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Dec. 7, 2012 | by Anthony Coppedge

Back in 2002 I wrote a widely-publicized article about all churches needing to make the move to 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen. Almost 11 years later, it turns out I was almost right.

The idea that 16:9 aspect ratio allows for the width to type in song lyrics “more like they’re sung” without as many odd carriage-returns is still true today. It’s as if 16:9 was made for church song lyrics, nevermind the change from Standard Definition television to Widescreen TV. But what I didn’t see happening as much as it has is the use of even widerscreens than the new 16:9 standard. The creative minds in churches have been adding more impressive display technology as it improves and the price drops. Well beyond 16:9, superwide edge-blended screens and even environmental projection (which 10 years ago was reserved for only churches with massive tech budgets) are a rising trend.

For those churches still in the 4:3 screen mode, here’s some help to show your leadership how 16:9 (or wider) is where you need to be. I’ve included some very basic examples below (thanks to ProPresenter, a favorite of mine) to help serve as visual examples of my now decade-old advice to churches.

4:3 aspect ratio song lyrics from “Revelation Song”

16:9 aspect ratio song lyrics from “Revelation Song”

16:9 aspect ratio, lower-third overlay song lyrics from “Revelation Song”

Widescreen can be wider than 16:9 aspect ratio and be used as stage backdrops in addition to song lyrics display. Edge-blending projectors is a rising trend in churches.

A before-and-after of environmental projection from my good friend Camron Ware at

A before-and-after of environmental projection from my good friend Camron Ware at

How is your church displaying song lyrics?  Share your comment below or connect with the author on Facebook or Twitter with your ideas or questions.

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