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Networld sites offer news and information about specific industries, technologies and applications. This content includes news, feature articles, discussion forums, how-to guides, special reports, case studies and information supplied by readers.

Our business model relies on revenue from advertisers and sponsors. These companies advertise products and services through banners, storefronts, product listings and other marketing vehicles. They also sponsor specific portions or features of the sites.

Our editorial objective is to inform readers of relevant news and information. We also provide a forum for the advancement of industry causes. We are objective, fair and honest in our news coverage. Our mission is to offer news, information and ideas that interest and inform readers. We use a variety of resources to gather and report news. We encourage those who advertise on our sites to provide us with information to be used in news, but decisions on inclusion of editorial content is determined by news value, as judged by us.

1. Our editorial vision is to inform our audience of news, information and resources relevant to our chosen industries. We strive to be an unbiased source of news and information in that we publish only information that we believe to be relevant and important.

Our foremost goal in reporting news is to be accurate, truthful, balanced, and fair to all parties.

We are a supporter of the industries we cover, and generally strive to advance causes and issues important to those industries.

2. We welcome and value any and all reader feedback and criticism.

3. NetWorld encourages readers and industry executives to contribute columns. Guidelines for these columns are that they focus on topics of interest to our readership; that they not serve as an overtly promotional tool for a company or product; and that they be truthful.

While we encourage the submission of commentaries, the company does not guarantee it will publish them. We may accept or reject copy as is, edit, or ask the sender for revisions.

4. We are not responsible for the accuracy of content or other resources provided by outside parties. Links are checked for accuracy at the time of publication, but we recognize that the Internet is a changing medium and these links may become invalid or change.

5. We seek to provide coverage of all relevant individuals, companies, products and trends, and are not unduly influenced in that coverage by advertisers. Our judgment of what news to include on the site, what sources to interview for stories, and what photos/graphics we use is determined only by our attempt to offer interesting and relevant content to our readers.

6. Once a news item is published, we attempt to contact individuals featured or quoted in the story immediately after it appears on the site. If those individuals point out an error of fact, we will immediately correct the inaccuracy. We do not, as a matter of policy, change direct quotes or make other changes to accurate copy once published, unless, in our judgment, the change serves to improve the story.

7. We will accurately label various types of content. Opinion pieces will be clearly labeled as "Commentary." Content that is provided by an industry source, including case studies and white papers, will be labeled to distinguish it from original and exclusive content produced and written by NetWorld editors and freelancers.

8. Corrections policy: We strive to meet the highest standards for accuracy and completeness. It is our policy to immediately correct any factual error as soon as we become aware of it.

9. Opinions expressed by bloggers and ACE's on are those of our valued contributors. ProudGreenHome appreciates and respects, but does not necessarily share those opinions.

Factual errors should be reported to our editorial department, identifying the story and details of the error. We'll immediately investigate any claim of inaccuracy

'I don't like my church,' says the pastor

Pastor Danny Chambers came home one Sunday and said, "I don't like my church. I wouldn't attend my church." His wife said, "You need to define what a winning church looks like to you."

A six-step strategy for disciple-making

Maturing the believers in your church is the ultimate goal of the Great Commission. (Aubrey Malphurs at a consultant training session hosted by the Society for Church Consulting)

Ten tactics from Proverbs to help you manage conflict

This rapid-fire list of concepts and verses will arm you with things to do when conflict takes root in your church. (Tom Harper at Church Central Turnaround 20/20)

Elmer Towns: The next big church turnaround method

"Life groups are changing today's church." (From Church Central's Turnaround 20/20 summit in 2012)

John Maxwell launches a prayer meeting

When he was a pastor in San Diego, Maxwell went against the wishes of his board and started a new prayer ministry that helped the church grow. Here's how he did it. (Elmer Towns at Church Central Turnaround 20/20)

Do some churches do more harm than good?

When a church doesn't make disciples, its value to the Kingdom is questionable. (Aubrey Malphurs leading a training session for the Society for Church Consulting.)

How weaknesses help leaders win spiritual battles
Chuck Lawless, Dan Reeves and John Ewart talk about the power of brokenness in fighting Satan in a church turnaround situation. We all have weaknesses that the enemy is very aware of, and when we direct our fear toward God rather than him, we …
Bandero Road Church's 7 'how we live together' statements

Will Mancini discusses how this church defines what a disciple should look like in their congregation. (From Church Central Turnaround 20/20)

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