David Bowman / Dr. David Bowman is the Executive Director of the Tarrant Baptist Association in Fort Worth, Texas. He also serves as a Lead Navigator for Auxano.
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Re:Vision Book Review

A turnaround pastor's life development plan
October 14, 2014   David Bowman

5 Lessons from a Border Collie

What I learned on my summer vacation.
September 03, 2014   David Bowman

Money and Your Ministry Book Review

Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance
August 12, 2014   David Bowman

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

We can create a culture of Christ-centered catalysts.
July 01, 2014   David Bowman

Strange Leadership Book Review

I recently received an advance copy of Strange Leadership by Greg Atkinson. Greg is a pastor, church consultant, blogger, and now, author. His book is about innovation in ministry. Its title comes from a recognition that many innovations seem strange at the time of their introduction. Some of the Bible ...
June 09, 2014   David Bowman

The Solomon Seduction Book Review

What you can learn from the wisest fool in the Bible
April 08, 2014   David Bowman

Innovating Discipleship Review

85 Pages of Positive Provocation
January 11, 2014   David Bowman

What Now?

What's Important Now?
January 08, 2014   David Bowman

What Does Your Growth Plan for 2014 Include?

Walk with Giants
January 05, 2014   David Bowman

Walking with Giants Review

Walk with Giants
November 26, 2013   David Bowman

Another Empty Chair

There's more than one kind of empty chair
November 06, 2013   David Bowman

Review of Five Stones

Overcome your giants
October 31, 2013   David Bowman

Make Friends with Internationals

Immigrants and refugees are people who need Jesus
October 02, 2013   David Bowman

Hearing God and Accidental Pharisees Reviews

Reviews of two excellent books
September 26, 2013   David Bowman

Advanced Strategic Planning Review

The art and science of church consulting
September 10, 2013   David Bowman

Increase Your Leadership Capacity

Capacity multiplies through collaboration
September 04, 2013   David Bowman

First Impressions

How to learn through difficult experiences
September 03, 2013   David Bowman

Audible App Review

Take and Listen
July 31, 2013   David Bowman

Review of Church Sucks

Church Sucks, but it Doesn't Have to Stay That Way
June 26, 2013   David Bowman

Tips on Time Management

Increase your productivity with these simple steps
May 07, 2013   David Bowman

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