

3 thoughts about getting over time

It has been said that “Over time, you get over time.”    A life in ministry is just like any other. When you are young you have nothing but time, middle-aged, you never have enough, and when you are old, time is precious and then finally runs out.   You ...
April 08, 2015   Doug Lawrence

10 significant quotes from a well respected church whisperer

True confession! I am an unabashed admirer of Adam Hamilton. Not only did he lead a mere 17 people to become the 17,000 member Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, he’s a churchman with a true compass about what it means to nourish seekers and believers simultaneously.   Brief ...
March 28, 2015   Doug Lawrence

4 young takeaways for old churches and vice versa

We can all learn from each other, that’s the stuff of real learning, you listen to someone else. What if we gathered leaders from very young churches and rather old ones in the same room—maybe over a nice cup of tea or a Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy ...
March 20, 2015   Doug Lawrence

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