Brian Kluth / Pastor Brian Kluth lives in Denver, CO and has been a popular guest speaker ( and for hundreds of churches, conferences, colleges, seminary, and leadership events. He is a pastor, bestselling author, researcher, and radio speaker.
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Sermon Illustration: 20 Symptoms of Financial Bondage

20 symptoms that will help people understand they may be in financial bondage/trouble and need spiritual guidance and Biblical teaching to break through to higher ground.
April 29, 2013   Brian Kluth

5 Ways Churches Can Turn The Fiscal Cliff into a Financial Lift

The fiscal cliff will be in the headlines for months to come. Now (or soon) is a great time to give people the solid rock of God's Word on finances and generosity. This article explains WHY and HOW to do this.
December 14, 2012   Brian Kluth

Avoid the IRS Grinch: 7 Year-End (and Year-Round) Donations that are NOT Tax-Deductible

25% of all charitable donations come in the last 40 days of the year. It is important for churches to let their people know what year-end (and throughout the year) donations are properly tax-deductible.
December 07, 2012   Brian Kluth

"State of the Plate" Research Shows Giving Finally Rebounded for the Majority of Churches this Past Year

4th Annual Research Surveys Shows Church Giving Rebounding for the Majority of Churches, Electronic Giving Options Increasing, and More Churches Following Financial Integrity and Accountability Best Practices
April 01, 2012   Brian Kluth

How to Create a Generosity Culture in Any Church: 5 Things You Need to Do to Grow Godly Givers & Giving

Through our experience training thousands of pastors and church leaders, here are the TOP 5 things we discovered that ANY church can do and EVERY church must do in order to create a generosity culture and to experience increased giving.
October 18, 2011   Brian Kluth

How to talk about money, giving, generosity, and tithing in church? TOP 30 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS

In many churches, MONEY is the "silent subject"! Here's 30 small group and class discussion questions on money, giving, generosity, and tithing that will spark a lot of conversation! These questions are based on the "7 Keys to Open-Handed Living in a Tight-Fisted World" 30-Day generosity devotional.
September 28, 2011   Brian Kluth

30 Stewardship Offering Prayers for Church Worship Services

Some worship leaders and singers wonder what to prayer before the offering. Here are 30 ideas for church offertory prayers based on the movement's 7 keys to living a generous open-handed life.
September 28, 2011   Brian Kluth

10 Differences: Church Fundraising Campaigns vs. Creating a Generosity Culture

There are 10 MAJOR DIFFERENCES between running a fundraising or stewardship campaign and creating a generosity culture. One is needed some of the time, the other is needed all of the time.
August 28, 2011   Brian Kluth

5 TOP TIPS for Using a Game Changing Guest Speaker at Your Church

Here are the 5 TOP TIPS for how to use a game-changing guest speaker at your church to breathe new life into your congregation.
March 25, 2011   Brian Kluth

10-POINT CHECKLIST for Working with a Game Changing Speaker at Your Church

Here's a valuable list of the Top 5 Tips and 10 Point Checklist for Using a Game Changing Guest Speaker at Your Church for a Powerful Weekend of Ministry
March 25, 2011   Brian Kluth

Funny Sermon Story on the "Tither's Support Group"

Should all Christians be taught to give 10% or more? Popular guest speaker and bestselling author tells a funny story about a friend in his church who wanted him to start a "Tither's Support Group".
March 15, 2011   Brian Kluth

Top 11 Tips to Make Church Giving Pop! in 2011

Pastors and church leaders everywhere need ideas and inspiration on how to ignite people's faith, inspire generosity, and increase giving. Here are the Top 11 Tips to Make Church Giving Pop! in 2011...
January 13, 2011   Brian Kluth

Avoid the IRS Grinch: Beware of 7 Year-End Donations that are NOT Tax-Deductible

Tis the season for tax-deductible giving. Over 150 million Americans are expected to make year-end donations of over $75 billion dollars to help hurting charities and churches and those they serve. But givers need to be aware, every act of generosity is not recognized by the IRS as a tax-deductible ...
December 15, 2010   Brian Kluth

Pastors: Here's 4 Preaching Tips to Help Parents Raise Generous Kids

Materialism, consumerism, and indebtedness is rampant in our society and is being passed onto our children and teens. Families today need some encouragement and practical ideas from their pastors on how they can proactively raise generous, grateful, and giving kids. Our national shows that if children are taught generosity ...
December 07, 2010   Brian Kluth

Church eGiving: Top 7 Reasons Your Church Must Offer (More) Electronic Giving Options

For many years, the debate was "pass the plate" or have a "box" in the back. In today's brave new world, churches need to seriously look at providing many giving options to their congregation realizing that everyone handles their finances and giving differently in our changing financial and technological world.
December 02, 2010   Brian Kluth

Should Pastors Know How Much People Give?

While this is a common question in many churches, I believe it is the WRONG QUESTION to ask! The right question is, "WHAT SHOULD A PASTOR KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE'S GIVING?"
April 11, 2010   Brian Kluth

Research: Church Giving and Offerings Decline in Nearly 40 percent of Churches

The 2nd Annual shows that church giving has declined in nearly 40% of churches. Hardest hit are Pacific States (55%) and Mountain States (46%). Nearly 50% of megachurches reported a decline in offerings.
March 29, 2010   Brian Kluth

10 Ways Pastors and Leaders Can Inspire Generosity and Increase Church Giving in Any Economy

Our recent research ( shows that giving has declined in nearly 40% of churches! Regardless of whatever is happening in the economy, here are at least 10 time-tested ways that pastors and churches leaders can teach generosity and increase giving in a local congregation.
March 02, 2010   Brian Kluth

A View from the Pew: Financial / Giving / Tithing Statistics of 750 Christian Households

The 2nd Annual "State of the Plate" research reveals valuable insights and statistics into the finances, employment, debt, and giving/tithing of 750 Christian families that participated in the research.
February 18, 2010   Brian Kluth

5 Major New Trends in Church Giving, Budgeting, and Generosity Identified in Latest Research

The 2nd Annual "State of the Plate" research surveys uncovered 5 major trends in church giving, budgeting, and generosity initiatives among many chuches facing challenging times in a down economy.
February 17, 2010   Brian Kluth

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