The 12 Days...BEFORE Christmas...a bulletin

Nov. 27, 2011 | by Doug Lawrence

Are ya' ready for some Advent? Have I got books for you. I just found them, but I wish I had had them in my hands for the past 30 or so years. They could have saved my Christmas bacon!

Having pledged myself to helping people discover the best of worship practices and thinking, I wanted to give you these gems for Christmas preperation posthaste and post-Thanksgiving!

The first is called 'Tis the Season, Church Celebrations for Advent & Christmas by Rachel Gilmore (110 pages from Judson Press). This was a labor of love and learning for Ms. Gilmore and comes as much from her love of writing as it does her love of the sacred holidays now upon on us! You will find her communication style both refreshing and extremely pragmatic. 

Here's what you can expect in terms of saving you the time and trouble it took her to assemble this "workbook" for Advent:

  • Celebrations of worship that are already innovatively planned for stressed out pastors and others who just need fresh ideas.
  • Family-friendly Advent activities designed to engage hands and minds in active learning with enhanced historical narrative imagination.
  • "Special Events" activities that your church can use to proclaim the good news of Christ's birth to your broader community.

There is also a ton of recommended resources for you to continue your planning of Advent, many of which are conveniently on-line. 

I also highly recommend an outstanding E-Book by Dr. Mark Roberts, Senior Director and Scholar in Residence at Laity Lodge. It contains remarkable insights into the miraculous, lingering heart of Discovering Advent. This quick (but substantial) digital book is a journey into the wonders of this expectant time of the church year. You must read this beautifully crafted offering from one of America’s best Christian thinkers and writers.


Blessings and thankful for you!


Click here if you're trying to figure out next steps for worship "style" and practices for your church...always happy to help!

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