It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught

Nov. 13, 2012 | by Josh Hunt

Teach Like JesusIt is not enough to teach what Jesus taught; we must teach how Jesus taught. Jesus taught in such a way as to turn the world upside down.

Jesus didn’t have an outreach program. He didn’t do marketing. He didn’t contact absentees. He didn’t seem to worry about attendance. And yet they came. Boy, did they come. 

I have spent the last twelve years crisscrossing the country telling groups how they can double every two years or less. Occasionally, I visit classes. Often, they are good, but all too often it doesn’t take too much effort to see why Sunday School is failing—and this is a problem an outreach program will not solve. They are failing because the teaching is crummy. It is nowhere close to what I describe in You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less as “half-way decent teaching.” It is in a different time zone from the teaching of Jesus. I am convinced we don't need a better outreach strategy. We need teachers who teach like Jesus. 

Here is a challenge: read the gospels with a view to understanding HOW Jesus taught. 

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Josh Hunt

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