The unique calling of the pastor's wife

If pastor’s wives were Catholic, according to Eugene Peterson, they would be nuns. They have one of the most special and unique callings of anyone connected to ministry.
November 25, 2014   Phil Wood

What your church can learn from the fast-food franchise business

Last evening I “dined out” at the new Pizza Hut in Chambersburg, on a Personal Pan Meat Lovers, my favorite. It was really the new, old Pizza Hut, for the new part was everything above the foundation.
November 24, 2014   Ronald Keener

10 drills for better upfront leadership

Most frequent question? How do I get better at being “on stage” in my leadership? Answer? Practice, practice, practice! Here are some drills to help—if not cure—this common angst!
November 21, 2014   Doug Lawrence

Taking risks to advance the gospel

Speaking out today about one’s faith in a politically-correct age can be dangerous. Yet church leaders who are hesitant can draw inspiration from biblical leaders like the Apostle Paul. He knew that danger awaited him in Jerusalem. At Miletus he said good-bye to the Ephesian elders and told them that ...
November 20, 2014   Bob Russell

7 Occasions when you should not hire more church staff

Earlier this year I received a Twitter request to provide guidelines for hiring additional church staff. Not too long ago, you could add staff according to a clear formula. Typically, that meant one full-time minister for every 100 to 200 in worship attendance. Unfortunately, it is no longer best to ...
November 20, 2014   Thom Rainer

Push aside fear and discouragement with this new Evangelism Study Bible

Push aside fear and discouragement with this new Evangelism Study Bible
November 19, 2014   Ronald Keener

What is the church member's role regarding pulpit content?

As church members in our Western consumer-driven culture, we can become convinced that we should influence the messaging coming from our pulpits. I don't believe that is my role.
November 17, 2014   Kent Evans

The necessity of a book outline

As a veteran of more than 3,500 magazine, newspaper and web site articles, I am amused whenever I see some “authority” emphasizing how endeavoring to write a story means first completing an outline. Aside from rarely having the luxury of time to do that, I prefer to start with what ...
November 17, 2014   Ken Walker

Mediate conflict by playing ping pong

Leadership Principle #57:  When resolving conflict among team members, ping-pong between authority and relationship. “Since I am confident of your obedience, I am writing to you, knowing that you will do even more than I say.”  – Phm 1:21 Philemon was a new Christian convert and dear friend of Paul. ...
November 13, 2014   Tom Harper

How “folks like you” can learn to care for those hurting in the community

When I was first given Gospel-Centered Counseling: How Christ Changes Lives by Robert W. Kellermen (2014, Zonderman) to review, I thought it was just another tedious, scholarly tome (nearly 300 pages) for professionals about psychology and therapy.
November 10, 2014   Ronald Keener

4 cardinal rules of good upfront communication

Talking in front of people is still the number one fear for people according to Psychology Today and it routinely shows up in surveys as being even more frightening than death! What's up with that?
November 10, 2014   Doug Lawrence

9 Ways a pastor can lead a church to become more evangelistic

The influence of a pastor in a local congregation is powerful. Like a parent who can influence—but not ultimately determine—the path of his or her child, so in some ways is the pastor with the congregation. Earlier this year I had a conversation with Tony Merida, lead pastor of Imago ...
November 06, 2014   Thom Rainer

I love the church

I wrote a magazine story several months ago about why I love the church. While space doesn’t permit me to reproduce the full text here, I think it is worth offering a condensed version to remind every church leader of the need to project love and admiration for Christ’s bride ...
November 04, 2014   Bob Russell

Four strategies for the acquisition of new church members

While there is no way to put a pricetag on a soul, church members have value. Sadly, prophet and profit can be confused, leading to either mismanagement of true wealth or unwise practices that would bankrupt most businesses. In the current environment, we need to be as savvy as serpents ...
November 03, 2014   Phil Wood

5 ways to be truly present with people

Personally? I’ve proved over and over that you can be in the same room with people and be totally detached from them. Most likely, I’m not alone.
October 31, 2014   Doug Lawrence

Stop Failing to Plan – Start a Content Strategy

Churches, almost regardless of size, can inadvertently opportunistically take advantage of their audience through minimally prepared communications aimed at the most urgent needs. Even a small modicum of strategic planning would aid considerably in aligning the mission of the church with the opportunities in their communities.
October 29, 2014   Anthony Coppedge

When technology divides

I am a technology fan. I appreciate its power to help me stay connected to my wife, family, colleagues and friends. However, as we know, technology - mobile devices in particular - can get us into trouble. We can find ourselves engrossed in our devices when we are with our ...
October 27, 2014   Kent Evans

6 ways to "read" the room

Are we winning at the game of “Follow the Leader?” Are people really with us? This piece is about checking to see if, in fact, anyone is following our skillful cues.
October 24, 2014   Doug Lawrence

5 Reasons pastors need a sabbatical

The word “sabbatical” has different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. It has one meaning in the academic community, another meaning in its biblical usage, and still another in many secular settings. For the purpose of this blog, I will define sabbatical in simple terms: time ...
October 23, 2014   Thom Rainer

Five things to do in your 2015 personal planning

I wish I had planned more when I was a young man. I treated each year pretty much like the one before, living life in one long stream of consciousness. Before I knew it, several years passed, and some of my dreams still seemed distant. I can see now that ...
October 22, 2014   Tom Harper

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