1 powerful moment to spark transcendent worship

Worship should be beautifully mysterious, and transformingly vitreous. One could call this, “worship in balance.”   There is a wonderful thread of mystery that weaves itself through the fabric of God’s description of Himself (Go find a used copy of Lloyd Ogilvie’s Autobiography of God at Amazon—it’s brilliant!). If we ...
August 01, 2015   Doug Lawrence

“Seduced”: Million Kids to establish an email blast in locating runaway kids—before it’s too late for them. Part 3

Our regular Saturday night family dinner was taking place at a local restaurant, across four generations, when my grandniece, who had just turned 19 the day before, began checking her smartphone for messages from her friends. As usual, her nose is in that phone at the table, not engaging in ...
July 30, 2015   Ronald Keener

10 Troubling statements from church leaders and members

If you want your church to move toward a slow yet certain death, make certain your church leadership and membership affirms most of these 10 statements. They are troubling statements. Indeed, they are proclamations that virtually assure your church’s decline and probable demise. All too common What is troubling is ...
July 30, 2015   Thom Rainer

5 Essentials of leading change

The majority of the churches that I consult have had little or no attendance growth in the past ten years. My experience is not that unusual in America. For example, Thom Rainer is just one of many who has said this or something similar, “…Eight out of ten … churches ...
July 28, 2015   Jim Barber

Don't lose heart!

These are discouraging times for any church leader. Among the negative developments in headlines of late was the sense killing in mid-June of nine church members attending a Bible study in Charleston, S.C. That event would be horrific in any circumstance, the fact it was motivated by racial hatred was ...
July 28, 2015   Bob Russell

Reading Assignment: Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” no longer so modest

Kathleen Parker is a nationally syndicated columnist whose work appears in The Washington Post and my own community newspaper Public Opinion. I guess she is a conservative commentator, though sometimes I can’t be sure (she favored marriage equality). But she is listed in the Washington Post as being “on the ...
July 23, 2015   Ronald Keener

The Me I Want to Be Book Review

Becoming God's best version of you
July 22, 2015   David Bowman

The Nine Forms of Generic Vision That Stifle Practically Every Church

When it comes to vision, the biggest challenge to success is not your obstacles. The biggest challenge to overcome is settling for a lesser vision and not knowing it. If you grab on to a faulty tool—in this case the tool of vision—everything you to try to build with that ...
July 22, 2015   Will Mancini

Church turnarounds: Fruitful methods: (Part 4: Intercessors and the Bible)

Importance of intercessors Even if churches use the most popular and helpful turnaround methods, their efforts may not all be blessed by the Lord. We seldom realize when our apparent successes might be the result of following idols or having “walked according to the flesh.” (II Corinthians 10:2) Thus we ...
July 20, 2015   Jim Farrer

3 things Evangelicals can learn from liturgical worship

And also with you!   We all know what an evangelist does…they preach! If they’re any good at all, they preach with great fervency. I’ve always been one of those guys when it comes to Evangelical worship. I have even often bashed anyone who wasn’t from that, “we do it ...
July 18, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Your front door stuck to visitors? Try opening a ‘side door’ to your community.

The “side door” to our house when I was growing up was what we called the “grade door”—halfway from going up to the kitchen or down to the basement. For author Charles Arn, a church’s “front doors” are closing, he opines, where there’s “an insufficient number of visitors coming in ...
July 17, 2015   Ronald Keener

5 Reasons Millennials don't want to pastor established churches

Not all Millennials are averse to serving as pastors or leadership roles in established churches. However, many of them are. Our churches are approaching a tipping point where many are unable to attract Millennial members or leaders. This situation will likely soon be a crisis, which is why pastors and ...
July 16, 2015   Thom Rainer

Coping with criticism

Addressing the burning issues of the day is sure to bring pastors and church leaders criticism. When people disagree with your latest blog or church web site post, social media provides an easy vehicle for the venting of negativity and anger.  Anyone who dares to speak against today’s secular-progressive agenda ...
July 16, 2015   Bob Russell

Pastor-friend “Gabe” comments on the headlines of the day

Headline: Baylor University drops ban on ‘homosexual acts [Chron/Benjamin Wermund/July 7, 2015; subsequent Washington Post article July 9] Gabe: As always, they have to answer the question: Is it sin?  Their obvious answer is no and thus they have no reason to ban it nor should anybody act surprised or ...
July 10, 2015   Ronald Keener

More than multiethnic: My awakening to border crossing

I used to believe that every church should be multiethnic, but my first day of seminary teaching showed me the limits of that view.   One of my students was ministering in a hamlet truly lacking racial and economic diversity. Another served in an urban center where diversity was already ...
July 09, 2015   Elizabeth Drury

Iranian Christians in jail for their faith

Elam Ministries has published a list of Iranian Christians who are in jail because of their witness to Jesus Christ; an estimated 90 Christians were being held in jail in Iran in June 2015.
July 09, 2015  

"Seduced”: To Kids on the Internet, Winning is Everything Playing Grand Theft Auto (Part 2)

“Our society expects young people to navigate back and forth between real life reality where we expect decision making with standards and consequences – and a fantasy world of gaming where there are few morals and no real live consequences for their actions.”  [page 115] That one paragraph sums up ...
July 07, 2015   Ronald Keener

Church turnarounds: Fruitful methods: (Part 3: The role of prayer cont.)

When a friend discovered that I was writing on prayer, she remarked that I should have checked with her first. She continued, “Avid Scrabble players will recall that when you rearrange the letters in the word “Presbyterian” you get “best in prayer.” I don’t know what my acquaintance might decipher ...
July 07, 2015   Jim Farrer

How Joe Lost His Passion in Ministry

Joe has experienced the dynamic tension of what I call the passion-success conundrum. And the conundrum is this: Great passion breeds success, but great success buries passion.
July 01, 2015   Will Mancini

Top 10 attitudes of healthy, long-term pastors

In my last blog in this space, I shared the leading habits of pastors who enjoy long-term tenure and mostly joyous ministries at the same church. Another key insight I learned from these pastors is how they think. My previous article dealt mostly with their actions. This post refers to ...
June 30, 2015   Thom Rainer

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