7 Habits of highly effective church meetings

As a longtime pastor and business leader, I must confess the truth. I used to hate meetings. In fact, I verbally expressed my feelings about meetings being a waste of time. During most meetings I attended, I daydreamed about a dozen other ways I could be spending my time more ...
August 28, 2014   Thom Rainer

There will be perilous times in the last days

For those who wonder if we live in perilous times, just survey some recent headlines. Like 298 people dying when their Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine. War breaking out between Israel and terrorists in Gaza. Northern Iraq overrun by radical extremists. Thousands of immigrant children pouring across the ...
August 26, 2014   Bob Russell

3 things you'd better know, or else!

If you are over 50 you may not need to read this. On the other hand if you're over 50 you absolutely need to read this! Like my Doc said to me when I was 30…”It gets tougher from here!”
August 25, 2014   Doug Lawrence

Trail Life USA - A Force of Character

Trail Life USA is an organization born to train men in godly character by men of godly character. I am a big fan and I hope churches continue supporting its rapid growth.
August 25, 2014   Kent Evans

Book Review: Ending Extreme Poverty Is Possible: What Christians Can Do

Scott Todd in Hope Rising makes an inspiring case for the ministry of working to end poverty.
August 19, 2014   Margaret Marcuson

Leaders, beat this travel horror story

The more you travel, the more chances you have for bad experiences. My latest trip on United Airlines was my most horrifying story ever - it was so bad, and the airline's response so unsatisfactory, that I had to share. Read this as part entertainment, part warning. And part rant.
August 14, 2014   Tom Harper

7 Ways to respond to power groups in the church

Second of two parts In my last post, I listed eight types of power groups that exist in many churches today. I also noted that a power group per se is not intrinsically bad, since they come in a variety of types and quality. As promised, I am utilizing this ...
August 14, 2014   Thom Rainer

Money and Your Ministry Book Review

Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance
August 12, 2014   David Bowman

The "One sin is as bad as another" myth

“One sin is as bad as another.” It is alarming how often I hear this sentiment expressed by Christian leaders. That line of reasoning is often used as a convenient excuse not to confront flagrant sin in the church.  Stretched to its logical conclusion, we can ask, “What right do ...
August 12, 2014   Bob Russell

6 prickly people who put your church on pause

Thom Rainer just wrote an article about the 8 Types of power groups in the church. It is both informative and timely and, ironically, close to the topic I’m sharing.
August 11, 2014   Doug Lawrence

4 Types of Church Video Venues

Once churches discovered the value of video, the multi-site and satellite campus model went from a handful of mega churches to tens of thousands of churches. I have found that there are 4 types of church video venues.
August 06, 2014   Anthony Coppedge

The power of story

There’s a reason Jesus used parables with His audiences: He knew the power of story. So does Max Lucado, which is why his books have sold approximately 80 million copies. His use of engaging stories instructs, inspires and encourages readers. I especially remember Fearless, the 2012 title that I reviewed ...
August 05, 2014   Ken Walker

8 Types of power groups in churches

First of two parts This topic will cause some discomfort for many of you. The very thought of the presence of power groups seems contrary to the spirit and grace of the gospel. But since power groups are very real in churches, wise leaders will recognize their existence and learn ...
July 31, 2014   Thom Rainer

A spiritual myth: "Divorce is just as common in the church as in the world"

Have you ever heard someone cite these statements as fact? 1) "Fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce, or 2) "The divorce rate in the church is just as bad as the divorce rate in the world." I've always had serious doubts about those statistics. They didn't seem consistent ...
July 29, 2014   Bob Russell

Throw new leaders into the lair

Leadership Principle #54:  Tested, battle-weary leaders are the ones people follow. "[T]hey must also be tested first; if they prove blameless, then they can serve as deacons."  - 1 Ti 3:10 In 1755, during the French and Indian War, George Washington served under proud British veteran General Braddock. When Washington ...
July 28, 2014   Tom Harper

There is nothing hip about Facebook any more... how about your church?

We want your kids! Every church says it, but few accomplish it. What’s the problem. Why can't churches catch up with the changing culture? Why are millennials leaving the church faster than leaders can figure out how to keep them?
July 28, 2014   Doug Lawrence

"Four Chair Discipleship" Book Review

Dr. Dann Spader's new book, Four Chair Discipleship, provides a practical and insightful look into how we can grow to maturity in Christ and become disciple makers who multiply our efforts. It can help all of us walk as Jesus walked.
July 28, 2014   Kent Evans

8 Areas where many ministers aren't prepared for ministry

My email inbox is full of tragic examples of ministers who entered into vocational ministry with hope and healthy idealism. They had prepared well in the study of the Bible, theology, Church history, and other classical disciplines. They were bright, eager and—with God’s power—ready to change the world. And they ...
July 17, 2014   Thom Rainer

A baby isn’t born without some PUSH; so too with prayer

"Don’t give up halfway through. Pray through until you have the break through." To Jurgen Matthesius, in his new book Push: Pray until Something Happens (Nelson Books, 2014),"that is PUSH prayer."
July 17, 2014   Ronald Keener

Why Satan Wants our Boys

As we know, our enemy prowls, seeking to devour. Let's explore three reasons why he targets boys and young men in particular. All our churches need strong strategies to protect and rescue our young men!
July 15, 2014   Kent Evans

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