Getting (Less) Things Done

Feb. 20, 2013 | by Anthony Coppedge

We're now well past new year resolutions and wading through the list of "stuff" that we have to get done. Instead of Getting Things Done, what if we do less? Counterintuitive, but helpful to those of us who have more to do than we know how to juggle.

In a culture and time when “more is better” and fast beats slow, we’ve entered the life of exponentialism. We have not merely added or multiplied our efforts, tools, technologies, facets and goals, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the demand for our time. The problem is we can’t add - much less get exponentially - more time!

The Art of Subtraction is part of my equation.

  • What was good, but not redeeming, that I can leave behind?
  • Where have I spent too much effort with little ROM (Return On Ministry) or ROL (Return On Life)?
  • Where have I added more balls to juggle instead of deciding to not juggle at all, but instead share those balls with others? Delegated authority is more important than I realize.

I’m all about GTD (Getting Things Done), but not at the expense of exponentially adding to my life’s equation.

Less isn’t more; less is strategic. Doing the right things at the right time helps focus effort for greater effeciency and less juggling of that which is urgent but not important.

I'm all about getting things done. The question is, are you focusing on getting the right things done?

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Anthony Coppedge / Anthony Coppedge is a church technology consultant, speaker, and author with experience identifying strategies, building scalable systems and processes, and focusing efforts to stay true to the vision and DNA of an organization. He has served on staff at three mega churches and worked in the church management software and audio/visual industry.
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