Anthony Coppedge / Anthony Coppedge is a church technology consultant, speaker, and author with experience identifying strategies, building scalable systems and processes, and focusing efforts to stay true to the vision and DNA of an organization. He has served on staff at three mega churches and worked in the church management software and audio/visual industry.
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4 Types of Church Video Venues

Once churches discovered the value of video, the multi-site and satellite campus model went from a handful of mega churches to tens of thousands of churches. I have found that there are 4 types of church video venues.
August 06, 2014   Anthony Coppedge


“You can’t win alone, but you can practice alone.” You may or may not follow Football (the real name, but we call it “Soccer”), but the picture above is of Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player alive and – many believe – the best to ever play the game. When Leo ...
April 26, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Tradition Prefers Failure to Innovation

I remember the first time I heard of IDEO - a famous firm that seemingly few have heard about – a company that helps others innovate. It was at a company meeting with Fellowship Technologies where CEO Jeff Hook was inspiring us to help innovate in the church market. I was surprised at the number of ...
April 23, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Success and Preparation

“Great moments don’t just happen; preparation makes them possible.” Our culture celebrates success, excessively. From highlight reels to election results to victory parades, we love seeing the big wins played out on screen or stage. So it is with churches. We create entire lists of the fastest-growing and largest churches ...
April 15, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Heart and Availability Trump Talent and Experience

“Dont’ be impressed by experience or ability; be impressed with heart and availability.” I’ll never forget the Sunday that we moved in to our new church auditorium, replete with all the new gear to make the room look and sound great. That’s when Mr. Expert showed up. It turns out he’d been ...
April 12, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

What Box? Not Just Outside the Box

“Tradition: what has come before. Rationality: exercise of logical thought. Revelation: a perspective outside of the box.” I recently posted an Instagram photo of a piece of art that said “color outside the lines”. My comment was simply “what lines?” Perhaps it’s my personal viewpoint of looking at things through God’s hard-wiring of my mind, ...
April 09, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Love Wins

“When this is first (love), everything else isn’t as important.” My experience with pastors puts them into two general categories: highly relational-minded or highly performance-minded. Sure, there are relational pastors who are also focused on getting results, but in the thousands of conversations I’ve had with pastors, this seems to ...
April 08, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Less Is More - And Less

“Less is not only more; it is, more importantly, less.” I’ve been taken with the idea of “less is more” for some time now. Simplicity can be elegant. Of course, like anything taken to extremes, less can drift into minimalism and risks becoming more of a statement than a practical ...
April 06, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Good, Fast & Cheap for Churches

“Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two, because all three at once doesn’t exist.” I certainly didn’t invent this concept, but I came to appreciate it – as us Texans say - right quick. On face value, it’s obviously true, yet I am still amazed at how often all three are expected ...
April 03, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Twitter & Mobilization

“Twitter’s most powerful feature is the ability to mobilize people to give, serve and share.” Since 2007, I’ve been finding new ways to leverage the power of Twitter. From reaching large groups of not only people I know, but the people they know, Twitter has been a great tool. But, like any technology, ...
April 03, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

The Disney Experience at Church

Every church leader should make a trip to Disney Land/World as a business expense. The insights about creating a great experience result in such a significant return on ministry that the costs are more than justified. Disney has everything about the experience locked up tight. They seemingly think of everything, even ...
February 23, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Getting (Less) Things Done

We're now well past new year resolutions and wading through the list of "stuff" that we have to get done. Instead of Getting Things Done, what if we do less? Counterintuitive, but helpful to those of us who have more to do than we know how to juggle. In a ...
February 20, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Twitter Now Ranking Your Tweets

Twitter’s new ranking value isn’t about winning at tweeting. Narcissists everywhere just experienced a pang of fear as Twitter announced a new initiative to “rate” all tweets. All kidding aside, Twitter really will be using special algorithms to begin placing a value (rating) on tweets. Far from adding a gold star to ...
February 15, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Making Your Church Website Mobile Friendly

It’s hard to go anywhere (including church) where people are not pulling out their phones for more than calls. We’re clearly a mobile culture with habits now firmly entrenched in anytime, anywhere access. Churches must, at a minimum, make a mobile version of their websites for these small screens. For ...
February 08, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Creative Meetings: Go-To Resources

This is the fifth post in a series on developing successful Creative Planning Teams. Click HERE for the original post. No matter how creative your team or how cool the location is where you meet or even how often you change out your creative planning team members, there will be times ...
January 18, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Creative Meetings: When and Where

This is the fourth post in a series on developing successful Creative Planning Teams. Click HERE for the original post. Creative team meetings live in a sort of dichotomy: they need to have creative freedom while working with a team that meets consistently. Being consistently creative is hard, as anyone in ...
January 17, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Creative Meetings: Controlling the Meeting

This is the third post in a series on developing successful Creative Planning Teams. Click HERE for the original post. For churches that have unsuccessfully experimented with Creative Team Planning, what is most likely the worst part of creative team meetings is making order out of the chaos of a chorus ...
January 16, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Creative Meetings: Picking the Team

This is the second post in a series on Creative Planning Teams. Click HERE for the original post. Picking the people who make up the Creative Planning Team for your church is a very important process. While there’s not a specific set of personality types, staff positions or volunteer positions, there ...
January 15, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Creative Meetings: Order Out of Chaos

This is the first of five posts in a series on Creative Planning Teams. I’ve been a proponent for creative team planning meetings since I was first exposed to them in the secular television production world. In the church world, however, we’ve been slow to realize the benefits of this ...
January 14, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

Infographic: Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand

An up-to-date look at how certain social media trends should be understood by churches looking to engage a mobile, on-the-go culture. Scroll your mouse over the graphics and this interactive Infographic will reveal the data!     Feel free to add your thoughts and comments below and/or reach out to the author ...
January 12, 2013   Anthony Coppedge

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