• The Three Wise Women Plaque... Don't Fall For It, Men!


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The "Three Wise Women" plaque... perhaps you've seen it come up in your Facebook News Feed or a Pinterest Board. I first saw it yesterday and after the initial chuckle I got, I thought a little deeper about it and the not-so-subtle message it conveys.

To some, this will come across as a mere rant... consider yourself warned. Nonetheless, I hope my thoughts permeate and remain with you. Read and consider the words here in this image of the "three wise women" plaque...

Three Wise Women

Image courtesy of: I Love Christmas Facebook Page

Now, let me say my peace and then I'll move on to other, perhaps more important, things today. :-)

Believe me, the light-hearted sentiment of this is not lost on me; like I said, it made me chuckle. However, do we really need to perpetuate the Western cultural cynicism that men are hapless, helpless Neanderthals who require the hand-holding of a woman to simply get out the door in the morning?

I don't think so, and I'm willing to guess that you really don't either, regardless of your gender.

There is an intrinsic desire in every man to lead, to build, and to be great. There is also an intrinsic principle in every woman to follow that man, in lock step, side-by-side, conquering their world together.

The feminization of our society, beginning with the Industrial Revolution when men were at home far less than before, has subsequently led to women saying, "lead, or get out of the way." Unfortunately, by and large, men have accepted the latter as the easier choice to make.

It might be the easier choice, but it is not the right choice.

[End of rant.]

Men, join me... step up, man up, lead, live deliberately, and give every reason in the world for the makers of this plaque to blush in embarrassment.

[Originally posted at http://www.charlielyons.ca/2012/12/three-wise-women-plaque/ on December 12, 2012.]

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    My partner (I am very very modern) asks me “why am I in such a mood when my period is coming” to which I reply “because you can”. The scorpion wants to cross the river he asks the crocodile “please Mr. crocodile take me across the water, its far too deep for me ” “why, of course Miss scorpion, says the crocodile, hop on my back but don’t sting me will you” “Why would I sting you says Miss scorpion – we would both die”. She gets on his back, they swim to the middle of the river she stings him – why ? because she can. It is so frustrating to see, in the short time I have been on this ball of clay, the slow but irreversible decline of men and thus women. I am sure of one thing, there is no way to stop it, rather like the Games in a dying Rome. I have no idea how it will end but that it will and soon I have absolutely no doubt. If you stand back for a moment it’s quite fascinating if not a little frightening to watch. I do though, sometimes wonder what or who will take humanity to the next Rome – Chinese? Islam, or maybe not humanity maybe Cockroaches – who knows Have fun peeps.
  • unknown man
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