3 things your congregation is doing while you think they’re worshipping

It shouldn't come as a surprise that most people in our congregations are multitaskers, even when they are at church services. This could mean that for all our well intentioned plans for inspiring, transforming, and enlivening people's spiritual lives, we might only be advancing a vain hope.   Here are 3 ...
March 06, 2015   Doug Lawrence

New book: A more accurate view of The Crusades (Part 1)

The President (of the United States) raised quite a ruckus in sacred and secular circles when he referenced the Christian Crusades in the same breathe as the Islamic terror going on in the world during his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.
March 02, 2015   Ronald Keener

Phil Miglioratti is “bounded” by prayer at PrayNetwork.org

Phil Miglioratti likely would not want me to put his name and that of E.M. Bounds in the same sentence, but, there, I did it. Both are “prayer warriors” as the term is often used: Miglioratti as host of PrayNetwork.org today and Bounds as the author of published works on ...
February 26, 2015   Ronald Keener

Six keys to success after building

I find great joy in hearing the stories of churches that had successful building programs. By “successful” I do not mean just the church adequately funded and completed the project. I’m talking about what happens afterwards. I mean that the church continues to have a momentum in ministry, outward focus, ...
February 26, 2015   Thom Rainer

The Four Deadly Sins of Emerging Church Leaders

Character is doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, no matter the cost. That is the defining mark of a Christ-centered leader. Unfortunately, character is not required to be an effective leader. Character is what makes a leader worth following—and it’s what gives people ...
February 25, 2015   Will Mancini

How to express your love for God

I recently observed an unrestrained public display of affection by a couple who had just fallen in love. They were quite demonstrative, leaning on each other, fawning over each other, and frequently kissing each other. It made some onlookers feel uncomfortable. In the same gathering I noticed a couple who had been ...
February 24, 2015   Bob Russell

“Gabe” reflects on church growth and ‘Darwin Day’

The story, from IRD’s Mark Tooley: Are church vitality and growth a mystery? And is decline inevitable? Recently I was conversing with a United Methodist friend about a church we previously attended. It’s now in difficult financial straits, property has been sold, membership is down, and the minister is leaving ...
February 19, 2015   Ronald Keener

5 assets I really admire in a “rookie” preacher

Last week I visited my former 21 year ministry hood, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church—mentioned in Christianity Today as John Ortberg's church—so, as usual, I expected first class preaching and I wasn’t disappointed, but I was a little surprised.    Twenty-eight year old Abby McHugh was the speaker, and quite impressive! ...
February 19, 2015   Doug Lawrence

What’s in your library? 33 books on transformation and change

Churches can’t say they don’t have resources for effecting change. Below are 33 books that help you do just that. All have something helpful, but I have bulleted ones that have stirred my passion for change. They are listed in no particular order.
February 16, 2015   Ronald Keener

Transitions Require Faith

Transitions in church leadership often go awry. Let's look at a healthy and well-managed transition to find applications for how we handle our lay leadership.
February 16, 2015   Kent Evans

3 Ways to Develop Your Church Leaders Without Having More Events

Leadership has become the hottest topic among growing church leaders these days. There is a healthy and ever-increasing awakening to the reality that programs don’t grow people, people do. The more you are in the business of really making disciples, the more leadership development moves from periphery to central.
February 13, 2015   Will Mancini

Ten fears of church leaders

I have not hidden my love for pastors and other church leaders. I have said and written on many occasions that they often have a very difficult work. I recently told a large gathering of seminary students to consider seriously their calling, because no one should enter the ministry unless ...
February 12, 2015   Thom Rainer

To Sirs, with love and admiration: Churchill and Gilbert

Two great Englishmen died within a week of each other, so to speak, one last week and the other, the subject of his scholarship, 50 years ago. Sir Martin Gilbert, the biographer of Sir Winston Churchill, died last Tuesday (Feb. 3), and Churchill passed away 50 years ago, Jan. 24.
February 10, 2015   Ronald Keener

Leaders often misperceive what employees want

As part of my academic research, I have been analyzing the newly-released “2015 Workplace Flexibility Study” from Workplace Trends.com and CareerArc. It shows a disconnect between employers and employees on a number of issues. Wise CEOs, managers and pastors will heed these findings and seek to implement changes where needed ...
February 10, 2015   Bob Whitesel

Books: Finding the time

I wrapped up the excerpts from Tim Stevens’ new book, Fairness is Overrated, with last month’s post here, but I have not finished learning from him. In a recent blog of his on time management, I saw an application to books. Finding the time to write a book is a ...
February 10, 2015   Ken Walker

Jews fleeing France for Israel--fulfilled prophecy?

Today’s headlines reflect biblical prophecy. That is reflected in an article last month in USA Today. It reported: “(The recent) terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper and a kosher supermarket confirmed Jessica Belhassn’s decision to leave France for the Jewish homeland, an individual journey that’s part of a ...
February 10, 2015   Bob Russell

Riposte: My friend “Gabe” comments on the news of the day

The story, from the Diocese of Guildford, Church of England: The Reverend Dr Stephen Sizer has issued the following statement which has been welcomed by the Diocese of Guildford: Dr Sizer said: "I very much regret and apologise for the distress caused by the sharing on Facebook of a link ...
February 05, 2015   Ronald Keener

4 reasons I love it when worship comes together…or not

Look, worship is complicated! We have leaders with tons of experience, some with none. We have scheduling that would stagger the Pentagon! We have countless decisions to make, creatively, spiritually, musically, and technically.   When we look at what is expected of us, it’s like the most remarkable team sport ...
January 30, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Seven habits of highly effective preachers

I sometimes listen to preachers with amazement, if not awe. So many of them are incredibly effective in communicating God’s Word, so much more effective than I ever was or will be. I certainly understand that assessing effectiveness is a very subjective assignment. However, put simply, a number of preachers ...
January 29, 2015   Thom Rainer

Troublemaker Memoir (Part 4): Accepting the crown and the cross

The Leadership Team, as our board is known, came to the front of the church of The Brethren Fellowship to be received and given a laying on of hands with prayer.
January 28, 2015   Ronald Keener

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